Current stage:

Date: January 2020

Winetourism.com is up runnning as a Project. In 2019, winetourism.com started to send booking requests to the wineries. The plan is to improve the number of booking requests in 2020, but also add the system to handle payment for bookings online. We will update all partners once we implement this step.

We have invested just a little in marketing of the platform until now. The reason for this is that we have focused to validate different aspects of the Project. The idea is to increase investment in marketing and by doing this, also deliver more visitors to winery partners.

The Development of the Project goes as planned but with a bit of delay. We,however, have very long-term goals with our Project and we will grow project step by step in order to take the Project to the next level. The interest in the Project so far from Wine business has been huge, both from winery side, but also from other organisations related to wine business.


Next big steps in order to take Winetourism.com to next level:

New Tech Development team in Serbia.

We signed an agreement with a developer team in Serbia that currently helps us to improve the platform. We will do a lot of improvements in all parts of the platform. The improvements of the platform will help us to bring more Traffic to the site and convert more Traffic to bookings.

Expert SEO Consultant

We have agreed with an SEO Consultant to help out with adjustments of platform in order to grow the Traffic. Already, we see a steady growth in the number of visitors to winetourism.com, but we want to improve these figures further. We hope to see a much higher increase in 2020 and as a result also be able to generate more business to our winery partners.

Global scope of winetourism.com

Our intention is to have a global scope of winetourism.com. Therefore we have selected wineries from all wine countries to participate. We believe that we have the opportunity to increase a wine Tourist’s interest in visiting wineries in several countries on the long run. In the coming 3 months, more than 15 wine countries will be represented.


If you have further questions about the Project, please contact our team.


Best regards

Calle Nilsson and team of Winetourism.com