Fratelli Degani: wines named in world’s prestigious lists

The Fratelli Degani winery dates back to 1900, where earlier wines were made just for personal use. In 1980, Sante Degani left the business to his brother Angelo and his nephew Aldo. This move proved to be great, and by 1996 their wines were named in many of the world’s prestigious lists and wine guides.

All the work at the winery from harvesting to winemaking to bottling is done in accordance with the traditional methods and ideology

Taste the award-winning wines at the winery

Their Valpolicella Classic wines aptly reflect the world-class terroir and winemaking skills.
Valpolicella is the perfect place for the cultivation of vineyards. The terrain features a hilly area with forests that provide shade on summer days. The soil, microclimate, and other natural conditions allow the growth of high-quality, fruity grapes. The vineyards are present in Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, Valpolicella Ripasso, and extend up to the Amarone and Recioto. The main grape varietal that grows here are the Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella. The best grapes are handpicked by the workers and further processed to make their award-winning red, white, and dessert wines.

Experience the magif of this winemaking area

Even though there is a great emphasis on traditional methods of winemaking, the winery is fully equipped with modern, innovative machinery and technology that makes the winemaking process easier. It is not just the fermented grape juice in a glass of wine but also the history and tradition of the region. Wines made by Fratelli Dagani clearly show the magic of the Valpolicella region, and guests are always welcome at the estate to have a great time.

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Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

Via Dell'artigianato, 22 - Loc. Rugolin, Marano Di Valpolicella, Verona, 37020, Italy See it on map
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Spoken Languages: Italiano

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Degani F.Lli Di Degani Aldo

Wine tasting and tour at Degani F.Lli Di Degani Aldo

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Via Dell'artigianato, 22 - Loc. Rugolin, Marano Di Valpolicella, Verona, 37020, Italy

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