Travel Guide to Breede River Valley Wine Region

Where breath-taking beauty, majestical mountains and sweeping valleys meet South Africa’s best wines.

The Breede River Wine Valley is the largest wine-producing region in the Western Cape Province in South Africa. The Western Cape is the most significant wine region of South Africa. This wine region begins in the Breedekloof and runs all the way to Swellendam. The entire length of the region covers almost 130 kilometres. The magnificent valley is bordered by the Langeberg Mountains. These majestic mountains separate the wine region from the adjacent semi-desert Klein Karoo area. In total, close to 40% of the total vines planted in South Africa are in the Breede River Valley wine region. The region is home to a range of different wineries, including small boutique wineries and larger cooperative wineries. For wine lovers, the Breede River Valley is a true wine paradise.

Find out about Wine tasting & Tours in Breede River Valley to enjoy if you visit the region.

Slanghoek Valley, Worcester in Breede River Valley Wine Region, South Africa

Discover Longest Wine Route of Breede River Valley

More than a quarter of South Africa’s total wine production takes place in the magnificent Breede River Valley wine region. This win region is considered the bread and butter of the South African wine industry and is known as the world’s longest wine route. The Breede River Valley wine region is characteristically hot and dry because of its location and it is surrounded by Cape South Coast to the south, Coastal Region to the west and Klein Karoo to the east.

The Wine Highlights of Breede River Valley

The Breede River Valley is made up of a number of smaller wine growing and producing areas. These include Worcester, the Breedekloof and Robertson.


Worcester is the largest wine producing town in all of the districts within the Breede River Valley. This town produces almost a quarter of South Africa’s total wine production! Worcester is particularly famous for its excellent and high-quality table wines


Robertson is another very important wine district in the Breede River Valley. This district is well known in the wine industry for its production of rich, fruit driven wines.

Robertson, Breede River Valley Wine Region, South Africa

The Breedekloof district of the Breede River Valley is famous because it is home to the youngest wine route in South Africa. This new and exciting wine route begins in Gouda in the West and stretches to Montagu in the east. One of the biggest highlights of the Breede River Valley is the unique Hannepoot fortified wine. This wine is exclusive to the Breedekloof district. The sweet Hannepoot wine has a bright yellow, lemon colour. When drinking this wine one will enjoy aromas of Hanepoot grapes, pineapple, lemon rind, litchi and winter melons. These flavours are intermingled with hints of jasmine, sultanas, fig leaf, lie marmalade and honey suckle. The Hannepoot can be described as a refreshingly natural sweet wine, perfect for long summer evenings in the Breede River sunshine.

TIP! The highlight of the Breede River Valley wine region is the Mcgregor Winery. This unique winery is owned by thirty-three wine farmers who grow approximately fourteen thousand tons of grapes annually. These wines are available for tasting at the winery. All visitors to the area should take a trip to the McGregor Winery for a wine tasting paired with delicious local foods. The team at the Mcgregor Winery is waiting for you!

The Style of the Breede River Valley Wines  

The Breede River Valley wine region is best known for its production of rich and fruity red wines. The soil of the region is extremely rich in lime. This gives the wines a mineral quality and adds flavour depth and complexity.

A few of the wineries in the Breede Rivery Valley have begun producing sparkling wines. These sparkling wines are made from two of the most famous grapes used to make champagne – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. More recently, a few of the Breede River Valley wineries have started producing and selling fortified dessert wines. These sweet and delicious wines are made with several different varieties of Muscat grapes.

For the majority of wineries located in the Breede River Valley, the grapes that are grown are used in bulk wine production and for distilling. These grapes are planted on the floor of the valley along the banks of the Breede River that runs through its centre. The more premium Breede River Valley wines are made from the vineyards planted in the foothills of the mountains surrounding the valley.

Wineries to Visit in Breede River Valley   

Through the centre of the Breede River Valley wine region runs the Breede River. On its course to the Indian Ocean and feeding the range of excellent wineries and vineyards along its path. Discover small wine range of small boutique and big wineries of Breede River Valley, to have authentic wine experiences.

Check out some of our local partner wineries:

Glasses and bottles of red wine from Bushmanspad Estate next to a fire at sunset

Bushmanspad Winery

Bushmanspad estate is a top-class red wine project in the Western Cape of South Africa. Here, guests are always welcomed to pay a visit and enjoy the premium wines, along with overnight stays in the estate-owned cottages.

Excelsior Marketing_Outdoor tasting

Excelsior Estate

Excelsior wine estate is one of the oldest wineries in Cape Town and the Southern hemisphere with over 160 years of winemaking experience.

Take part in an excellent winetasting session and taste some of their best wines along with the winemaker. If you believe you can make wines, join the winemaker to blend your own wine, label it, and take it back along with you.

Must-Visit Places

Feel Welcome in the Glorious Town of Worcester

The town of Worcester is the largest town in the interior region of the Western Cape province and is the administrative capital of the Breede River Valley region. Worcester is characteristed by its incredible surrounding mountains of the Du Toitskloof, Slanghoek, Little Drakenstein, Elandskloof and the Lemiet Mountains.

Worcester is a must visit for all wine lovers thanks to its famous wine and olive route. This incredible route includes twelve award winning wine cellars and two Olive Estates that have won both local and international acclaim. This wine route offers an unforgettable experience for both novice wine lovers and wine connoisseurs. One of the most famous attractions along the wine route is the Nuy Valley which is well known for its award-winning value for money wines. The Nuy Winery is home to world class wine makers from France, Germany and Australia who have brought their passion and skills to the Breede River Valley.

The hidden gem of the Breede River Valley

The best-kept secret of the Breede River Valley is the village of Greyton. This picturesque village is considered the most beautiful village in South Africa. Greyton is nestled in a hollow in the Riviersonderend Mountain Range. Although most of the town is made of dirt roads and quaint houses, there are a range of excellent food shops, restaurants and cellar doors that cater to all visitors. Take a trip off the beaten track and experience the brilliant hiking, dining, drinking and atmosphere of this quaint village.

Ceres – South African Wines in Snow-Capped Mountains

The town of Ceres gets its name from the Roman goddess of agriculture because of its fertile land and incredibly rich soils. Ceres is a well-known town in the Breede River Wine Region thanks to its wide range of adventure activities. The best way to enjoy Ceres is to completely immerse yourself in its breath-taking natural environment. The range of activities available for visitors includes zip lining over incredible rock formations, abseiling, ice climbing through the Matroosberg mountains, mountain biking along the route of the Tankwa Trek and walking the Tankwa Camino path.

For the less adventurous, Ceres is home to a beautiful 9-hole golf course that is considered one of the best in South Africa. Ceres and its incredible beauty invite you to be wild, be daring, and most of all to have fun.

Bonnievale – A slice of heaven in the Langeberg Mountains

Bonnievale is a small community of farmers and winemakers in the Breede River wine region. This quaint town is perfect for those looking to relax in wonderful natural beauty. Bonnievale is perfectly located between the Riviersonderend and Langeberg mountain ranges in lush green fields that are fed by the Breede River. For visitors journeying along the Robertson Wine Route, Bonnievale is the perfect stop. The range of activities available in Bonnievale includes wine tasting and tours, hiking, guided 4×4 trails, walking, cycling, fishing and angling, and eating at the many local restaurants.

Dutch Reformed Church in Bonnievale, South Africa

Nature Always Wears the Colours of the Spirit

The Breede River Valley wine region could be mistaken for a postcard or a work of art. This unique valley is framed by the Cape Fold Mountains. The area has a diverse climate which means that it is perfect to visit at any time of the year with something for everyone.

Shellam Cactus Garden and Nursery

The home of the flora of the Breede River Valley

The Shellam Cactus Garden and Nursery is a succulent garden which was established in 1967. The nursery is located near the town of Robertson and is home to over 2000 species of plants.  This nursery has been recognised by authorities in the Breede River Valley as the finest collection of specimen plants in the region. Spend some time exploring this magical nursery and spotting unique specimens such as The Olf Man of Peru and Elephant Feet.

Cactus garden

Matroosberg Nature Reserve – The Peak of Nature and Adventure

The Matroosberg Nature Reserve is located in the Erfdeel farm which is a fully working farm near the small town of Ceres. This nature reserve if a haven for nature lovers and offers a wide range of activities including hiking, mountain biking, tail running, snowboarding, ice climbing and kloofing. For visitors wanting to extend their stay at the reserve there are a range of accommodation facilities. These include self-catering houses and cottages and fully equipped camp sites.

Bontebok National Park – The Home of the Majestic Bontebok

The Bontebok National Park is an official South African National Park. This park was established in 1931 in order to preserve the Bontebok, one of the country’s most beautiful antelopes. The Bontebok National Park is the smallest national park in South Africa and is situated just 6 kms outside of Swellendam along the banks of the Breede River. When visiting the park, there are a range of activities including hiking trails, 4×4 trails, kayaking and bird watching. The park also offers accommodation for this wanting to take a mini-break from city life.

Good food is the Foundation of Genuine Happiness

Top 3 dishes to try in Breede River Valley

The cuisine of the Breede River Valley winery region is a true reflection of the multiple cultures that are present in the area. Typical cuisine of the area is relaxed and authentically homemade. These dishes are best paired with the wonderful local Breede River Valley wines.

Tomato Bredie – South African Comfort Food at its Best

Tomato Bredie is a traditional South Africa dish that is best enjoyed during the cold winter months. Bredie is an old Cape name for a dish made of vegetables and meat that are stewed together for a long time. This gives the dish rich flavours that feel like a hug during the cold winter months. A tomato bredie is a tomato stew with a rich, thick and full-bodied gravy. This flavour is achieved by using meat that has a fair amount of bone and fat. The meat is first rolled in flour and then browned before the vegetables are added. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a delicious tomato bredie paired with a brilliant South African red wine for the perfect winter dining experience.

Bobotie – The South African Casserole

Bobotie is a well-known dish across South Africa. This family favourite is made of spiced minced meat that is baked with an egg-based custard topping. A traditional South African bobotie is most likely made with beef or lamb. This meat is cooked with spices like ginger and curry powder. Some recipes also suggest the addition of chopped onions and almonds for additional flavour. Bobotie is usually served with yellow rice and a sambal salad. When visiting the Breede River Valley be sure to look out for bobotie on restaurant menus for a dish that is tasty with delicious punchy flavours.

Bobotie with yellow rice and sambal salad

Melktert – The Ultimate Indulgent Treat

There is no dessert more truly South African than a traditional melktert. The name melktert is an Afrikaans word that directly translates to milk tart. This is a traditional Afrikaans dessert that is made of a sweet pastry crust filled with a filling made of milk, flour, sugar and eggs. The melktert originated among the settlers in the Cape Dutch colony during the 17th century and developed from the Dutch mattentaart. Melktert is a staple at all South African events and is commonplace in most supermarkets. Enjoy your melktert either warm or chilled with a cup of traditional Rooibos South African tea.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 130
Wineries: 22
Soil: Alluvial, sandy loam, rocky, stony, shale, sandstone, gravel, limestone
Climate: Cold winters, high rainfall. Hot and dry summers.

Selected wineries in Breede River Valley

Bushmanspad Estate
Fishing and swimming in the estate farm damn and taste old vintages.
Conradie Penhill Artisanal Wines
A boutique vineyard producing superb handcrafted red and white wines
Du Toitskloof Wines
Iconic South African wine making at its very best
Excelsior Estate
One of the oldest winemakers in Cape Town and the Southern hemisphere

Wine tastings & tours in Breede River Valley

Wine tasting and tour at Bushmanspad Estate
A charismatic Wine Tasting & Tour experience, a winery stroll, overnight stay in cottages, and more at Bushmanspad Estate
Wine tasting and tour at Conradie Penhill Artisanal Wines
Taste premium award winning wines at Conradie Penhill Artisanal Wines
Wine tasting and tour at Du Toitskloof Wines
Du Toitskloof Wines, where there is a winery experience for everyone
Wine tasting and tour at Excelsior Estate
Stay at their 4-star manor house and take part in various wine activities at Excelsior Estate Wine Tasting & Tour

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Bushmanspad Estate