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Csongrad is a Hungarian wine region located in the south of the country. It is part of Hungary’s vast Alfold Plains viticulture region and includes the beautiful town of Csongrad. Although the region produces excellent wines, they are not very well known outside of the region itself. Csongrad has a long history of viticulture and is much famed for its natural beauty.

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The centuries old wine region of Csongrad    

The wine region of Csongrad is located in the south of Hungary along the Alfold Plains, including the town of Csongrad. 

The wines of the region are not very well known elsewhere but are still wonderful to drink and are of the highest quality. Very few of the wine producers in Csongrad actually bottle their wine. The terroir of the region is perfect for viticulture thanks to the endless sunshine and sandy soils.

The history of viticulture in Csongrad can be traced back to the founding charter of Garamszentbenedek Abbey in which it was mentioned in 1075. In the charter the vineyards of the region are mentioned. In the 15th century, vines are planted in the region of Szeged, expending the wine making area of Csongrad. During the time of the Turkish rule, the main income of the landowners of the region was made from the production and sale of wine. It was during this time that the Balkans brought their culture of red wine to the region. 

Today, just over half of the vines in Csongrad are planted with white wine varietals. The climate of the region is continental with low rainfall, and the terroir consists mainly of alluvial calcareous sand with cohesive alluvial mud.

Grape Varieties:

Red: Kerkfrancos, Zweigelt

White: Cserszegi Fűszeres, Kövidinka (Dinka), Olaszrizling (Welschriesling), Riesling (Rajnai Rizling)

The locally known wines of the Csongrad region

Historically, the most famed wines of the Csongrad region where the excellent red wines. The terroir of the region, which is made of sand mixed with loss, means that they are able to produce excellent red wines, unlike other wines made in warm areas with sandy soils.

The wines of Csongrad are mainly dry or off dry, with a distinctive aroma and a flavoursome taste. They usually have medium to high levels of acidity and are made with extremely ripe grapes that tend to have a low level of acidity. The wines are produced in only small quantities so that the quality can be ensured.

The white wines of the region are crisp scented and light table wines with a refreshingly tart content. These wines are made using traditional grape varietals grown in the region.

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The best sites to see in Csongrad  

Szegedi Szabadteri Jatekok – The largest open-air theatre of Hungary

The Szegedi Szabadteri Jatekok is the largest open-air theatre in Hungary. This theatre hosts a busy programme of opera, poetry and prose, concerts and song performances, particularly in the summer months.

Opusztaszer National Memorial Historical Park   

The Opusztaszer National Heritage Park is an open-air outdoor museum that depicts the history of Hungary and which is located in Opusztaszer. It was built in 1982 and is famous for being the location of the Feszty Panorama. The park is home to a number of attractions including the Rotunda, the open-air ethnographic collection, the Forest and Man collection, the Nomad Park and the ruins of the monastery of Szer.

Hungarian yurta museum in Opusztaszer, Hungary
Janos Tornyai Ethnography Museum   

The Janos Tornyai Museum was established in 1905. It is home to an ethnographic collection that is based on the artifacts collected by Lajos Kiss under the instruction of Janos Tornyai for the Industrial and Agricultural exhibition of 1904. The main articles of the collection are almost 500 paintings done by the painter Janos Tornyai.

Discover the beautiful nature of Csongrad       

Csongrad is an incredibly beautiful wine region of Hungary. The natural landscapes of the region provide the perfect location for outdoor lovers to hike and enjoy the local flora and fauna

Koros Torok Sandy Beach – The meeting point of river    

Koros Torok Sandy Beach is a wonderful sandy beach in the Csongrad region of Hungary. The beach is the meeting point of the Risza and Koros Rivers. The beach attracts thousands of visitors during the summer to enjoy the warm water and endless sand that is perfect for beach games.

Ride on horseback through the Hungarian plains

Horse lovers across the world know that the best way to experience the Hungarian plains is by horseback. Visitors to the plains can ride across what feels like an endless landscape without any fencing. There are also many local ranches to visit where one can also enjoy true Hungarian hospitality.

Buffalo Reservation, Morahalom – The most unique attraction in Morahalom

The Morahalom Buffalo Reserve is one of the most unique attractions in the Csongrad region. The bull field is situation on the road that connects Morahalom with Roszke. At the farm, visitors can watch bull herders do their work from a high lookout tower. More brave visitors can even get close enough to the bulls to stroke them!

The food to enjoy when in Csongrad

Csongrad is known for its perfect blend of traditional Hungarian dishes and fusion of other international cuisines. The restaurant scene in the region is growing dramatically and offers something to please even the fussiest foodie.

Szekely Gulyas – Delicious Hungarian Stew

Szekely Gulya is a deliciously thick and rich traditional Hungarian stew. The stew is made with pork, onions, peppers, potatoes, paprika, sour cream, sauerkraut and garlic. When it is ready, this hearty and warming stew is served with homemade pasta or with crusty bread on the side.

Szegedi Szalami – The sausage of Csongrad

Szegedi Szalami is a cylindrical pork sausage that is made by being slowly smoked. The salami is round at one end and then slim at the other end, from where it was hung. On the outside it is covered with a noble mold. The sausage is sold in different lengths and is easily sliced for eating. What makes the sausage unique is that it must be made with pork that is older than one year and what was raised and slaughtered in Csongrad. The salami is aged for 90 days before it is ready to be enjoyed.

Gyulai Kolbasz – Slow smoked pork sausage

Gyulai Kolbasz is a slow smoked pork sausage that is flavoured with salt, paprika, pepper, carraway, garlic and salt. The mixture is piped into intestines and the sausages are then smoked over wood before they are cured and hung out to dry. When the sausage is ready it is sold in pairs without any exterior mold. Gyulai Kolbasz can be enjoyed on its own or in a traditional casserole.

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Region Highlights

Surface in ha: 14311
Soil: Decalcified alluvial soils, acid sand, black sand and calcareous sand
Climate: Continental with low rainfall
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