In order to get as high customer satisfaction as possible, wineries have to keep in mind some advices.

First, what is customer satisfaction? It is the comparison between the customer’s feeling after his/her experience and his/her expectation. When the experience is in conformity with his/her expectation, the customer is satisfied and could become loyal. That is why it is very important to satisfy them.

Now, how to have high customer satisfaction?

1. Know the typical profile of an oenotourist to adapt offer to the customers

The typical profile of wine tourist gathers 59 % of men and 41 % of women around 46 years old. But also, an increase of young people between 20 and 25 years who want to learn more about wine and tasting. 75 % enjoy the possibility to buy wine where they stay. These are occasional or regular consumers. They enjoy share wine activities in a couple, with their family or their friends.

2. Adapt the offer to each kind of profile

Wine tourism is composed of three kinds of tourists.

– The Specialist: This tourist wants to know everything about wine, and that is the reason why he/she does wine tourism. To fill him/her, be concentrate on technical activities like the visit of cellars with technical explications about the process of making wine for instance. The stay must be educational.
– Gastro-tourist explorer: He/she wants to discover wine and food and new cellars by the same way. To seduce him/her, organize cooking lessons, wine and food pairing, private and cosy tasting wines and so on. Choose friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
– Classic wine tourist: Even if wine discovery is not the first reason why this tourist wants to spend time in the domaine, he/she enjoys it. His/her stay is composed of heritage and terroirs visit to learn more about history, and he/she participates in cultural activities.

3. Propose activities for each kind of people or groups

The expectations depend on the customer. Families and couples will not have the same demands. Propose general activities in order to satisfy first expectations, like visit and tasting. Then, create extra activities which might please each kind of customer.

Some examples of activities for each group:
– Vineyard and terroir road trip for Classic Wine Tourist.
– Cooking class and find good wines which could be for Gastro-Wine explorer.
– More technical visit of the cellar with participation in one step of winemaking for the Specialist.

Many others activities can be developed, you have to find the best activity for your business and your customers.

4. Propose sales offers to retain customers

Create some packages like visit and tasting package, or all inclusive if the domaine propose accommodation, restaurant and several activities. To promote your package, it could be interesting to offer something like a bottle of wine which will allow the customer to leave with a bottle from your domaine. The customer will remember this gesture.