At this time only invited wineries can be a part of or wineries that is recommended by wineries allready in the guide.

You do not pay to be present on our website. Later in the Project when we have added payment function and can send you paid confirmed bookings, we will add a booking fee. We will inform all wineries in advance and it will also continue to be a free option. We will never add fixed costs to be a part of the guide.

The price stated for an Experience is per person for given Experience.

You will receive a notification by email or sms when someone books an activity in your winery.

The team of is in charge of your page. We write the content about your winery and your activities. Then, you confirm your agreement or if you have some modification to do, we update it and we post it online.

We choose some photos on your website, and we present them to you. If you agree we post them, if not, we give you advices about which photos we want for

Send an email to with all details of your new activity and a photo related to it, so we can add it on your page.

Contact our team by email to explaining why you want to delete your activity, then we will proceed.

You have to cancel the booking at least 72 hours  before the activity’s planned date. The visitors will be refund and we will propose another activity instead.

If a visitor cancels his/her visit at least 72 hours  in advance he/she will be totally refund. Otherwise, he/she will not be refund.

Comments allow to guide people in their choice, so you cannot delete them. On the other hand, we keep the right to delete a comment that does not respect our regulation.

Each winery gives its availabilities for each activity, based on that the calendar is fixed. Plus, your calendar will be linked to our booking system, then it will be time-saver for you.

The prices are presented in the country’s currency from which the consumer books his/her activity.

We do not help you to create new activities, we assist you to promote your winery and manage booking for your activities.

You can be present on if you only offer wine tasting or visit, even if it is a free activity.