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British Columbia (Canada)
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There are a big number of wineries in Niagara Peninsula with wine tasting and tour activities that you can book easily via

Niagara Peninsula (Canada)
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Ontario (Canada)
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Canada Wine Country

With popular US wine destinations being only a flight away from Canada, Canadians have never really believed in the potential of local wine. Viticulture started in Canada more or less 200 years ago, when settlers brought vines from Europe. After prohibition and years of a very low production rate, today winemakers from the Canada wine country are demonstrating that growing fine grapes in cold regions is not impossible; as a matter of fact, these grapes possess a very specific and recognizable structure and aromas.

Canadian Wine Regions

Ontario and British Columbia are the main Canadian wine regions. Ontario wine region is actually the most productive, thanks to the Niagara Peninsula province. This area has the most diverse climate, soil type, and continental climate that allows winegrowers to cultivate great Chardonnay, Riesling, and Cabernet Franc grapes.

Vineyards in Niagara Penninsula, Canada wine country

Find out about Wine Tasting & Tours in Niagara Peninsula to enjoy your visit to the region.

In the British Columbia wine region, the most important wine-growing area is the Okanagan Valley. Protected by Cascade and Columbia mountain ranges, the Okanagan Valley is climatically perfect for viticulture. The whole British Columbia wine region is organized differently from the Ontario wine region: there are more wineries with less vast vineyards, each producing small quantities of high-quality wine.

The other two Canadian wine regions are Québec and Nova Scotia.

Find out about Wine Tasting & Tours in British Columbia to enjoy your visit to the region.

Canadian wines

The Canada wine country is one of the first ice wine producer in the world. The variety from the Ontario wine region is called Vidal and it consists of a blending of Trebbiano and Sebel 4986 grapes. At first, this blended variety was supposed to be used to produce a brandy, but due to Vidal’s thick skin and high level of acidity, it turned out to be perfect for wine.

High quality reds from the British Columbia wine region are gaining more international importance; for example, Canadian Pinot Noir is smooth, features a balanced body, and is very enjoyable to drink during a meal.

Wine Tourism in Canada

A document from the Canadian Vintners Association states that more than 3M visitors go to Canadian wine regions every year. Wine tastings and cellar tours are very popular because many wineries are located in the middle of amazing landscapes and often have also a top restaurant inside. Wine routes are very well signposted both along the Ontario wine region and in the British Columbia wine region. You can also plan your own wine route on the internet, choosing the best wineries for your tastings.

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Wine Regions in Canada

British Columbia
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Niagara Peninsula
There are a big number of wineries in Niagara Peninsula with wine tasting and tour activities that you can book easily via
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Wine Appellations in Canada

Lake Erie North Shore
Discover what makes wines from Lake Erie North Shore in Ontario, Canada unique
Okanagan Valley
Discover what makes wines from Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada unique

Wineries in Canada

Cave Spring Vineyard
One of the top producers of Riesling in North America
Flat Rock Cellars
One of only 12 Ontario Certified sustainable wineries located on Jordan Beach since 1999
Four Shadows Winery
Wines that taste of the adventurous Canadian spirit
King’s Court Estate Winery
King’s Court Estate Wines – the height of innovation in Canadian wine making

Wine Tasting & Tours in Canada

Wine tasting and tour at Cave Spring Vineyard
Enjoy the best local cuisine along with the best wines from their catalog at Cave Spring Vineyard Wine Tasting & Tour
Wine tasting and tour at Flat Rock Cellars
Delightful wine tasting and a guided estate tour at Flat Rocks Cellar in Niagara Peninsula
Wine tasting and tour at Four Shadows Winery
Relax at the Four Shadows vineyard and spend time with the wine making family
Wine tasting and tour at King’s Court Estate Winery
Take a trip to the King’s Court Estate Winery for a true local Canadian wine experience

Wineries in Canada

Discover the long wine tradition of Canada and discover some of the best wineries in this country

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