Travel Guide to New South Wales Wine Region

New South Wales is situated on the east coast of Australia on the borders of Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia and it is the most populous state of Australia. This territory was founded as a British Penal Colony in the 1700s and at that time included the island territories of New Zealand and other smaller islands. For visitors to New South Wales, there are plenty of attractions and amazing sites including beaches, national parks, historic towns, wine regions, and the unique Australian Outback. New South Wales is Australia’s most geographically diverse state. The natural attractions are perfect for weekend getaways and longer road trips to the various points of interest and sites in the state.

Check out the list of Wine Tasting and Tours in New South Wales to enjoy your visit to the region.

The vineyard of Dryridge Estate at sunset
The vineyard of Dryridge Estate, Megalong Valley, New South Wales wine region, Australia

Region Where Consumption Beats Production

New South Wales is most famous as a wine region because its consumption far beats its production. The most famous part of the New South Wales wine region is the Hunter Valley which is situated 130km north of Sydney. This tiny valley is where most of the state’s wine production takes place. Other wine sub-regions in the area are the Central Ranges, the South Coast, Southern New South Wales, and the Big Rivers Zone.

Wine Regions of New South Wales

New South Wales is made up of 14 wine-growing areas across the state, which means that it produces a range of extremely diverse wines. Wine producers throughout New South Wales are well known for taking their time in perfecting their wines from the range of varietals. Such varieties include Shiraz, Chardonnay, Verdelho, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Semillon. In terms of quality wine, those produced in the Hunter Valley steal the show, particularly the famous Semillon and Shiraz. New South Wales wine region contributes around 27% to Australia’s wine production with vines first planted in 1788. The father of viticulture in New South Wales is thought to be James Busby who in 1831 traveled to Spain and France to collect 547 different varieties of vines bringing them back to Australia and planting them in the region.

Visitors to the New South Wales region can spend many lazy days exploring the breadth of wine in the area and as there is a wine style to compliment every preference and every taste. From lighter-bodied Shiraz style wines to fuller-bodied richer styles, this wine region is worth exploring for all wine lovers.

The aerial view on the winery and vineyards of De Iuliis Wines
De Iuliis Winery, one of our partner wineries from Hunter Valley, New South Wales wine region, Australia

Grape Varieties

Red Varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

White Varieties: Chardonnay, Semillon, Riesling

Style of Wines

The most famous wine produced in the New South Wales wine region of Australia is far Hunter Valley Semillon, dry wine that with age develops into a unique and complex wine with notes of vanilla and honey. This wine is perfect to pair with local Australian seafood and is a fabulously approachable wine style.

Another wine that must be noted is the Shiraz from the Hilltops region. The wine is lighter and leaner, which is more typical for an Old World Syrah than the spicy and rich Australian Shiraz. The Hunter Shiraz on the other hand is more tannic with the ability to age for 20-30 years. They are characterized by earthy flavors with tar notes and well-made examples having the potential to take on Rhone-like qualities as they age. 

Hunter Valley in New South Wales wine region is famous for the production of Chardonnay characterized by distinct stone fruit aromas.

Wineries to Visit in New South Wales

Tractorless Vineyard

Tractorless Vineyard produces sustainable and award-winning wines in the Southern Highlands of Australia. At Tractorless Vineyard, sheep play an extremely important role in the management of the vineyards and olive grove.

“Essentially they are our solar-powered, fertilizing lawn mowers.”

Pepper Tree Winery

pepper tree wines road to the magnificient white estate in australia

Pepper Tree is a family-owned wine estate located in the top wine-growing region of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Amidst the breathtaking gardens at Pepper Tree Winery, lies in the heart of the cellar, overlooking the panoramic 360-degree views.

John Davis, the owner and winemaker at Pepper Tree, produces high quality wines after a long exploration of the potential of Hunter Valley and neighboring sites for vine cultivation.

Tamburlaine Wines


Tamburlaine Wines, one of Australia’s most prominent organic wine producers, established in 1966. The estate produces wines from the vineyards in the Orange and Hunter Valley regions with contemporary organic methods.

During your visit to Tamburlaine, you will have a possibility to learn about their organic viticulture process, about the history and philosophy of the winery.

Discover more Wineries in New South Wales, choose your favorite, and let us handle the rest together with our local partners.

Top-3 Places to Visit

Sydney – The Icon of Australia  

Sydney is the most iconic and famous city in Australia, mostly thanks to the incredible Sydney harbor, the idyllic beaches, and the incredible national parks. No visitor to Sydney can miss seeing the magnificent Sydney Opera House and the city’s dazzling entertainment scene. Visitors may be surprised by the rich and fascinating heritage of the city that will leave them captivated. Sydney caters to all types of tourists from those seeking a romantic minibreak to those interesting in wine, beachgoers, and adventure seekers.

View of Sydney Opera House, New South Wales, Australia
Byron Bay – The Coastal Gem of New South Wales

Byron Bay is the quintessential Australian beachside town and is located in the far eastern corner of the New South Wales wine region. The town is 772km north of Sydney at Cape Byron, a headland in the town, which is the easternmost point of Australia. Although relatively small, the town has a number of heritage listings including the Byron Bay Railway Station, the Byron Bay Post Office, and the Cape Byron Lighthouse. Byron Bay is an extremely popular destination for tourists from Australia and from further abroad. This is because of its incredible beaches, providing excellent surf, and scenery for skydivers. The area is also famous for its wildlife; whale watching, warm and temperate climate, and tropical waters for diving.

Newcastle – The Hub of Australian City Life

Newcastle is a metropolitan area in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The town is situated on the mouth of the Hunter River and is the largest coal exporting harbor in the world mainly because of its geological location in the Sydney Basin. Because of its rich history in the coal industry, Newcastle has a number of heritage listings including the Argyle House, the Newcastle Court House, the Newcastle Railway Station, the Newcastle Post Office, and the Victoria Theatre. Tourism to Newcastle booms around the busy events calendar, which includes the Newcastle Regional Show, the Mattara Festival, and the Newcastle Jazz Festival.

Heaven for All Nature Lovers

New South Wales is the perfect destination for all nature lovers and has a range of national parks and UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites that capture the state’s array of beauty. The nature and landscapes of the area are incredibly diverse and provide the perfect landscapes for all kinds of outdoor adventures such as whale watching, scuba diving, bushwalking, cycling, and hiking.

Blue Mountains and Jenolan Limestone    

Explore the Depths of the Caves

The Jenolan Caves are made of limestone and are located inside the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve in the Blue Mountains in Jenolan. The Jenolan Caves are the most ancient and popular part of a series of caves across the country. Inside, one can observe various fossils and calcite formations along the course of the subterranean region of the Jenolan River. The cave system consists of over 40 km of multi-level passages with over 300 cave entrances. Eleven of the caves are illuminated to create a show for tourists as the exploration of undiscovered caves continues to this day.

River Cave in Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Mount Kaputar – Spot for Striking Views

Mount Kaputar is a 1489 m high mountain situated near Narrabri in New South Wales. It forms part of the Nandewar Mountain Range inside of Mount Kaputar National Park. This is a popular attraction for tourists and in the winter months is even more beautiful when it is capped with snow. To access the summit of the mountain, one has to travel via Narrabri along a 57 km long, narrow and winding road that is partly sealed at some points. At the top of the peak, there is a lookout point called Mount Kaputar looking with striking views across the landscape. Other lookout points include the Governor Lookout, the Eckfords Lookout, and the Dawson Spring with cabins, picnic areas, and camping sites.

Mount Wollumbin – The Sacred Home of the Bundjalung People

Mount Wollumbin offers visitors a scenic track to summit the peak considered most sacred to the Bundjalung People. This site was declared as an Aboriginal Place in 2015 and all visitors are asked to consider the heritage and respect the culture of the Bundjalung People when visiting. The track to the summit is very difficult and hikers are advised to proceed with caution. The mountain is situated 12 km southwest of Murwillumbah and is unfortunately subject to flash floods and flood waters during the stormy months.

The Cuisine of New South Wales

The cuisine in New South Wales is a clear representation of the state’s multiculturalism and includes Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, African, Italian, Greek, and Indian dishes. Gourmet and casual food outlets exist across the state and Sydney dominates the food scene with its harbor bringing in exquisite fresh seafood. Specialties of New South Wales are Sydney rock oysters, fruits grown in the pleasant climate, and fish caught fresh in the adjacent seas.

Carpetbag Steak – A Working Class Classic

Although the carpetbag steak has its origins in the United Kingdom, it has become a staple in Australia and New Zealand. The dish consists of a steak with pockets cut into the meat. These pockets are then stuffed with oysters, and the steak then grilled to let the flavor of the oysters permeate the meat and blend with the meat juices. The steak is sometimes served standing up in the shape of a mountain or wrapped in strips of bacon and surrounded by halved baby potatoes.

Exquisite Sydney Rock Oysters

Sydney Rock Oysters are considered by many to be the greatest culinary jewel of the sea. These rock oysters are found only in Sydney and are grown along the 1500 km of coastline from southern Queensland all the way to the border of Victoria and New South Wales. The oyster is characterized by the complexity and depths of its flavors and can be eaten either raw or cooked. In Australia, the dish is traditionally made roasted over coals to enhance the flavors and sometimes shallow fried in butter. The best way to enjoy these oysters is with a crisp and fresh glass of white wine or a chilled beer.

Fior di Latte – The Australian Take on Cheese

Fior di Latte is a semi-soft traditional Australian cheese made in a style similar to that of making mozzarella. The cheese is made with cow’s milk and is produced by Paesanella Cheese Manufacturers, located in  New South Wales. The characteristics of the cheese are that it is smooth, fresh, tangy, textured and it is most commonly served on pizzas because of the way it perfectly melts.

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Region Highlights

Surface in ha: 800642
Wineries: 329
Soil: Clay, loam, sandstone, volcanic loam, basalt, granite, gravel, alluvial sands and silt
Climate: Continental, warm, dry

Selected wineries in New South Wales

Allandale Winery
Producers of premium Hunter Valley wines with a unique character and balanced flavour
Borambola Wines
Discover the ancient structure – the Borambola Homestead – dating back to 1880.
Brokenwood Wines
Award-winning Australian winery producing the Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz
Craigmoor Wines
The oldest continuous winery in the Mudgee region that was established in 1858

Wine tastings & tours in New South Wales

Popular Tasting at Small Acres Cyder
Relish Top Notch Crafted Ciders at Small Acres Cyder
Premium Tasting at Small Acres Cyder
Tasting Flight and Regional Food Picnic
Wine tasting and tour at Allandale Winery
Enjoy a guided estate tour and regional wine tasting at the Allandale Winery
Wine tasting and tour at Borambola Wines
A well-guided Wine Tasting & Tour, paired with a walk around the vine rows and cellar door at Borambola Wines

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Allandale Winery