Travel Guide to Kakheti Wine Region

Kakheti wine region is located in the eastern part of Georgia and it is the main center of the wine industry. Around 80% of the grapes grown in Georgia come from Kakheti, where wine production mainly takes place on Alazani Valley, protected by Caucasus mountains from the north. Kakheti wine region is known for its winemaking techniques, which is considered to be one of the oldest methods and it is protected by UNESCO as an intangible heritage of the country of Georgia.  Yes, we are talking about the Qvevri winemaking method, where fermentation and the aging of the wine take place under the ground in an egg-shaped clay vessel. During traveling in the Kakheti wine region, not only you will taste wines produced in millennial old methods, but you will also encounter the rich historical heritage of the country and taste local, refined gastronomy.

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Signagi, historical town in Kakheti wine region, Georgia

8000 Years Old Wines

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Region Highlights

Selected wineries in Kakheti

Chona’s Marani
The taste of Georgian family wine making passed through generations
Georgian winery making using both the traditional and modern European methods
Javakhishvilebis Marani
Makers of wines using the old traditional Kakhetian method using ancient clay jars
Lekso’s Marani
Producers of traditional Georgian wine aged in qvevris according to the tradition

Wine tastings & tours in Kakheti

Wine tasting and tour at Chona’s Marani
Enjoy Georgian wine and learn about the Georgian wine culture
Wine tasting and tour at Giuaani
A complete history of their estate and Wine Tasting & Tour with the best local food at Giuaani
Wine tasting and tour at Javakhishvilebis Marani
Visit the Javakhishvilebis Marani winery for wine tasting and a guided tour of the cellar
Wine tasting and tour at Lekso’s Marani
Visit Lekso’s Marani for exquisite Georgian wine tasting and winery tour

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Map of Wineries in Kakheti wine region

Discover the long wine tradition of Kakheti and discover some of the best wineries in this region

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