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Sopron is one of the oldest wine regions in Hungary, dating back to the Celts and the Ancient Romans. The wines of Sopron have been valued and respected through the centuries. The region is well known for its cellars built beneath local houses and the taverns where one can enjoy the excellent local wines. Wine makers at Sopron produce wines using ancient wine making traditions. Sopron is located near to the Hungarian border with Austria, at the foot of the Alps and therefore its wines are very similar to Austrian wines.

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Hungarian Wines Dating to the Roman Times  

The Sopron wine region is made up of 1800 hectares of carefully planted rows of vines, beautiful gardens and picturesque houses.

The climate of the region is strongly influenced by its proximity to the nearby lake. The humidity that accumulates over the water in the morning makes the air warmer and increased the humidity across the region. The nearby Alps bring windier weather o the region with decreases the humidity. This means that the wines produced further from the lake and closer to the mountains less full bodied and more acidic.

The higher and more mountainous parts of the Sopron region have rocky and clay soils which give the wines mineralisation. In these parts of the region, brown forest soils are also present which are wonderful for the growth of vines, providing the vines with the perfect amount of nutrients and water. The limestone that is present in the terror makes the wines of Sopron rich in tannins.  

Grape Varieties:

Red: Kekfrankos, Zweigelt, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir

White: Grünervelteliner, Chardonnay, Irsai Oliver, Zenit, Tramini

What to Taste in Sopron

The Sopron wine region is one of the seven biggest wine regions in Hungary. Until recently, the region comprised only of first- and second-class vines around the communes of Fertőboz, Fertőendréd, Fertőrákos, Fertőszentmiklós, Fertőszéplak, Harka, Hidegség, Kópháza, and Sopron within Győr-Moson-Sopron County.

Only 15% of the vines in Sopron are used for the growth of white grapes, the most popular of which is Zöldveltelini (91 ha), followed by Chardonnay (46 ha), and Tramini and Zenit (20 ha).

The most predominantly grown grape varietal in Sopron is Kekfrankos. Along with this, other red grapes that are produced are Zweigelt, Cabernet Zauvignon and Merlot.

The cool climate of Sopron means that the wines are low in alcohol with rich acidity and tannins.

Wineries to Visit in Sopron Wine Region

Taschner Wine and Sparkling House

The Taschner Wine and Sparkling House is a family-run winery and estate in the Sopron region of Hungary. The estate is located on 26 hectares of land and is most well-known for its excellent sparkling wines. The Taschner Brut is made with only the best vintage and is gaining acclaim across Hungary and abroad. 

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The Attractions of Sopron  

Fire Tower – The Museum of Sopron

The fire tower is a tower built on the ruins of old roman walls. The tower is a symbol of Sopron and is a sign of loyalty. When visiting the tower, visitors have spectacular views of the city from the tower balcony. There is also a new visitor center at the tower base that provides information on the tower and its museum.

Aerial photo of medieval Sopron with fire tower
Loyalty Gate – The Symbolic Gate of Sopron

The Loyalty Gate of Sopron is located at the city’s Fire Tower. The gate was built in memory of conclusion of the Trianon Peace Treaty in a referendum in 1921.

Goat Church – The Kecske Templom

The Goat Church is located on one of Sopron’s most famous city squares. The goat name pays reference to one of the city’s richest citizens who coat of arms featured a goat. The goat church was built in 1280 but was rebuilt in the 1800s in the neo-Roman style. The church is worth visiting for its incredibly beautiful interior.

The Beautiful Natural Environment of Sopron   

Natural environment of Sopron is made up of the foothills of the Alps, the beautiful Lake Ferto region, and the Little Hungarian Plain. These diverse natural features of the region make it breathtakingly beautiful and a wonder to see for all who visit.

The Ferto Hansag National Park – Experience the Protected Nature of Hungary

The Ferto Hansag National Park was first opened in 1991 and covers 235,88 square kilometers of land. The park is located on the shores of Lake Ferto, the third largest lake in Central Europe. The The Ferto Hansag National Park is a wonderful place to enjoy bird watching, hiking, walking and relaxing in the heart of untouched nature.

Lose Yourself in the Sopron Mountains

The Sopron Mountains are also known as the Oldenburg Mountains. This is a low mountain range that forms part of the eastern Alps. The mountains are the perfect place to enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and mountain biking and provide the perfect escape from the busy city.

The Beautiful Natural Environment of Sopron   

Traditionally, Sopron was not known for its gastronomy but in recent years, this has been rapidly changing. Sopron is one of the best up and coming gastronomy destinations in Hungary and has a number of new and exciting eateries to enjoy, showcasing the best of the local cuisine.

Fuszerezet voroskaposzta – Spiced Red Cabbage

Fuszerezet voroskaposzta is a local dish from Sopron that is made of red cabbage, pears, onions, garlic and bacon. These ingredients are simmered in red wine and honey, vinegar and carraway. Fuszerezet voroskaposzta is traditionally served alongside a meat dish such as roast pork or game.

Soproni mandulás rétes – Hungarian Strudel

Soproni mandulás rétes is a type of Hungarian strudel that is made of thin pastry dough filled with jam, fruit preserve, and almond crème. The pastry is then basked until it is crispy and golden in colour. Soproni mandulás rétes is best enjoyed warm and dusted with powdered sugar.

Edes Babos Retes – Sweet Bean Pastries

Edes Babos Retes are Hungarian pastries that are made of thin layers of pastry filled with a sweet bean paste. The filling of the pastry is made with pureed white beans, milk, sugar, egg yolks, beaten egg whites, lemon zest, vanilla and butter.


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Region Highlights

Surface: 18000
Soil: Rocky, clay, chalk, loam, loess and brown forest soil
Climate: Sub Alpine and humid

Selected wineries in Sopron

Taschner Wine- And Sparklinghouse
Taste local wines crafted from the goodness of amazing vineyards and witness the stunning landscapes.

Wine tastings & tours in Sopron

Wine tasting and tour at Taschner Wine- And Sparklinghouse
Enjoy the wines and champagnes made traditionally using skills passed on from one generation to next

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Taschner Wine- And Sparklinghouse