Wine region close to the black forest

Baden is the warmest and the southernmost of all the German wine regions. It is also the only region in Germany that is classified under Zone B of the European Union wine growing zones. All other wine region in Germany are classified as Zone A (coldest). The relatively warm climate here results in production of full-bodied wines. The major output of Baden is the white wine, but the region is famous for its red wines. Grape varieties grown here are Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), Müller-Thurgau, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Riesling and Gutedel (Chasselas). The vineyards in the region are widespread and the Baden Wine Route is quite famous among tourists, which runs from Heidelberg to Weil am Rhein on the Swiss border.

Top 3 – Food to try in Baden

Traditional Recipes From The Kitchen Of Baden

Baden is located in the south-most part of Germany, enriched with art, culture, and traditional cuisines. It is a perfect getaway destination to enjoy the sunshine and sipping on exquisite wines, paired with premier local dishes, made with conventional methods.

Baden Dreierlei – A Traditional Cuisine

This dish is a sensational vibration to the whole body, a dish to water your tongue to the highest level. Accompanied with a curd served in your plate, with the salty fried potatoes and yes, the tasty sausages will be enough to make your day. Dreierlei is one of the true culinary jewels of Baden – a perfectly balanced cuisine, made with unique ingredients. It is a traditional dish available in all restaurants and homes, and each of them cook it in a different style.

The aura of the taste has not over yet. How can we forget about the sweetest smile of the bride? Well, it’s not about the smile on her face but also the people having a slice of the

Badisher Plum Cake – Sour Cream Cake

Most of Germany’s best plums are grown in Baden, and these plums are the primary ingredients of Badisher Plum Cake. All bakeries in Baden sell this dessert, so it is impossible for you to miss that out of your list. It is made from sour cream, namely heavy cream and Schmand, and not the regular one. Schmand is not easily available, which is why in some bakeries, it is baked using crème fraîche, which also infers a unique taste.

Schupfnudel – Tasty Rolled Noodles

Schupfnudel is almost like dumplings but smaller in size. This name sounds like a noodle. Well!! Yes, it is but not the regular one. The one with a twist and that twist gives it a different name – Finger Noodle. It is one of the highly recommended dishes and must try before you finish your trip in Baden. It resembles Italian Pasta, ehich is why it is also named as bubespitzle. This specialty is made from rye or wheat flour, egg, and potatoes, enhance its taste with pepper and salt, topped with Nutmeg.

Top 3 – Places to visit in Baden

Everyone visualizes the sites in their own way. The cost of old things excites with a super exciting thing in a lovely way.

Heidelberg – A Town Of Reputed Universities

Heidelberg is a settlement that lies on the bank of river Neckar gets you to the vision of the epitome of German romanticism. Counts on the oldest monumental country’s university named The University of Heidelberg. Endless cityscapes and a ruined famous castle in Germany give you a bench to explore the town. A walk in the park of castle named red-hued castle located in the northern slope of the Konigstuhl mountain gives you the magnificent epic view to your eyes. It not only provides relief to your mental state but also gives you an opportunity to discover various philosophers who lived here.

Freiburg – Jewel Of The Black Forest

Freiburg is another beautiful hamlet that covers the southern side of Black Forest. Be in the town bottom of the black forest, where wooden slopes and vineyards are the first sites to grab your attention. Start walking through the cobblestone streets covering half-timbered houses will amuse you to the best, where watching sunrise should be given the priority. How can we forget about walking through the green beer gardens alongside of canal, A center of solar energy? One has to enjoy the town from the top, start your journey through hiking, and enjoy the view. Besides, for hiking-lovers, visit Schlossberg hill that is connected with Freiburg by a funicular, and those who love to discover the history, pay a visit to Gothic Cathedral after hiking.

There is a beautiful village of Gottenheim about 15 kms from Freiburg. The village hosts Gottenheim Hahlerai-fest, a local wine and food festival every second year in autumn. If you are a wine lover and visit the area some other time, you can experience an amazing wine tour at Weingut Kilian Hunn.

Baden – Baden

Ever been to the most fashionable spa towns? If no, just take out your foot from the places you are right now and step into the BADEN-BADEN. A beautiful village to self-driven your foot to explore the black forest.

To the cultural hit for your heart, it is fascinating to watch people live out here. The happiness of the locals to give you an invitation to try different things here, such as food, spa, local things, etc. The art exhibition has been the virtue of pleasant attraction to an individual walking by the town—an insight into the beauty and Europe’s old culture, which has not been vanished yet. Located on the rolling hills of the northern part of the forest this place is must visit.

Wine Top 3

Wine Highlights

Baden – The Luscious Fuller-Bodied Style Wines

In Baden, you can witness an extended, slim strip of vine rows are located between the rolling hills of the Black Forest and Rhine River. The winemakers focus more on the production of white wines, in which Pinot Noir is considered as the queen of vineyards

Baden, located in Germany’s southwestern part, is the third-largest wine-zone of the country. Stretched over 400km in length, the vineyards of Baden are distributed among nine regions, covering a total area of around 16000 hectares. Most of the vineyard-zone enjoys loess soil, along with some other types, such as loam, clay, and limestone.

The nine territories include Badische Bergstraße, Bodensee, Breisgau, Kaiserstuhl, Kraichgau, Markgräflerland, Ortenau, Tauberfranken, and Tuniberg, further comprises of approximately 15 large locations and about 300 individual sites. The climate in these areas varies from one to another, which is why each territory contributes to a unique grape variety and wine characteristics. Generally, as a whole, Baden experiences a warm and sunny climate due to the presence of the Black Forest and the Oden Forest.

Winery-cooperatives produce about 85% of the wines in Baden wine-zone. It is the only wine-region of Germany that belongs to the EU Growing Zone B. The regions that come under the EU Growing Zone B are considered as the higher quality wine-zones in Europe. That’s the reason all the wines in Baden are made under Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete (QbA) and Qualitätswein mit Prädikat (QmP) or Prädikatswein statuses.

Grape Varieties

Red Varieties

Pinot Noir

Pinot Meunier


White Varieties

Pinot Blanc




In Baden, the red grapes from the Burgunder family are widely grown, such as Spätburgunder and Dornfelder. In some regions, it can be seen that Trollinger, the oldest among other reds, are planted, along with Lemberger Regent Cabernet-Sauvignon, and many others. Some other varieties like Merlot, Shiraz, and Malbec – the French grape varieties- have their own complexity and flavors in Baden. Apart from that, whites are no less than reds. In the majority of the vineyards in Baden, the common white varieties include Riesling, Silvaner, and Sauvignon Blanc. Pairing to that, Pinot Blanc and Gutedel are also cultivated.

Styles Of Wines

Admirable springs, luscious cuisines, and delicious wines make Baden the most enjoyable tourist destination of all time. A glass of sparkling wine, on the terrace of a winery, will make your evening unforgettable.

In Baden, there is a perfect wine for everyone, from three well-knows Pinots – Noir, Gris, and Blanc to Muller-Thurgau to Riesling. Each wine has a unique flavor and history behind its production. While in Baden, make sure you taste Fritz Wassmer 2009, a wine made from Pinot Noir. Tasting some of the amazing red and white wines from wineries like Affentaler Winzer, Oberkircher Winzer and Weingut Loeffler should be on your to-do list.

Wherever you go in Baden, there will be wineries and wine bars that offer top-class rose, sparkling, and dessert wines, paired with local food and products. Spare some time and relish elegant Riesling white wines. You can as well buy wines of your choice from local wineries and get them delivered home. Check out some local wine experiences in Baden.



Ever felt like a miracle, as if nature is sprinkling water droplets towards you if you have not seen the miracle yet? Try to keep yourself more energetic for witnessing landscapes talking to you. Lots of dreams, lots of happiness, and then visiting these places you are up to the best in your life?

Triberg falls – A Natural Fairy Tale Landmark

Take yourself to Germany’s highest waterfall into the majestic valley of Triberg. The depth of the waterfall is 535 feet down the mountain slope. There’s always insight into every beautiful thing existing. The formation of the falls is due to Gutach River, located at the head of the Kinzig and Gutach valleys. Here you can explore the waterfall from multiple angles, having some light sprays on your face. Enjoying the most satisfying views of the natural creation of god, you have to reside on the bottom of the falls. The best time is the winters when the waterfall is surrounded by the snow giving you the best of the view. Apart from discovering the wonders of Triberg, pay a visit to the House of 1000 Clocks, situated a few steps away from the waterfall, where you can eye-witness many huge cuckoo clocks on display.


National Park of the Black Forest – Wild and Untamed Place

Touring in the best place through the forest has the untouched national park, giving shelter to the animals and helping them to survive in the safest way. Don’t miss out on discovering the world’s most rarest and extinct species of flora and fauna here. It is the first national park with uniqueness, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Taking a minute drive would take you to witness the best of the species. It is the best thing ever to watch while you are in Baden.  It starts in Baden-Baden and spreads scenic views across the Rhine Valley to the Vosges mountain range. It is here in the Black Forest where narrow trails of Luchspfad and Wildnispfad hiking begin.

Lichtentaler Allee – A Colorful  19thcentury Garden

Nature we are talking about, we are not done yet. Lichtentaler Allee another place which lies in the laps of nature. Life is pondering love through the existence of natural beauty. A beautifully decorated monument will give you the pleasure of this glorifying visit to such a place. A place with lots of art and culture to enjoy with the Corinthian pillars of the old pump room. The Festspielhaus, Europe’s second-largest concert hall and opera house, and Lichtenthal Abbey. You will be having a great time here in such a beautiful place. This visit is the best way to reliving your life with the artistic and cultural plethora.

Region Highlights


Selected wineries in Baden

Affentaler Winzer
Organize an unforgettable wedding in a century-old winery, dated back to 1908.
Kaiserstuehler Winzerverein Oberrotweil
Witness the largest wooden barrel of 25,000 liters capacity, built-in 1938.
Oberkircher Winzer
Winners of the Federal Wine Award for Best Collection of White Wines
Ökologisches Weingut Hubert Lay
Fourth-generation winery producing natural wines without sulfites and sugar

Wine tastings & tours in Baden

Wine tasting and tour at Affentaler Winzer
Uncover the taste of sweet wines and discover the vineyards and the cellars at Affentaler Winzer Wine Tasting & Tour
Wine tasting and tour at Kaiserstuehler Winzerverein Oberrotweil
Come and savor an exquisite wine tasting in combination with a tour of the winery at Kaiserstuehler Winzerverein Oberrotweil
Wine tasting and tour at Klaus Vorgrimmler
Enjoy an unmatchable Wine Tasting & Tour, along with a guided walk around the vineyards at Klaus Vorgrimmler
Wine tasting and tour at Oberkircher Winzer
Indulge yourself in an excellent Wine Tasting & Tour, along with a visit to the winery at Oberkircher Winzer

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