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Moselle Valley Luxembourg (Luxemborg)
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Luxembourg Wine Country

A few German elements, a few Moselle-Franconian, a few French: This is the very special Luxembourg mix, and not just in the language, but also the wine.

A multi-Faceted Grape Variety List

The Müller-Thurgau vine dominates in Luxembourg wine country. It is used to produce light, fresh white wines with moderate acidity, which make up the largest part of the wine range.

But there is much more to discover here. The Burgundy varieties Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, and the noble Riesling are also on the rise. The Auxerrois in particular produces delicate, light, acidic, delicate wines that are a real Luxembourgish specialty. The noblest wine, however, is the Riesling with a fine bouquet of spices and hearty acidity. It grows on the entire Upper Moselle, preferably on steep slopes where the grapes can fully ripen.

Riesling as The Mirror of Terroir

In the canton of Grevenmacher in the northern part, you will find shell limestone soils, in the southern area in the canton of Remich you can find Keuperboden with clay marl. After all, no other grape variety reflects so much the terroir on which it grows as is the case with Riesling. This is how the Riesling from this part of the Moselle taste very different from the German Rieslings, whose grapes also grow along the Moselle.

Cremant de Luxembourg – A Specialty

A specialty of Luxembourg is the Cremant of Luxembourg, which is produced using the classic fermentation method in the bottle. All white grape varieties can be used to produce this prickler.

If the wines reach at least 12 points (out of a maximum of 20) during the official sensory control, they receive the official back label Appellation Controllée Moselle Luxembourgeoise. With 14 points the wine can be called Vin Classé, with 16 points Premier Cru and with 18 points Grand Premier Cru.

In addition to larger wineries, there are over 50 winegrowers who put a lot of effort and passion into maintaining the level of Luxembourgish wine.

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Moselle Valley Luxembourg
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