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A little champagne winery full of joy.

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Champagne Albert Beerens, 37 Rue Blanche, Arrentières, France

Aiming for excellence and working with passion for being the best cellar in the region

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21 Avenue Fernand Drouet Charly sur Marne 02310 France

Premium quality Grand Cru Champagnes at affordable prices

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Champagne CHAPUY, Blancs-Coteaux, France

Unite the know-how of the winemakers

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CHAMPAGNE DOM CAUDRON, Rue Jean York, Passy-Grigny, France

Visit and explore the new project of Champagne Etienne Oudart - Manoir des Arômes.

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15 rue de la Grange Jabled Brugny 51530 France

Discover the freshness and elegance of Champagne Gremillet

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Champagne Gremillet, Rue Envers de Valeine, Balnot-sur-Laignes, France

Making Champagne is a kind of art.

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Champagne Gruet, Grande Rue, Buxeuil, France

Survived from revolution, now it produces the fantastic Champagne.

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1 Place de la Demi Lune Louvois 51150 France

Family winery for six generations.

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Earl Champagne Meteyer Pere Et Fils, Rue de l'Europe, Trélou-sur-Marne, France

Creating champagne since 1919.

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Champagne Sanger, Rempart du Midi, Avize, France

Champagne Xavier Leconte – Sparkling Wine From The Champagne Region

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7, rue des Berceaux - Bouquigny TROISSY 51700 France

Champagne for Lovers of Delicate Bubbles

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11 Cours Jean-Baptiste Langlet Reims 51100 France

Map of Wineries in Champagne

Discover the locations of wineries in Champagne

How to Reach Wineries in Champagne

Wineries in Champagne are easily accessible by different means of transportation. 

If you are planning a trip to wineries in Champagne and need to reach France by air, the closest airport is Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) . The main airport in Paris is more or less 150km away from the main wineries in Champagne. You can also arrive at Paris Orly Airport (ORY).

From both airports you can choose different means of transport to reach wineries in Champagne; you can either take a train or rent a car. 

The best way to experience wineries in Champagne is by driving across the unique sub-regions and vineyards of the world’s most famous wine region. The main city in Champagne are Reims and Epernay, so just be sure to follow road signs to those cities while driving to wineries in Champagne.

From there, you will find tons of signs and information about roads to take to get to wineries in Champagne. Each sub-region (Reims, Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs and Côte de Sézanne, Côte des Bar) has its own wine route.

The easiest way to visit the wineries in Champagne by train is to reach Paris with a high-speed (TGV) train. From Paris Gare de l’Est you can take a TGV train to Reims (45 minutes away). To get to Epernay, catch a TER train from Paris Gare de l’Est towards Strasbourg and in 1h and 20 minutes you will arrive very close to wineries in Champagne. 

To travel between Reims and Epernay, take a TER train and the journey will only be either 25 or 35 minutes. From Reims you can also easily reach Chalôns-en-Champagne, anothe important centre in the Champagne wine region.

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Champagne

There is no best time to visit wineries in Champagne as the region offers incredible possibilities all-year round. A good idea might be to visit between May and October.

In Spring, vineyards are fully green and filled with grapes; in Summer, the temperature rises but wineries in Champagne are willing to welcome you and offer you an amazing glass of fresh French Champagne. Harvesting season begins in late September and that’s normally the busiest period for wineries in Champagne. Many people chose to visit wineries in Champagne during the Autumn because of the amazing colours of the landscape and to witness the harvesting of grapes. 

Being on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, wineries in Champagne  promise nothing less than an extraordinary experience. All wineries in Champagne have their own unique and distinctive character. 

Wineries in Champagne are mostly historical and family-run businesses, that still produce Champagne with traditional methods. More recently, ancient traditions of winemaking were combined with modern technologies and innovations.

A lot of wineries in Champagne show great respect towards sustainability and organic viticulture with one thing in mind, the highest quality possible.

Wineries in Champagne offer numerous facilities such as wine tasting halls and cellar door sales in astonishing wine shops. Almost all wineries in Champagne have reduced mobility access to allow everybody to experience their high-quality Champagnes. Many wineries give pet owners the possibility to bring their dogs, activities for kids and parking spaces for busses. 

Due to their limited space, wineries in Champagne hardly offer accommodation services, but along all Champagne wine trails there are exceptional accommodations to stay!

Wineries in Champagne plant their vineyards with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes. Also, other approved varieties are Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris but all together cover less than 0.3% of plantings.

The most common style of wines produced by wineries in Champagne is, drum roll…. Champagne! The world’s most famous and prestigious sparkling wine can be divided into 7 categories, depending on the sugar dosage it contains:
• Brut Nature, also known as “Pas Dosé” or “Dosage Zéro“, which contains zero sugar
• Extra Brut
• Brut
• Extra Dry
• Sec
• Demi-Sec
• Doux

Some words to remember before you visit wineries in Champagne:

  • “Vignoble” – Winery
  • “Vin” – Wine
  • “Vignoble” – Vineyard
  • “Vigne” – Vine
  • “Dégustation de vins” – Wine tasting
  • “Cave à vins” – Wine cellar
  • “Vin rouge” – Red wine
  • “Vin blanc – White wine
  • “Vin rosé” – Rosé wine

If you want to say cheers in France, you definitely need to take some language classes.

Depending on the context, you can say “À ta santé! or “À la tienne!” if you are cheering with only one person. In case you are with a group of people, you can say  “A votre santé!” or if you would like to offer a toast, start your sentence with “À la santé de…!”

Frequently Asked Questions about Wineries in Champagne

Selection of the most frequently asked questions about Wineries in Champagne.

Most of the wineries in Champagne are located in the wine regions in the countryside. The best way to prepare a visit to a winery in Champagne is to book your visit in advance on our website.

These are the best family wineries in Champagne that you can visit:

Use our interactive Champagne winery map to browse wineries near Reims, Troyes and Epernay.