Travel Guide to Baden Wine Region

Baden wine region is the third-largest and the warmest wine region in Germany. The vineyards of Baden are distributed among nine subregions. In total, the region holds 16000 hectares of vineyards in an iconic L-shape that stretches along the Baden Wine Route, which is a famous attraction among wine lovers travelling here. This area is an appealing and favourable getaway offering immense luxury and rich history. High-class wine, fresh food along with deluxe spa centres and gorgeous towns, wait for you in Baden.

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View from the vineyards to Lake Constance, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Baden – The Sunniest Wine Region of Germany

In the Baden wine region, you witness an extended but thin vineyard area nestled between the Black Forest and the Rhine River. Baden is unique within Germany, unlike the majority of German wine regions, Baden is known for its top-quality red wines. Indeed, the Spätburgunder grape, also known as Pinot Noir, reigns supreme covering 33% of the vineyards of the territory. Most of the vineyard zones possess loess soils with small portions of loam, clay, and limestone. In the northern territories, the presence of limestone is a distinct characteristic of the terroir.

Where is Baden wine region?

Baden wine region is located in the southwest of Germany, sorrounded by Franken, Württemberg and Hessische Bergstrasse wine regions.

Unique Territories of Baden

Throughout the nine individual subregions of Baden the climate varies considerably. Many of these areas are far away from one another, with different climatic influences and sun orientation. Diverse soils, enhance specific characteristics in each grape variety. Generally, the Baden wine region experiences a warm and sunny climate due to the shield made by the Black Forest and the Oden Forest.

The location and sun exposure in the Baden wine region makes it the only region in Germany that is assigned as B wine-growing zone, according to the EU classification of wine-growing areas. Which means that the grapes harvested in Baden have more ripeness and natural sugar.

Rows of vine of WeRows of vine of Weingut Fritz Waßmer winery leading to a small hills in the background.ingut Fritz Waßmer winery leading to a small hills in the background.
Vineyards of Weingut Fritz Waßmer winery, Baden Wine Region, Germany

Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir, Riesling and Gewürztraminer have primarily cultivated grape varieties In the middle of Baden, in the Ortenau. Pinot Noir is also cultivated together with Müller-Thurgau around Lake Constance. They also cultivate the ancient grape variety Gutedel in Markgräflerland between Freiburg and the Swiss border.

Red Varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Regent

White Varieties: Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gutedel, Gewürztraminer, Müller-Thurgau, Gutedel

What to Taste in Baden

In Baden, there is a perfect wine for everyone and for every occasion. From the three well-known Pinots to Müller-Thurgau and Riesling, each wine has a unique flavor and history behind its production. The warm and sunny climate of the Baden wine region makes it possible to have relatively ripe and full-bodied Pinot Noirs, Gris and Blancs. 

Pinot Noirs from the Baden wine region tend to be dry, high in acidity, with earthy notes. Some varieties present a sweet aftertaste, that tends towards a berry or plum flavor. 

White wines from the region are well balanced in acidity and alcohol levels, dry and feature an earthy, mineral taste. The colour is usually very light, in some cases, the colour is similar to a golden yellow.

Where to Taste an Exceptional Wines in Baden?

Wherever you go in Baden, there will be wineries and wine bars that offer top-class rose, sparkling, and dessert wines, paired with local food and products. Spare some time and relish elegant Riesling white wines. You can as well buy wines of your choice from local wineries and get them delivered home. Read more about Wineries in Baden to visit.

There is a beautiful village of Gottenheim about 15 km from Freiburg. The village hosts Gottenheim Hahlerai-fest, a local wine and food festival every second year in autumn. If you are a wine lover and visit the area some other time, you can experience an amazing wine tour at Weingut Kilian Hunn.

Check out some of our local partner wineries below:

Oberkircher Weinzer

oberkircher winzer top view of the amazing estate and city


Oberkircher Winery is located between the Black Forest and the Rhine River Valley. The winery works with true respect fro winemaking traditions but also adds their own modern influence to the craft. The Oberkircher Weinzer winery has been awarded 45 golds at the Federal Wine Award for Best Collection of White Wine. 

Weingut Löffler

weingut löffler amazing food and wine tasting in the winery

Weingut Loffer Winery has been successfully making wines on the 14-hectare estate for three generations The steep slopes and stunning hills that surround the winery have loamy fertile soils that favour the growth of high-quality grapes. The main varieties of grapes in their vineyards include Gutedel, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscatel, and Chardonnay.

Ökologisches Weingut Hubert Winery

hubert ly wine amazing gates to the estate in lovely germany

The owners of the winery, siblings Hubert and Gisela, inherited the vineyards and the cellar from their parents. Since 2008, this winery produces natural wines without any additives. The result is unique, terroir-driven wines from the warm vineyards of Baden. Every year, the harvest of the best grapes is done manually with low yields and high-quality grapes. A bold mash fermentation process creates a wine with strong, beautiful colours and flavours at Okologishes Weingut Hubert.

Sights to Visit in Baden

Heidelberg – Home of Philosophy

Germany is a country of philosophers, thinkers, and Romanticism. Ever since the Medieval Ages, the city of Heidelberg has been considered one of the most important cultural centres in the entire country. Indeed, Heidelberg is home to the oldest German University, founded in 1386 by Robert I of Wittelsbach. 

View on Heidelberg, Germany

The most famous landmark in Heidelberg is the Castle, which was built in the 13th century as a fortress and later enlarged throughout the centuries. In the 17th Century, the castle was partially destroyed during the Thirty Years War and partially rebuilt following this time. A part of the old Castle’s ruins are still standing and have inspired many Romantic poets and painters for their works. The Neckar River flows through Heidelberg, and on its right bank, there is a two-kilometre walking path that offers a great view of the old town overlooking the castle. This path is called Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Way) to celebrate the importance of philosophy in the cultural growth of the city.

Freiburg – Jewel Of The Black Forest

Freiburg is a lovely city on the southern edge of the Black Forest and surrounded by the lower vineyards of the Baden wine region. 

The main attraction in Freiburg is the Minster, a majestic cathedral built beginning in 1200 in both Roman and Gothic construction styles. The Minister’s main architectural feature is the 116-meter long spire, the only Gothic one in Germany. 

Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg state, Germany

Freiburg’s main square, the Münsterplatz is surrounded by colourful houses, which are very typical in Germany. The regional food market is held every day, except on Sunday, in the Münsterplatz. The most iconic building is a bright red Baroque construction that now hosts a small museum about the history of the town. Jump off directly from Freiburg into the Black Forest with the climb of two different cable cars. One goes to the Schlossberg Hill, which is 456-meters high and grants visitors a great view of the city. The second cable car, the Schauinslandbahn is the longest cable car journey in Germany and it reaches the sum of a Black Forest Mountain at 1,284 metres high!

Baden-Baden – Relaxation at its Finest 

Baden is considered by many to be one of the most fashionable spa towns in Europe. Relaxing in classic European style baths, enjoying a glass of wine, or indulging in one of the region’s exhilarating hiking trails through the Black Forest are all relaxing activities common to Baden-Baden. You can do all of this in the city of Baden-Baden. 

The most historical spa of Baden-Baden is the Roman-Irish Friedrichsbad. Here the Roman bathing culture meets the Irish tradition of hot-air baths, wrapped in frescos with an impressive 19th-century dome on top of the thermal building. In contrast to the historical beauty of the Friedrichsbad, the Caracalla Spa recently opened and features modern architecture and a Roman-style sauna. Spas are not the only destination to visit in Baden-Baden, as the Old Town showcases stunning Baroque-like buildings, cosy cafés, antique shops, and art galleries. Worth a visit in the Old Town are the Gothic Stiftskirche and the 17th-century Convent of the Holy Sepulchre.

Natural Sights of the Baden Region

Discover Germany’s highest waterfall in the majestic valley of Triberg. Follow the flow of the water 163 meters down the slope of the mountain into the town of Triberg.

Triberg Waterfalls – The Sound of the Black Forest 

The sound of flowing water is a charming characteristic of the village. Take one of three different walking paths to the waterfall and see how the flow changes depending on the rock formation. The Fall can be visited all-year-round, even when the temperature is below zero degrees and there are snow and ice everywhere. It can be indeed very evocative and the presence of snow creates a very Christmassy atmosphere.

Triberg falls – A Natural Fairy Tale Landmark

Take yourself to Germany’s highest waterfall into the majestic valley of Triberg. The depth of the waterfall is 535 feet down the mountain slope. There’s always insight into every beautiful thing existing. The formation of the falls is due to Gutach River, located at the head of the Kinzig and Gutach valleys. Here you can explore the waterfall from multiple angles, having some light sprays on your face. Enjoying the most satisfying views of the natural creation of god, you have to reside on the bottom of the falls. The best time is the winters when the waterfall is surrounded by the snow giving you the best of the view. Apart from discovering the wonders of Triberg, pay a visit to the House of 1000 Clocks, situated a few steps away from the waterfall, where you can eye-witness many huge cuckoo clocks on display.

Black Forest National Park – Wild and Untamed Nature 

The entire area of the Black Forest became a National Park in 2014. The National Park was established in order to start a protection process to ensure the biodiversity of the Black Forest is preserved for future generations. The Park is 160km long from north to south. 

Black Forest National Park, Germany

The Black Forest is very famous in German popular culture and became a huge destination thanks to its folklore. For example, cuckoo clocks are a typical artisan good from the Black Forest; they are made with the wood from Forest’s pine, oak, elm, or beech trees. Hansel and Gretel get lost in the Black Forest and discover the candy-covered house of the old witch. Many hiking paths are available in the National Park; walking and hiking are the best ways to experience Forest’s biodiversity at its fullest. Adventure trails are each dedicated to a certain subject, for example, the Lynx Trail wants hikers to experience the forest following the usual paths of a lynx. 

Lichtentaler Allee – A Colorful 19th Century Garden

Lichtentaler Allee is a luscious 2.3km park and arboretum which lies along the west bank of the river Oos in Baden-Baden.It is a beautiful green corner in the city, perfect for walking, running or cycling dotted with pieces of art and culture such as Corinthian pillars and the old pump room. 

The creation of the avenue began in the 17th century, as a way to connect the market to the Lichtenthal Monastery. All the plants that create the Eden-like atmosphere, were planted in the late 1800s. 

Also, Baden-Baden’s opera house, the Festspielhaus, is inside the park.  The opera house was

Traditional Recipes From The Kitchen Of Baden

Baden is the perfect place in Germany to enjoy the sunshine and sipping on exquisite wines, paired with premier local dishes, cooked with traditional methods.

Baden Dreierlei – A Traditional Cuisine

Dreierlei is one of the true culinary jewels of Baden. It is a perfectly balanced dish made with local ingredients. This dish is a sensational vibration to the whole body. Accompanied with quark cheese and salty fried potatoes, this sausage salad is an unique regional dish to try.

This dish is very popular in summer, and it is served pretty much everywhere, in beer gardens, inns and local restaurants.

Schwarzwälder Schinken – Charcuterie from the Forest 

The proper Black Forest ham is a smoked, aged, and cured meat typical of the Baden region. The curing process takes roughly three months;  the ham is cold-smoked until the outside becomes black. In the town of Feldberg, there is a whole museum dedicated to this speciality. 

smoked ham of the Black Forest

Schupfnudeln – Tasty Rolled Noodles

Schupfnudeln are almost like dumplings but smaller in size. It is a highly recommended dish toto try when traveling in Baden. This specialty is made from rye or wheat flour, egg, and potatoes, pepper and salt, and topped with nutmeg.  

Schupfnudeln can be found all over Germany but is most popular in Baden. Due to the creation of regional varieties, there is no longer an original recipe, and each region claims to prepare the most perfect and authentic variation.

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Region Highlights

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Affentaler Winzer
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Bickensohler Weinvogtei
Perfect German wines for all wine lovers and appreciators
Biolandhof Rinklin
Family winery making organic wines and spirits in the Kaiserstuhl
Kaiserstuehler Winzerverein Oberrotweil
Witness the largest wooden barrel of 25,000 liters capacity, built-in 1938.

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Wine tasting and tour at Affentaler Winzer
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Wine tasting and tour at Bickensohler Weinvogtei
Experience what can be described as sensory travel through German wines
Wine tasting and tour at Biolandhof Rinklin
Visit the Rinklin winery to taste their organic wines and stay in their luxury apartments
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Come and savor an exquisite wine tasting in combination with a tour of the winery at Kaiserstuehler Winzerverein Oberrotweil

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Affentaler Winzer