The esteemed sub-region of Croatia has an array of wines known throughout the world for their eminence and distinction. As you embark on your travels through the wine region of Dalmatia, we invite you to explore these remarkable wines.

Croatia’s quintessential style is set apart from the rest due to its soil types, the selection of grape varieties grown, and the specific production methods of winemakers in the area. These elements produce a style of wine found nowhere else in Dalmatia, or the world for that matter.

We hope you will try the memorable wines that make Croatia a favorite for wine drinkers worldwide. Browse our site to discover what Wineries in Croatia have to offer and take full advantage of this lovely region. Find out more about Wine Tasting and Tours in Croatia.

This region is a sub-region to Dalmatia. More information and facts about this sub-region will be added shortly.

Region Highlights

Types of Wines:

The Dalmatia region

Dalmatia wine region

Travel Guide to Dalmatia Wine Region Dalmatia is one of four winemaking regions in Croatia. This wine region is located within the area from the City of …

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Selected wineries in Dalmatia

Baraka Winery
Produces less but premium quality wines – 17000 bottles every year
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