Image Content

In order for to build the best wine tourism guide in the world and succeed with your winery profile we need your help with great content. Follow below guide in order to make sure to give us best suited image content.


Send image content to



  • Images should be in Landscape format.

  • Send image in at least size 800 x 400 px size.
  • Send images that somehow identify your winery.
  • Send a mix of images.


  • Images with too low resolution.
  • Images is not in landscape format.
  • Images that is not Unique (Example images on a vineyards that can be anywhere in the World)


See below good examples:


Wine Estate (Great to show if you have a very nice building)


Winery image (preferably an image with action)


People (Our visitor like People)


Vineyard (an image that show something that is Unique in your vineyards)


Logotype (logotype you have in high resolution)

In order to create your profile we need 5 images in total. We ask you to send maximum 7 images.


Below are links to winery profile references that we like with good mix of image content.


Send image content to