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Wairarapa is located in the south of the North Island, next to the famous Marlborough. In this small region, only 1% of the country’s wines are made, but among them, there are the most exquisite Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. This region combines many of the favorable conditions of winemaking found in New Zealand. Infertile soils with good drainage, low rainfall due to the protection of the plateau, a fairly warm climate with refreshing sea breezes – these are the secrets of elegant wines of the region. And of course, the love and reverent attitude of winemakers to their work. Wineries in Wairarapa are always opened to meet the guests generously and share their wines and winemaking history.

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Matahiwi Estate, one of our partner wineries from Wairarapa

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Matahiwi Estate, award-winning family-owned winery in New Zealand

Wairarapa(New Zealand)
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286 Paierau Road, Rd 1, Masterton, Wairarapa, 5881, New Zealand

The estate where the idea of transforming farmland to a vineyard worked wonders!

Wairarapa(New Zealand)
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96 Kitchener Street, Martinborough, Wairarapa, 5741, New Zealand

The Elder Pinot, where the wine is of Uncompromised Quality

Wairarapa(New Zealand)
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950 White Rock Road, Rd 2, Martinborough, Wellington, 5782, New Zealand

BioGro certified boutique winery using sustainable and biodynamic techniques

Wairarapa(New Zealand)
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140 Dakins Road, Masterton, Wairarapa, 5887, New Zealand

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How to Reach Wineries in Wairarapa

Wineries in Wairarapa are easily accessible by different means of transportation. 

To make it to the great vineyards from New Zealand, the Wellington International Airport receives several flights that can make your journey to Wairaraka easy. You can find flights from Auckland, Nelson and Hamilton to Wellington with several different options in time departure. Also, different international flights reach the airport on regular basis, bringing tourists from around the world.

Reach the city center and explore wineries in Wairarapa.

Wairarapa is just over an hour’s drive from Wellington, the capital city. Getting here is simple enough for a day trip, but tourists can discover that there is much more to see and do than can be achieved in a single day. The wineries in Wairarapa are easily accessible between Martinborough, Gladstone, and Masterton, and some are also within walking distance of one another.

If you don’t have a ride, you can visit wineries in Wairarapa taking the train from Wellington. It is one of the most attractive choices (you can easily visit Martinborough on a one day-trip from Wellington although we recommend you to stay here longer to explore its surroundings). In Wellington, board the Wairarapa train bound for Featherston. A bus awaits the arrival of the train which will drive you to Martinborough.

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Wairarapa

The best time to visit wineries in Wairarapa is between November and April, when in general, in New Zealand you can expect pleasant weather. Don’t miss Martinborough’s most important term is the third Sunday in November when the traditional Toast Martinborough festival takes place. It is a one-day festival that focuses on wine and tasty food, but there are also several handicrafts stalls and a vibrant cultural program.

Wineries in Wairarapa are mostly following the sustainable way of winemaking yet each of them has its own style and philosophy.

Here you will find:
– award winning family-owned wineries;
– farm turned to the winery;
– sustainable, BioGro Certified Organic Premium Winery;
– premier wine branded winery.

Wineries in Wairarapa organize unique wine experiences for their visitors. Most wineries have bus parking for groups and reduced mobility access. Also, some wineries are pet-friendly and allow them inside their cellars. For those who would like to try wines with local dishes, there are restaurant facilities available too and all wineries have an easy booking, checking the availability of the services on our page.

The most common grapes you will find on wineries in Wairarapa are:

Red Varieties: Syrah, Pinot Noir;

White Varieties: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc;

Based on a thorough scientific study from the 1970s, which showed that its soil and climate are ideal for growing Pinot Noir in Wairarapa. Today, Pinot Noir is the flagship red wine of the region, although there are also strong dry white wines from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

English is the predominant language spoken in New Zealand. However, the Māori language of Indigenous  Māori people is also an official language of the country.

We put together some of  Māori words you might find useful while visiting wineries in Wairarapa:

“Wāina” – Wine

“Winiiti” – Winery

“Māra wāina” – Vineyard

“Harikoa!” – Cheers!

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