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Spend a memorable day, filled with Wine Tasting & Tour activities, visit the cellar, and vineyards at Bodega Berroja

18 €
1 15
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Barrio Berroja, Ajuria. Carretera De Zugastieta A Balcón De Bizkaia, Muxika, España, 48392, Spain

A wine tasting along with a guided vineyard and winery tour at Hiruzta Bodega

15 €
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Bº Jaitzubia 266, Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa, 20280, Spain

Organize a Picnic in the Vineyards, Paired with Wine Tasting at Rezabal

15 €
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Cs Itxas Begi, 99, Zarautz, 20800, Guipukoa, Spain

Visit their estate for an introduction to their history and know about cider-making

15 €
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Spend a day at Talai Berri and experience unforgettable Wine Tasting & Tour activities at Talai Berri Txakolina

15 €
1 30
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Talaimendi Auzoa 728, Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, 20800, Spain

A unique insight into their txakoli wine estate and exclusive tasting from barrels at Wine Tasting & Tour at Txakoli Basa Lore

16.5 €
1 30
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Santa Barbara Auzoa 1, Zarautz, Gipuzkoa-Spain, 20800, Spain

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in the Basque Country.

Discover unique wine tasting and tour in the Basque Country amid the mountain valleys, finest beaches, and the Bay of Biscay.

Relish a glass of crisp wine in the tasting room where you can enjoy every drop of the wine aged in the marine environment. Wineries across Basque also provide guided tours to the cellar room. Get to know about vine farming and winemaking techniques.

Wine tastings and tours in Basque Country will let you fully experience the beauty of the region, winemaking traditions as well as local cuisine. For each wine tasting and tour experience for Basque Country presented on our website, you will see a bullet point list of what you can expect to experience.

Wines from Rioja Alavesa have a full body with slightly high acidity compared to usual wines from Rioja. The wine is soft and fruity, having a mineral character.

Whites of Txakoli are light with fruity aromas. The wines are slightly sparkling with a green tint. Acidity is slightly high and the alcohol content is on the lower side. These whites are perfect with Basque cuisine, especially with fresh fish and seafood.

The best time to explore wine tasting and tours in Basque Country is summer when wandering outdoor is enjoyable and coastlines are bathed in sunshine. In addition, there are many festivals during summer like San Fermin and Running of the bulls. For the wine enthusiast, autumn is the time to visit when the grape harvest occurs and the place is less crowded.

Apart from astonishing wine tasting and tours in Basque Country, you do not want to miss the following destination:

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, a world-renowned for its contemporary architecture and modern art opened in 1997.
Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, the last Collections of Basque Art.
Church of Santa María de la Antigua, built-in 1826-33 by Antonio de Echevarría in the purest Neo-classical style, this building is used as the plenary meeting hall of the General Assemblies of Biscay.

The Basque Country is one of the world’s top culinary destinations. Treat yourself to key gourmet centers in San Sebastian, Hondarribia, and Bilbao.

If you are having wine tasting and tours in the Basque Country, here are some language tips you might found useful:

– Wine = ardoa
– Winery = upategia
– Vineyard = mahastia
– Wine tasting = ardo dastaketa

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