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The Kunság wine region of Hungary is the country’s largest wine district. The wine of the region is light, everyday drinking red, white, and rose wine. Recently there has also been the production of some local sparkling wines. Kunság is located in the center of Hungary between the Danube and Tisza Rivers.

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Traditional village house in Ocsa, Hungary on a sunny spring day

The vast winemaking region of Kunság

Kunság is the largest wine district in Hungary. The terrain of the region is relatively flat, and a large portion of the land is under wine.

The climate of Kunság is continental and it is very varied, especially during the growing season. The summers are very hot and sunny while the winters can be exceptionally dry. The long hours of sunshine allow for the grapes to ripen perfectly. Unfortunately, the summer months can be prone to drought and there are also high levels of frost in the Autumn.

The Kunság soil consists mainly of calcareous sand, with deposits of loess-loam, meadow soils and grasslands.

Grape Varieties:

Red: Kadarka, Kakfrankos, Zweigelt

White: Bianca, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Ezerjó, Zalagyöngye, Kövidinka, Kunleánya

Easy drinking wines made in large quantities

Kunság is known for the production of low-cost wines. The ‘sand grown wines’ of the region are made from a range of different grape varietals. These wines are light and soft with weak aromatics. They are not as full-bodied as other Hungarian wines are grown in the hillier regions. Kunság wines can be described as simple table wines that age very quickly.

The white wines of Kunság are soft, low in alcohol and light. The red wines are slightly one dimensional and lack any level of complexity.

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The Reformed Church of Ocsa – The Roman Basillca of Kunság

The Reformed Church of Ocsa is a Roman style basilica in the Kunság region. This church was built in the XIII century by members of the French religious order of the Premontre. The reformed church is open to visitors daily and also invites visitors to workshop at the Sunday church services which are held between 10:00 and 12:00. Guided visits to the church can be arranged by pre booking.

Jasz Museum in Jasbereny – Learn more about the history of Kunság

The Jasz Museum in Jasbereny is where visitors are given the opportunity to learn about the Jasz people, an Iranic ethnic group who lived in Hungary sine the 13th century. The museum holds a number of artifacts of the Jasz people including the horn of Lehel who was the leader of the huns.

Experience nature in the Kiskunsag National Park

The Kiskunsag National Park is located near the Danube and Tisza Rivers in Bacs Kiskun County, Kunság, Hungary. The park was created in 1975 and has since been declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The total area of the park is 570 square km. This national park is filled with a number of amazing features including the Kiskunsag’s Puszta where annual events are held and Lake Kolon which is famous for its wildlife. The park allows visitors to enjoy the best of the local fauna and flora in a perfect and unspoiled environment. 

The Romanesque monastery church of Ocsa,Kunsag wine region, Hungary

The wonderful nature of Kunság    

The vast land that makes up the region of Kunság is filled with extremes, from low dipping valleys to tall hills and rolling vineyards that seem endless to the year. The natural environment and the various protected areas of Kunság make it the perfect destination for nature lovers and a wonderful experience to see and enjoy.

Juniper Forest – Enjoy the Duna Ipolu Nemzeti Park

The Juniper Forest in Kunság forms part of the Duna Ipolu Nemzeti Park. This park was established in 1997and includes the Pilis and Borzsony National Parks as well as the River Ipoly floodplain. The Duna Ipolu Nemzeti Park is the perfect place for visitors to experience and learn more about the local flora and fauna and to spend time in Kunsag’s beautiful and untouched nature.

Kecskemet Wildlife Park The Kecskemet Zoo and Safari Park

The Kecskemet Zoo and Safari Park is a wildlife park that is perfect for animal lovers. The park allows guests to see a wide range of animals from the across the world in close proximity. Once can also be part of the feeding of the animals. The highlights in the park are the entertaining monkeys and the bunnies who love to be petted.

Lake Szelid in Dunapataj  

Lake Szelid in Dunapataj is a lake in Kunság that contains 0.8 square kilometers of water. This salt lake was formed from an old branch of the Danube River and is now the perfect leisure tourism destination in Kunság. The shores of the lake are perfect for relaxation, dining, cycling, walking, and fishing. Along with this, the salt waters of the lake are believed to have therapeutic powers. For those looking to extend their stay, there are a number of accommodation facilities around the lake that cater to every traveler.

The food to enjoy in Kunság    

The local cuisine of Kunság is strongly influenced by the land on which it lies. The endless plains are perfect for the cultivation of the freshest ingredients and the local waters provide the freshest seafood. This combination of ingredients paired with the excellent local wines make Kunsag the perfect food and wine tourism destination

Kunsagi Szellelbelelt –  The most beloved dessert of Kunság

Kunsagi Szellelbelelt is a delicious local dessert of Kunság that is made with cottage cheese, milk, vermicelli, sugar, eggs, lemon, raisins, vanilla, butter, homemade and strudel pastry. This dish is a staple across Kunság and can be found at any celebration or special occasion.

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Region Highlights

Surface in ha:
Soil: Calcareous sand, loess, loam, grassland and meadow soils
Climate: Continental
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