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The Szekszard wine region of Hungary is located between the Tolna – Baranya Hills and the Dunamenti Plain, west of Sarkoz.  The region has a long history of viticulture and the first evidence on these practices were found dating back to the Roman times. The main attractions of the Szekszard region are the Völgységi Múzeum, Bonyhád, the Paprika Múzeum and the Ozora Castle.

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The view on the city of Szekszard

The Hungarian Wine Region of Szekszard

Szekszard is located between the Tolna-Baranya Hill and the Dunamenti Plain, west of Sarkoz in Hungary. The first traces of viticulture in the area date back to the Roan times. Despite this, it is probable that during the six centuries before the Roman conquest there were people migrating through the area and taking care of the local vines. This is evidenced by the discovery of ancient flasks from the Avar cemeteries.

The climate of the Szekszard is temperate continental with mild winters and very warm summers. The region receives a high amount of sunshine with very little rainfall, making drought a risk during long summers.

The soil of the region consists mainly of loess loam with a high level of sand and rock particles. In certain parts of the region there are also pockets of Luvisol brown forest soils.

Grape Varieties:

Red: Kekfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Kadarka, Zweigelt, Pinot Noir

White: Chardonnay, Olaszrisling, Riesling

The Rich Wines of the Szekszard Region

The wines of Szekszard are known to be rich and aromatic with a lively acidity. They have a particular elegance that sets them apart from other Hungarian wines – the most famous of which are the Szekszard red wines. These red wines can be enjoyed earlier than other Hungarian wines as they are rounder with softer tannins.

Recently Szekszard red wines have become extremely sought after by wine lovers. The region is famous for the red wine varietals of Kadarka and Kékfrankos, and local wine makers have also begun to use Merlot and Cabernet Franc varietals to make excellent wines. Szekszard wines have the ability to age wonderfully and are extremely sophisticated.

Wineries to Visit in Szekszard Wine Region

Szeleshat Estate

Szeleshat Estate is a young family run winery in Szekszard, Hungary. The estate produced its first wines in 2009 and have since then gained popularity. Visitors to the estate are hosted in the tasting room which accommodate 25 people and provides an attractive and fun space to enjoy and learn more about the local Hungarian wines and wine making processes.

Posta Borhaz

Wine Bottles In The Tasting Area At Pósta Borház Winery

Posta Borhaz is a winery and estate based in Szekszard that is best known for its excellent organic wines. The estate is a family run establishment that prides itself in blending traditional Hungarian wine making techniques with the best in the latest wine making technologies and innovations. Posta Borhaz offers visitors a range of experiences for all to enjoy.

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Top Places to Visit in Szekszard   

Porboly Ecotourism Centre – Enter the Gemenc Forest      

The Porboly Ecotourism Centre is located inside the Gemenc Forest, which is the largest contiguous floodplain forest in Europe. The centre is located at the southern gate of the forest and has a snack bar, interactive exhibitions, the Gemenc Forest School and a range of accommodation facilities for visitors. From the centre there are a number of hiking trails to enjoy as well as canoeing, kayaking and boat cruises.

Neptun Szobor – The Neptune Statue

The Neptune Statue can be found in the English garden of kisber. Th statue is located above the arched bridge that crosses the waterfall and is a stone feature that represents the god of water. The statue is carved from limestone and watches over the garden. The garden is the perfect place to spend summer days enjoying the waterfall and the wonderfully manicured landscapes.

Bajai Muzeum – The Turr Istvan Museum       

The Tuss Istvan Museum is located in Bajai, Hungary. The museum hosts a range of exhibitions with historical meaning including guilds, relics, fine arts and costumes. Inside the museum there are five permanent exhibitions which allow visitors to learn more about the local history and culture in an interactive and educational way. The museum welcomes visitors of all ages throughout the year.

Experience the Kos Karoly Lookout Tower

The Kos Karoly lookout tower is located in the village of Zebegeny in Szekszard. The lookout tower was built in 2015 and it a wooden structure that allows visitors to enjoy the magical and fairy-tale like scenery of the area. The best times to enjoy the views from the tower are either at sunrise or sunset when one can see all the way to the Danube River. The lookout tower is free to all who visit and is open throughout the year.

The Natural Beauty of Szekszard    

The natural environment of Szekszard is characterized by expanses of green untouched nature that provide endless hours of fun and entertainment for all who visit. The natural beauty of Szekszard is a wonder to see and should not be missed on a visit to Hungary.

Szalka – The Quaint Village of Szalka

Szalka is a small village in the Toln county of Szekszard, Hungary. It is the perfect place to witness the intersection of Hungarian history and modern times. The most popular attractions in Szalka are the Vida family wine estate, the Fekete Borpince, and the Kalvaria Lookout Point. For the more adventurous, hot air balloon rides are available over Szalka from the Gemenc Hot Air Balloon Club.

Bati Kereszt Kilato – The Scenic lookout tower

The Bati Kereszt Kilatois a scenic lookout tower that is located in the northern section of the Szekszard hills on a 280-meter-high hill. The name of the lookout tower is linked t the nearby village of Bat that was demolished during the Ottoman Empire. Climbing up to the top of the lookout point provides visitors with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding areas. At the bottom of the tower, there is also a picnic area to enjoy.

Holt Duna – Outdoor Camping in Szekszard            

Holt Duna is an outdoor camping area in Szekszard located on the beautiful banks of the Danube in the Szigetkozi Landscape Protected Area. The campsite provides a wonderful range of activities including fishing, and water sports. Beside camp sites there are also chalets that are fully equipped for visitors.

Delicious Local Dishes of Szekszard         

The cuisine of Szekszard is a festival of flavours. Many who visit the region are surprised by the range of excellent local dishes on offer. These dishes are made even better when paired with an excellent local red wine. Dining in Szekszard is a wonderful experience and offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Langos – The Most Popular Streed Food in Hungary

Langos is a traditional Hungarian dish. This dish is made by deep frying dough that is made of water, flour, yeast, sugar and salt. The dough is fried until it develops a golden brown colour. Langos are enjoyed as a snack at any time of the day.

Pacal Porkolt – Hungarian Tripe Stew

Pacal Porkolt is a traditional Hungarian dish that is best prepared in a large cauldron over an open fire. The main ingredient of the dish is tripe that is precooked. The tripe is sliced into strips and sauteed in pork fat with onion, garlic, salt, black pepper and cumin. This mixture is then seasoned with Hungarian paprika and left to cook for 2 hours. The dish is served with sliced tomato and more pepper for flavour.

CsontlevesBone Broth  

Csontleves is a healthy bone broth that is eaten as a soup. The dish is made with marrow bones that are soaked for a long period of time over an open fire. Once the bones are no longer foaming, vegetables are added to the stock and left to cook over a low heat. When the dish is ready to be served, the marrow bones are removed, and the broth is enjoyed steaming hot with a slice of toast, freshly baked bread or pasta.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 6001
Soil: Loess loam and Pannonian sand
Climate: Temperate continental

Selected wineries in Szekszard

Pósta Borház
Szeleshát Estate
Szeleshát Estate, where both traditional and innovative technology is used

Wine tastings & tours in Szekszard

Wine tasting and tour at Pósta Borház
A Mesmerizing Wine Tasting Tour at Pósta Borház, Paired with a Vineyard Tour
Wine tasting and tour at Szeleshát Estate
Come enjoy the guided tour at Szeleshát Estate in the 25 km long wine region of Szekszárd.

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List of Wineries in Szekszard wine region

Pósta Borház