Endowed Soil by Mother Nature

Burgundy AOC The Rosé Notre-Dame Chapel, which can also be found under the name AOC Burgundy La Chapelle Notre-Dame Clairet, concerns only the vinified rosé harvests and harvested from the climate whose name derives its name. Therefore, it is a regional appellation name to which the name of the environment has been added. It is a sub-region of Burgundy located in the East of France.

100% Pinot Noir

The vineyard, which is also producing red and white wines, but in tiny volumes. It counts only 0.04 square kilometers of surface. The soils are mainly composed of clay and limestone and are oriented towards the east—these conditions delight Pinot Noir, the only varietal used in making these wines.

These appellation wines are generally fresh and light, with an aroma typical of Pinot Noir, small red and black fruits that mingle with hazelnut and almond notes. If they can be kept for one to two years, they are very pleasant to taste on their fruit.

A part of the important features of Bourgogne-La-Chapelle-Notre-Dame Rosé appellation for dry rose wines are as follows:

  • Soil: Limestone and clay.
  • Taste: Light.
  • Wine color: Rose.
  • Aromas: Black fruits that mingle with notes of hazelnut and almond.
  • Aging potential: 1 – 2 years.
  • Serving temperature: 11 to 12° C

Region Highlights

Surface: About 0.04 Square Kilometers
Classification: AOP Bourgogne-La-Chapelle-Notre-Dame Rosé
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Types of Wines: Rose Wine

The Burgundy region

Burgundy wine region

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