Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than a classic dinner for two? The soft glow from lit candles, pristine linen napkins, soft instrumental jazz and a warm fuzzy ambience. Anticipation is in the air… but what’s in the glass?

What is the best wine for Valentine’s Day?

There is, of course, only one answer: a bottle of Beaujolais from St. Amour!

You can’t go wrong: It has the word ”love” in it, and it’s in French! I mean, come on.

In fact, you’d be in good company with this choice. St. Amour is one of the ten prestigious crus in the region of Beaujolais, a region famous in its own right, having emerged from the shadow of neighbouring Bourgogne in the last decades. What sets this cru apart from its brethren is its commercial dependency on Valentine’s Day. Depending on who you ask, between 20% to 50% of wine sales from St. Amour occur in the weeks leading up to February 14th!

Unfortunately, the commercial hype has led to a mass production of Beaujolais wine from St. Amour, and most of the bottles fall far short of spectacular.

But that’s fine, serve it chilled, pair it with a lighter meal and you’re good to go. By putting the bottle on the table – with the St. Amour label clearly visible to your date – you’ve already accomplished your goal! If you want to go the extra mile and get a bottle of better quality, aim for a bottle which has been lying in the barrel for a while before release (so not 2020 vintage). These will cost a bit more, but the quality difference is noticeable in most cases. Ask any decent wine shop attendant and they should be able to help you.

And if you are a true romantic, you’ll follow up your dinner with a weekend getaway to Beaujolais itself!

Or, treat your loved ones to a wine tasting at Château Les Amoureuses, located in spectacular Rhone wine region, again in France!

Good luck, and Happy Valentine’s!