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Discover All of the Spectacular Wine Tasting and Tours Available in Liguria

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Wine Tastings and Tours in Liguria

Wine tasting and tours in Liguria would be a fascinating experience for all wine lovers across the world. Since the Ligurian wines are not easily available outside the region, tasting their finest wines will be a surprise to your palate and nose. We are here to help you to choose!

At, we provide a wide selection of wine tastings and tours in Liguria together with our local partner wineries. Below you will find a list of wine tastings and tours in Liguria with a direct booking option and a map of the region with the exact location of each winery. Choose your favorite wine tasting in Liguria or the Winery tour, let us know and we will guaranty your memorable experience.

wine maker testing wines in the cellar at biovio

Enjoy your wine experience at Biovio winery, located in Bastia D’Albenga, near Albenga

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A unique agriturismo that includes a dive into history, along with wine tasting activities.

22 €
1 30
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Agriturismo Torre Pernice, Regione Torre Pernice, 3, Albenga, 17035, Italy

Relish Ligurian Style Wines in Italy

10 €
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Contrada Pestella 42, Sestri Levante, 16039, Italy

A unique experience of the native culture and traditions

20 €
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Via Crociata, 24 -Bastia D'Albenga (Sv), Albenga, 17031, Italy

Explore the traditional viticulture methods, along with wine tasting.

25 €
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Via Roma 202, Ortovero, Italy/Savona/Liguria, 17037, Italy

Experience the love of generations of family wine making

25 €
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Frazione Acquetico, Pieve Di Teco, 18026, Italy

Map of Wine Tastings and Tours in Liguria

Discover the locations of wine tastings and tours in Liguria

How to Get to Liguria

Tips on how to reach wine tastings and tours in Liguria by different means of transportation.

Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA) is the major airport in Liguria serving the capital Genoa. There are several daily flights from major European cities such as Rome, London, Munich, Paris, and Madrid. From the airport, it is easy to rent a car or take a shuttle Volabus to the city center. You can take some time to explore the city and then go to the countryside and experience wine tastings and tours in Liguria.

Liguria is well connected to the rest of Italy, especially to the Northern Italian regions. Here are some suggestions of how to reach main cities, from where you can easily reach the locations of wine tastings and tours in Liguria.

  • Coming from Milan, you can reach Genoa via the A7-E62 traveling 145 km. Take precaution through the last part, from Serravalle to Genoa which is very twisty.
  • You can also take an alternative route, turning off the A7 near Tortona and drive on the A26/A7, following Genova, Ventimiglia, Savona, Voltri which is 20km longer but certainly a safer and more comfortable trip.
  • From Turin, you can drive via A6/E717 to Savona and then go to Genoa following the beautiful, but twisty A10 coast highway, or follow the Genova Piacenza indications you’ll find on the ring road heading south which offers fewer sightseeing opportunities.
  • From Tuscany, you can drive via A12 from Rosignano to Genoa. From November 1 to March 31 you must have snow chains on board between the gates of Carrodano and Sestri Levante, even though snow is seldom a problem here. 

It is easy to travel to Genoa, the capital of Liguria, by train from Milan, Turin, Rome, Florence, and many other cities of Italy. There is also a direct train connecting with Nice.

There are two main train stations in Genoa:

  • Brignole serves most local routes. You can take a train from Genoa Brignole to Albenga, where you will be able to visit some of the best wineries and experience wine tastings and tours in Liguria.
  • Principe serves local and long-distance trains, and many trains from Milan and beyond will only stop at this station. 

Read More about Wine Tastings and Tours in Liguria

Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Liguria.

Experience wine tasting and tour in Liguria sitting amongst the rich natural beauty- Apennine mountains, pebbly beaches, and mesmerizing seaside resort towns.
Every winery and cellar house is equipped with a tasting room where you can enjoy a glass of their fine wine. Many wineries offer a guided tour to the cellar room. Gain insight into the ecological and sustainable organic winemaking techniques. Wine tastings and tours in Liguria will let you fully experience the beauty of the region, winemaking traditions as well as local cuisine.

For each wine tasting and tour experience for Liguria presented on our website, you will see a bullet point list of what you can expect to experience.

Here are some tasting notes before you experience wine tastings and tours in Liguria:

  • Ligurian whites are generally soft, pleasing with evocative scents of flowers and fresh fruits. Overall, on the palate, this wine is refreshing, harmonious, and balanced. Taste these amazing whites with delicate and spicy dishes.
  • Rose wines of this region have a delicate profile with scents of small red fruits and aromatic herbs. Overall, these wines are light, fresh, and smooth with a hint of minerality.
  • Reds are eye-catching with ruby red with violet reflections. On the nose, there are notes of spices, black pepper, and ripe red fruits. On the palate, wines are persuasive with soft tannins and a slight minerality.

The best time to experience wine tastings and tours in Liguria is months between May and September. During these months, there is a lower chance of rain and the temperature is milder. If you want to avoid tourist crowds, travel in Liguria during spring or Autumn months since July and August you will find Ligurian cities fully occupied by visitors.  

Apart from being home to astonishing wines, the Liguria region is famous for its rugged coastline and five beautiful hillside towns that are known as Cinque Terre. We recommend you to visit Cristoforo Colombo house – The house where Columbus lived as a child, Spianata Castelletto – A nice belvedere where one can have a pleasant view of the city and of the seaport. 

Liguria is the original source of pesto, one of the most popular sauces in Italian cuisine, made with fresh basil, pine kernels, olive oil, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. You shouldn’t leave Liguria without trying pasta with pesto in a local restaurant. 

Some words to remember before you experience wine tastings and tours in Liguria:

  • “Vino”- Wine
  • “Cantina” – Winery
  • “Vigna” – Vine
  • “Vigneto” – Vineyard
  • “Uva” – Grape
  • “Vino Bianco” – White wine
  • “Vino Rosso” – Red wine
  • “Rosé” – Rosé wine
  • “Strada del Vino/dei Vini” – Wine route
  • “Salute!” or “Cin Cin” – Cheers!

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