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Pecs if a Hungarian wine region that is located on the southern slopes of the Baranya Hills. This wine district is considered the most fashionable wine making region of Hungary thanks to its wonderful marketing activities and unique wineries. It is the centre of the wine tourism industry in Hungary and is teeming with wine tasting and other tourism activities.

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Full-Bodied Wines of Pecs

The Pecs wine region of Hungary is located on the southern slopes of the Brahany Hills. The region is made up of two parallel wine making zones – the northern zone from Szigevar to Mecsek and the southern zone from Keszu to the Danube.

Pecs is known as the most fashionable wine region in Hungary. This it a result of the regions excellent marketing activities and the wonderful wineries that it is home to.

The climate of Pecs is the warmest of all of the Hungarian wine regions and is classified as sub-Mediterranean. There is a long growing season with hot and sunny summers that are followed by mild winters and rare frost. The vineyards on the southern slopes are protected from the cold north winds by the Mecsek Mountain range.

The soil in Pecs consists mainly of Tehre which is a red sandstone. There are also pockets of dolomite limestone overlaid with loose sand, limestone and clay.

Grape Varieties:

Red: Kekfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

White: Chardonnay, Irsai Oliver, Cirfandli, Olaszrisling, Zoldveltelini

The wines of the Pecs region are mainly full-bodied wines with high levels of alcohol and some residual sugar. Many of these wines have a rich spiciness and age relatively quickly.

The most notable wines made in Pecs are the ones that are made using red grape varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Kekfrankos. These wines are full bodied with high alcohol and lush spiciness.

The Best Sites to See in Pecs   

Mosque of Pasha Qasim – Historic Mosque in the Center of Pecs  

The Mosque of Pasha Qasim is a reminder to locals and visitors of the 150 yearlong Ottoman occupation of the region during the 16th and 17th centuries. The mosque was built in 1580 and in the 18th century, its main body was converted to a Catholic church. The building is a wonderful place to see Ottoman architecture and to see the inscriptions from the Koran on the walls.

Pecs Cathedral – The Early Christian Basilica of Pecs   

The Pecs Cathedral is built on the foundations of the early Christian basilica of Pecs from the 4th century. The building was designed using Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture and also has influences from the Ottoman times. The most striking parts of the cathedral to visit are the lower church, the chapel and the painted walls of the Mary and St. Mor.

Sopianae Early Christian Mausoleum – The Ruins of Sopianae

Although the ruins of the old Roman city of Sopianae have been excavated across Pecs, the most significant part of them is the Early Christian Mausoleum. The mausoleum was discovered in 1975 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is one of several tombs that date back to the 4th century. The various parts of the ruins include the cemetery chapel, the three marble sarcophagi and the various frescoes on the walls.

Learn more at the Zsolnay Museum

The Zsolnay Museum is a museum dedicated to the 19th-century ceramicist Vilmos Zsonay. The museum is located in one of the oldest houses in Pecs that dates back to 1324 and which was Hungary’s first library. Inside the museum, visitors can experience a timeline of Zsolnay’s most incredible ceramic creations such as faience and pyrogranite tinted with eosin dye. The works are from the start of the 20th century when Zsolnay was an integral part of the Hungarian Secession.

Pecs and its Beautiful Scenery    

Pecs is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful regions of Hungary. The landscape of the region is characterized by rolling hills, vineyards, lakes and bright green spaces that provide the perfect playground for nature lovers of all ages.

Mecsek – The Mountains of Southern Hungary

Mecsek is a mountain range located in the south of the Pecs region north of the city of Pecs. The mountain is a popular place to visit for both local and international visitors for a range of activities including hiking, walking, mountain biking, climbing and skiing. Along with recreation, the Mecsek mountains are also a popular area for activities relating to forestry.

Zengo – The Highest Peak of the Mecsek Mountains  

Zengo is the highest mountain of the Mecsek mountain range. The peak reaches a height of 682 meters and on its top is a lookout tower and the ruins of a medieval castle that was once a guard tower during the Roman Empire. There are a number of hiking and walking trails to reach the top of the peak and it is also a very popular area for camping.

Pecs TV Tower – The Tower of the Misina Peak           

The Pecs TV tower is a television tower that towers 197 meters high. The tower has an observation deck that is open to the public and a restaurant that offers wonderful views of the surrounding areas. The tower was built in 1968. One of its most interesting attractions if the dinosaur exhibition that can be found on the restaurant level that has two life-sized dinosaurs.

The Flavours of Pecs         

The Pecs region is one of the best places in Hungary to experience the best of the country’s traditional dishes. The food to enjoy in Pecs is varied and there is something to satisfy all visitors. The best way to enjoy the local food is to eat al fresco while enjoying a bottle of the excellent local wine.

Langos – Food from Every Street Corner of Hungary

Langos is a traditional Hungarian dish. This dish is made by deep frying dough that is made of water, flour, yeast, sugar and salt. The dough is fried until it develops a golden brown colour. Langos are enjoyed as a snack at any time of the day.

Fozelek – A Hungarian Take on Soup

Although many people think that Fozelek is a soup, it is actually a traditional thick Hungarian vegetable stew. Fozelek is one of the healthiest national dishes of Hungary and is a wonderful home cooked meal that is a staple in most local families.

Somloi Galuska – Hungary’s Favourite Cake  

Somloi Galuska holds the wonderful title of being Hungary’s favourite cake. This delicious and famous Hungarian dessert is made by layering sponge cake with chocolate cream, walnuts, rum and whipped cream. This delicacy should not be missed on any visit to Hungary.

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Region Highlights

Surface in ha: 6998
Soil: Tehre – red sandstone, dolomite limestone, sand and clay
Climate: Sub Mediterranean
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