Wine Tastings and Tours in Porto & Douro

Wine tastings and tours in Porto & Douro are like diving in history centuries ago! What would be the better place to sample a glass of Port or enjoy a good Douro wine with your meal if not the estates in Duoro Valley. Almost three hundred years since the Marquês de Pombal ordered that this winemaking region should be distinguished,  and the wines of the Douro still maintain international recognition. Take part in wine tastings and tours in Porto & Douro and discover the secrets and the people behind the unique Porto & Douro wines.

You can enhance your experience during wine tastings and tours in Porto & Douro with canoeing, mountain biking, local games, or boat trips. At, we provide a wide selection of wine tastings and tours in Porto & Douro wine tastings and tours together with our local partner wineries. Below you will find a list of wine tastings and tours in Porto & Douro wine tastings and tours with a direct booking option and a map of the region with the exact location of each winery. Choose your favorite wine tasting in Porto & Douro wine tastings and tours, let us know and we will guaranty your memorable experience.


Wine tasting at Quinta Do Panascal, one of our partner wineries in Porto & Douro.

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A visit to the award-winning winery and tasting of rare wine vintages at Alves De Sousa Quinta Da Gaivosa Wine Tasting & Tour

20 €
1 15
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Quinta Da Gaivosa Pousada Da Cumieira 2214, Santa Marta De Penaguião, Douro, 5030-055, Portugal

Visit Burmester Wine Cellar for amazing wine tasting and a guided estate tour

12 €
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Largo Ponte Luiz I, Vila Nova De Gaia, 4400-111, , Portugal

Immerse yourself in Douro wine tasting and a winery tour at Douro Best

100 €
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Quinta Da Avessada, Favaios, 5070-272, Douro Valley, Portugal

Visit them for an introduction to winemaking and tasting their best wines at Quinta Da Sequeira Wine Tasting & Tour

10 €
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Quinta Da Sequeira, Horta Do Douro, Douro Region , 5155336, Portugal

Sensory indulgence in the world of wine with an ultimate flight to the vineyards at Quinta De Covela Wine Tasting & Tour

15 €
1 45
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Rua do Mirao, Sao Tome de Covelas,, BAIAO, PORTO, 4640-211, Portugal

Enjoy a great Douro wine tasting and take a guided cellar tour at Quinta do Cume

25 €
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Rua Do Cume, Sabrosa, 5060-261, Provesende, Portugal

Lose yourself in the exceptional visit that Quinto Do Pascal Taste and Tour is

14 €
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Valença Do Douro, , 5120-496, , Portugal

Visit the Qinta do Portal to enjoy Portugese wines and relax in the beautiful setting

10 €
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Estrada Nacional 323, Celeirós, Sabrosa, 5060-909, Portugal

Share a pleasant wine tasting experience at Quinta do Tedo

12 €
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Quinta do Tedo, Vila Seca, 5110-548 Armamar, Portugal

Share a pleasant wine tasting experience at Quinta do Vallado

25 €
1 15
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Vilarinho Dos Freires, Peso Da Régua, Douro, 5050-364, Portugal

Share a pleasant wine tasting and touring experience at Quinta S Luiz - Kopke

12 €
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E.N. 222 - Adorigo, Tabuaço, Viseu, 5120-012, Portugal

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Porto & Douro.

Although today the Rabelo boats can no longer be seen transporting the wine downriver, the wineries in Porto & Douro still travel you down the river all the way to Porto with their unique experiences they offer during the tours and the wine tastings!

Dazzled by the scenery, amazed by the will these people show to cultivate this harsh land, fascinated by the taste of the wines wineries in Porto & Douro offer.

Pairing the wine with the local delicacies is another asset, improving the quality of the visit high enough as the airplane view from the banks of Douro!

Wineries in Porto & Douro produce four major types of Port wine:

  • Ruby (Red) Port: a deeply-colored red Port which includes Vintage, Late-bottled Vintage (LBV), Crusted and Ruby Port
  • Tawny Port: a very sweet barrel-aged port with oxidative nut and caramel flavors
  • White Port: made with indigenous white grapes including Rabigato, Viosinho, Gouveio, and Malvasia
  • Rosé Port: This is a new style of Port wine made like rosé wine with flavors of strawberry, violets, and caramel.

The two major styles of Port are red Port, with more berry and chocolate flavors (and slightly less sweetness), and a Tawny-colored Port with more caramel and nut flavors (and more sweetness).

Port is a dessert wine similar to Marsala and Madeira. Moscatel Galego, a white wine variety that is recommended for the appetizers, has a delicate taste with floral flavors and with a fresh ending. A blend from Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela, Touriga Franca, and Tinta Barroca, the best choice for red meat, is a full-bodied red wine with firm, mature and silky tannins. Mineral notes and a very elegant, persistent, and complex finish.

There’s no bad time to visit wineries in Porto & Douro as there is always something on offer that should suit your interests. Celebrations and seasons are accompanied by log fires and sunny dispositions. And there is always the pleasure of discovering an amazing wine, especially to sit back and relax with a stunning Port.

If you like to enjoy the sun and even get a little tan on the beaches, ride a bicycle downtown, travel on foot, and discover the trails, from April to September the weather and temperatures are very good for this kind of activity.

July and August are the hottest months. The microclimate in this wine region means that temperatures in July and August are often in the high 30º C or even hotter so not ideal for walking, especially in the afternoons.

If you want a hands-on experience of the Douro grape harvest, mid to late September is the time to come. You can pick grapes and even crush them by foot in some vineyards. After the harvest, a warm metallic color scheme starts to take over with gold, copper, and bronze tones decorating the slopes.

By late October and into November, the autumn colors are at their best. Winter months are not that harsh with low temperatures, but very wet.

Porto is considered the capital of the north and the second-largest city in Portugal.

Porto’s most striking characteristic is that of ‘faded grandeur’. In Europe, there are very few remaining cities that can do ‘faded grandeur’ quite on the scale of Porto: you have to travel to Cuba or Argentina for competition. The feeling is emphasized by the mix of Baroque, Neoclassical, and splash of Belle Epoque architecture. Ribeira is Porto’s biggest heart-stealer. Its Unesco World Heritage maze of medieval alleys zigzags down to the Douro River and a promenade lined with slender, pastel-hued houses and hole-in-the-wall tascas (taverns), with front-row views of the spectacular Ponte de Dom Luís I and the port-wine lodges across the river in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Jam-packed with sights, shops, and restaurants (and flocks of tourists), this historic neighborhood is postcard Porto. Douro River Boat Trips are a good way to get a series of views from the relaxing deck of a boat. Trips can range anywhere from an hour-long jaunt to a two-day journey. Many of the tours incorporate trains, allowing you to go downstream by boat and then return by train, or vice versa. There are a huge variety of trips catered to suit individual preferences. Visit the futuristic Museu do Côa, set on a hilltop with killer views over the Douro and Côa rivers, to learn more about our own history and to see the evolution in aesthetics and overall concept. However, the real museum is at the rocks themselves at the Côa Valley Archaeological Park. To understand anything you’re looking at, it is highly recommended to book a private guide! Interestingly, the rock art in Foz Côa was discovered when works for a mega hydro electrical dam were already underway.

Completing it would mean an invaluable prehistorically world heritage would be put underwater. Propelled by larger economic interests, the debate dominated the Portuguese society and media for years and the controversy only ended when UNESCO declared Foz Côa as a World Heritage Site in 1998. A happy ending!

Some words to remember before you visit Porto & Douro for wine tasting and tours:

Cheers! = Saúde, Chin Chin!
Wine = Vinho
Winery = Adega, Cave
Wine tasting = Degustação de vinho
Wine route = Rota do vinho

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