Have you ever dreamed of spending a weekend roaming around the beautiful region of Tuscany, famous for its luscious green hills, its castles, and its bold red wines? What if I tell you that you can fulfill your dreams all at once? Indeed, many castles in Tuscany are excellent and award-winning wineries that are always ready to share their winemaking knowledge and products with all wine enthusiasts. 

To help you choose, we put together a list of our partner wineries in Tuscany that are located in historical castles. Check out the map to see which one is closest to the city you are planning to visit. Read the descriptions below to learn more about wine tastings and tours in Tuscany.

Discover the location of each castle on the map

Castles in the Province of  Siena

Castello di Camigliano 

Camigliano Castle is one of the oldest wineries in Tuscany and is located in the town of Montalcino, in the province of Siena. The castle itself was built around the 13th century, but it turned into a winery only in the mid-1950s, when a businessman from Milan purchased it. From the terrace of the castle, you can profit from a breath-taking view of the Tuscan landscape, while enjoying a glass of Brunello di Montalcino. 

Via d’Ingresso, 2 – 53024 Camigliano, Montalcino (Siena)

Balcony for wine tasting overlooking the picturesque area of Camigliano winery.

Castello di Selvole 

The winery at Castello di Selvole was born thanks to a lovely couple, Guido Busetto and Nobuko Hashimoto, who realized their lifelong dream. Castello di Selvole really has the whole package: a fascinating history is located in the amazing Chianti Classico appellation, offers incredible wine tastings and tours, and has luxurious accommodation facilities where you can stay for a relaxing holiday lost in the Tuscan hills. 

Localita’ Selvole, 53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena)

The buildings of the winery Castello di Selvole standing on a hill.

Castello di Volpaia

The Castello di Volpaia is the beating heart of the village of Volpaia that entirely revolves around wine, olive oil, and vinegar. Vineyards in Volpaia are located at 400m above sea level, the fertile sandstone soil and the incredible terroir make it possible for winemakers at Castello di Volpaia to produce high-quality wines. Volpaia Chianti Classico is made with 90% Sangiovese and 10% Merlot, be sure to try it when you visit! 

Loc. Volpaia, 53017 Radda in Chianti (Siena)

Castello La Leccia

There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of fine wine while relaxing poolside in the middle of the Chianti hills. You can experience all of this at Castello La Leccia, a medieval estate and castle that since 2018 is managed by the Swiss family Sonderegger. The winery produces wine following the principles of organic farming and viticulture. Discover their incredible Chianti Classico and Chianti Classico Riserva. 

Località La Leccia, 53011 Castellina in Chianti (Siena)

Building Of Castello La Leccia Winery

Castello Monterinaldi

Even though most of the original castle was destroyed during World War II, a part of Castello Monterinaldi still stands, and it passes on a long and noble history. Castello Monterinaldi winery has 18 individual vineyards spread across 45 hectares, where they grow Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Merlot, and many other varieties. Recently, all the practices of winemaking follow organic principles, and presently all the wines from Castello Monterinaldi are certified organic. 

SP2bis, Loc. Lucarelli, 53017 Radda in Chianti (Siena)

volla of Castello Monterinaldi

Castello Poggiarello

The first evidence related to the Castello Poggiarello dates back to the 14th century. Even then it was described as being an agricultural estate surrounded by vineyards. Its rich history has contributed to the importance and affirmation of the Castello Poggiarello as a great winery. The production is mainly red wines, mostly based on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. All wines from Castello Poggiarello are organic and sustainable. 

Strada di Poggiarello, 38, 53010 Sovicille (Siena)

Buildings Of Castello Poggiarello Winery

Castles in the Province of Florence

Castello del Trebbio 

Located in the Chianti Rufina DOGC appellation, Castello del Trebbio winery and agriturismo (agritourism) will spoil their guests with great wines and all the hallmarks of a proper Tuscan welcoming. The winery at Castello del Trebbio was established in 1968 and today it works entirely according to biointegral agriculture philosophy. The integration of traditional and modern wine-producing methods makes it possible for winemakers at Castello del Trebbio to deliver high-quality Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Trebbiano, and many other varieties. 

Via di Santa Brigida, 9, 50065 Pontassieve (Firenze)

bulding of castello del trebbio winery

Castello della Paneretta 

With 400 years of history behind it, Castello Della Paneretta is an emblem of excellence in the Chianti Classico appellation. The first nucleus of the castle was built around a defensive tower and gained importance in the battle of Montaperti in 1260. The current owners of the winery hand-pick the best grapes during the harvesting season to ensure that guests get to taste the finest Chianti wine. Chianti Classico from Castello della Paneretta is made with Sangiovese 85%, Canaiolo 10% and Colorino 5%. 

strada della Paneretta 35 – 50028 Barberino Tavarnelle (Firenze)

Open Space Inside The Castello Della Paneretta Winery

Castello Sonnino

Castello Sonnino is a certified historical estate that today is the property of Baron Alessandro and Baroness Caterina de Renzis Sonnino. Their commitment to the castle has brought with it a magnificent restoration of the estate and has made Castello Sonnino one of the top producers in the Chianti Classico appellation. Baron Alessandro leads the winemaking team and guides the way to a production that is both respectful of tradition and innovation. 

Via Volterrana Nord, 6, 50025 Montespertoli (Firenze)

vineyard of castello sonnino

Castles in the Province of Pisa

Castello del Terriccio 

Being one of the largest estates in the Tuscany wine region, Castello del Terriccio unveils its millennial history to guests through every sip of their amazing wine. The area where the Castello del Terriccio lies has been used for viticulture ever since the Etruscans, dating back sometime between 800 and 500 BC. The fertile soil, favorable climate, and the rich vegetation of this portion of Tuscany make it possible for winemakers at Castello del Terriccio to produce exemplary wines. 

Via Bagnoli 16, Loc. Terriccio 56040 Castellina Marittima (Pisa)

patio at Castello del Terriccio

Castles in the Province of  Massa Carrara

Agriturismo Castello della Mugazzena

Castello della Mugazzena is located in the lush region of Lunigiana, an area with a very fertile terroir. The wine production at Agriturismo Castello della Mugazzena is focused on only two top-quality wines, a red and a white: Gargantuà IGT Toscana (made 100% with Syrah) and Pantagruel IGT Toscana. The estate was first built to be a farm but thanks to a series of investments and renovations it has become a luxurious agriturismo and winery. 

Via Tresana Paese 103, Località Fola, 54012 Tresana (Massa-Carrara)

building of agriturismo castello della mugazzena resting on the side of hill