Experience great Riesling at Melsheimer winery

The five generations of Melsheimer family winery has been growing almost exclusively fine Riesling wines on the steep slopes surrounding the beautiful village of Reil on the river Mosel. Approximately half of their sites around the winery are on the very steep slopes of Mosel.

Following biodynamical principles

They grow almost exclusively Riesling here since the Mosel has been famous for wines made from this grape variety for centuries—and many wine lovers think that Riesling vines produce their best results in the Mosel region. Since 2013, the winery has followed the principles of biodynamic winemaking to guarantee the highest level of authenticity and environmental balance and hence were awarded the Demeter® certification. They passionately believe in biodynamic Riesling from steep slate slopes in the Mosel valley—in support of diversity and sustainability.

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The Reil vineyard Mullay-Hofberg is one of the most impressive steep slopes of the Lower Middle Mosel. For nearly one kilometre, it towers almost directly above the river. Riesling reacts to the slightest changes in soil and microclimate. Their site Mullay-Hofberg is a fascinating example of how one slope can produce a range of different wines over the relatively small area of one kilometre. Though all are made of the same grape variety, each of them is a great individual with its unique character.

The site’s incline and its poor soils of finely weathered grey and red slate enable the grapes to achieve perfect ripeness by being left on the vines until very late in the year

This leads to highly aromatic wines that are rich in extract. Their complex aromas are always coupled with underlying lively and fresh subtle citrus notes.

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Weingut Melsheimer, Reil, Mosel, 56861, Germany See it on map
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Weingut Melsheimer, Reil, Mosel, 56861, Germany

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