Travel Guide to Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in the country. However, territories covered with vineyards are only allocated in the southwest part of the state. The most famous wine area in the region is the Margaret River, which is located in the cooler part of Western Australia near the southwest coast. In the northern and eastern parts of the region, the climate is far too hot and dry to support winemaking. In contrast to the majority of the region, the climate in the southwest corner is cool and temperate due to the nearby ocean and coastal breezes, making it near perfect for viticulture.

Find out about Wine Tasting and Tours in Western Australia to enjoy if you visit the region.

We prepared the Travel Guide to the Western Australia wine region to guaranty memorable wine experience for you. In our guide, you will discover more about:

Wine producing areas of Western Australia

Where to taste exceptional wines

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Gastronomic scene of the region

Upper Reach-vineyard
Vineyards of Upper Reach winery, Western Australia wine region

Western Australia – Sensational Wine Areas Waiting to be Visited

The wine region of Western Australia is home to eight smaller sub-regions, which are all relatively close to one another. One of the most popular areas to visit is the Swan Valley, which is the wine-producing area that can be reached by cruise. Each of the Western Australian wine regions produces its own distinct wine because of the size of the area and the varying climates of the region.

Wine Producing Areas of Western Australia

The wine-producing areas of Western Australia are mostly situated in the cooler parts of the continent and although they produce less than 5% of Australia’s wine, the quality of the wine is perhaps the best in the country. Wine production first began in the region in Swan Valley, which was established in 1829 by Thomas Waters.

Afterward, the heart of wine production moved south to the cooler parts of the region near Margaret River. The number of wineries in the Swan Valley has decreased dramatically. During the 1970s almost all of the wine produced in Western Australia was made using Swan Valley grapes but by 1996, the percentage of production had decreased to a meager 15%. Climate change that has created a more temperate climate in the Western Australia wine region has been an influential force in the development of viticulture.

The Great Southern is the largest of the wine areas in the Western Australia region and spans over 200 km long. The vineyards cover an area of varying terroir and this is the coolest of the wine regions.

Grape Varieties

Red Varieties: Shiraz, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon

White Varieties: Verdelho, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay, Riesling

Vineyard at Domaine Naturaliste winery
Vineyards, of Domaine Naturaliste, one of our partner wineries from Margaret River, Western Australia

Wines to Try from Western Australia

The style of wines in Western Australia is noticeably different from other Australian wine regions. The most widely planted vines are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz while Riesling has also become more popular in recent times.

Margaret River is famous for the production of wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay as well as the trademark wine blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Chardonnay from Margaret River is a powerful wine with high concentration and yet characterized by refreshing ripe fruit aromas with a good level of acidity.

Swan Valley, which is relatively warmer than other sub-regions, produces wines that are rich in fruity flavors with higher alcohol levels, typically made from the Verdelho grape variety. Swan Valley also has a culture of fortified wine production.

The Great Southern winemaking area produces refreshing Riesling and high highly concentrated, savory Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Open Cellar Doors in Western Australia

Amelia Park Winery

amelia park wines modern wine cellar with wooden barrels in winery

Amelia Park Winery is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the Western Australia wine region, Margaret River. It is surrounded by the ocean on three sides. The estate is among the top five percent of Australia’s best wines. The vineyards are blessed with ideal soils and microclimate, adequate for the cultivation of vines.

Embrace the beauty of the area along with the award-winning wines of the winery.

Windows Estate

windows estate visitors in the winery during wine tasting session

Windows Estate is a small family-run winery in the Western Australia wine region. The family started winemaking practices in 1991 and later named the winery Windows Estate. The main focus of the winery is to produce high-quality wines that reflect the quality and characteristics of their gifted region.

Visit the estate and taste its organic wines, produced with minimal use of machinery in the vineyards.

Gilbert Wines Estate

gilbert wines stunning mansion and sign with winery name in australia

Gilbert Wines is a family-owned boutique winery, located in the Great Southern region of Australia. The estate grows its flagship Riesling and Shiraz grapes.

Surrounded by splendid vineyards, the rustic cellar of Gilbert Wines boasts a rich history and heritage that can be felt through its wines.

Explore more Wineries in Western Australia to discover the exceptional terroirs and wines of Australia.

Where to Go in Western Australia

Spectacular Landscapes and So Much More

Western Australia is the biggest state in Australia and is filled with riveting excitement and adventure for all travelers. This area is also where one will find the beautiful Margaret River wine region, the incredible beaches of Broome, and the World Heritage Site Ningaloo Reef where there is the opportunity to swim with whale sharks.

Perth – Where Nature and Urban Life Live in Harmony

Perth is situated on the west coast of Australia and experiences more long, sunny days than any other city in the country. Visitors to Perth must not miss a trip to Rottnest Island to relax on the beach and enjoy the abundance of marine life. The island does not allow any cars so be sure to hire a bicycle and explore the 63 beaches, take a snorkeling tour, and meet with the local quokkas. Other exciting sites to visit while in Perth include the leafy King’s Park, the vineyards of Swan Valley, Aboriginal art and food, and the range of local museums and galleries.

Margaret River – Wine, Food, Beaches and Lush Forests

The Margaret River region of Australia offers a wide range of sceneries and activities for tourists from viewing amazing architecture to wine tasting in vineyards even surfing on beautiful untouched beaches. Approaching the town of Margaret River there are beautiful forests and parks which offer fabulous walks for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural environment. The trails extend across the river, which then brings one to long streets lined with cafes, restaurants, and bars as well as boutique shops and galleries. The Coast of Margaret River is famous for its excellent surf and the surrounding Margaret River Wine Region is well known for the exquisite wines produced here.

Broome – The Traditional Town of Rubibi

Broome is a town in Western Australia that is booming with tourists as a result of its spectacular beaches. The town of Broome was built around the previously booming pearling industry but it is now best known as a holiday destination and the gateway point to the Kimberly region of Australia. Broome has a very interesting history, which has made it the melting pot of cultures, and diversity that it is today. The town has a very laid-back atmosphere, a tropical vibe, and a welcoming feel to all visitors. Be sure not to miss a sunset walk on Cable Beach, shopping for Broome pearls, and taking a cruise to Kimberly.

Natural Spots

Pinnacle Desert – A Desert of Limestone Pillars

Inside the Nambung National Park of Western Australia are thousands of limestone formations creating a vast desert of pillars. Along with the peaks, the Pinnacle Desert is also home to a wide range of wildlife including kangaroos, emus, cockatoos, bobtails, goannas, and pythons. In 1967, the area became a designated reserve and combined as part of the Nambung National Park. The National Park receives approximately 150000 visitors a year and offers interpretive displays of the natural processes that formed the desert and the area’s biodiversity. It is best to visit the Pinnacle Desert from August to October as the temperatures are milder and the blooms are beginning the flower.

Pinnacle Deser, Western Australia
Wave Rock – A Rock or a Breaking Ocean Wave?

Wave Rock is located in the small town of Hyden in Western Australia and is a rock formation whose shape resembles a tall breaking ocean wave. The rock is 15 m high and 110 m long and forms the north side of Hyden Rock. Both Wave Rock and Hyden Rock are part of the Hyden Wildlife Park which receives approximately 100 000 visitors a year. The rock is of cultural significance to the Ballardong people who believe that the rock was created by the Rainbow Serpent by dragging her body across the land after she consumed all of the water. When visiting Wave Rock, guests will find interpretive signage explaining the history of the rock and its surrounding areas. During the springtime, the area is made even more beautiful by the blooming of orchids and other flowers growing around the base of the rock.

Karijini National Park – Immerse Yourself into Nature’s Dreamland

The Karijini National Park can be found in the heart of the Pilbara region in Western Australia. This is the country’s second-largest national park and demonstrates two billion years of earth’s natural history. When visiting the national park you will descend into ancient gorges, scale centuries-old rocks, paddle through bright blue waterways, and swim underneath cascading waterfalls. Visitors to the National Park are also permitted to camp or stay overnight at one of the more luxurious eco retreats.

What to Eat in Western Australia

The Western Australia region has a long history of agriculture and grain production. There is a range of locally grown crops here used in the local cuisine. Wheat, lupins, barley, canola, peas, sugarcane, apples, potatoes, macadamia nuts, and lentils are part of Western Australian recipes. Because of its location near to the sea, Western Australia is also famous for its fresh seafood paired with outstanding locally produced wines. The region is also well known for its Asian food including cuisine from Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

Pavlova – A Truly Decadent Dessert

Pavlova was originally made with the ballerina Anna Pavlova when she visited Australia from Russia. The Pavlova is a traditional Western Australian dessert, made with layers of cream, fresh fruit, and meringue. The dessert is famously lightweight which is said to represent the movement of the professional ballerina. Because of the abundance of fresh fruit grown in Western Australia, the dessert can be enjoyed at any time of the year with a variety of different fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes, kiwi fruit, figs, passion fruit, and strawberries.

Pavlova with berry fruits
Lamb Chops and Lupins – There is No Lamb like Australian Lamb

Almost 80% of the world’s lupin beans are produced in Australia. Since the country is also world-renowned for its livestock, it only makes sense to pair the two! The signature Western Australian dish of lamb chops and lupins was recently voted the number one dish of the region. Since the beginning of livestock farming, lupin was used to feed the animals but it was only ten years ago that humans began cooking with them. They are now extremely popular because of their delicious flavor and also because they are high in protein and gluten-free.

Manjimup Truffles – An Exclusive Culinary Experience

Manjimup Truffles are an exclusive variety of French truffles and were cultivated in 1999 after eight years of long and hard work. Western Australia is the most famous truffle producing region of Australia as it produces approximately 80% of the country’s truffles. The unique flavor of the Manjimup Truffle is attributed to the Karri Trees and loamy soil of the region in which they are grown. The climate of Western Australia is perfect for their growth as the weather is balmy in the summer months and wet during the winter. The most popular way to enjoy Manjimup Truffles is to have the truffle shavings on porcinis mushrooms, truffle toast with seafood, truffle soup, or as an infusion.

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Region Highlights

Surface: 425500
Wineries: 215
Soil: Loam, gneiss, schist, granite based
Climate: Mediterranean, temperate

Selected wineries in Western Australia

Amelia Park Wines
Awarded the best cellar for three years in a row for producing the highest quality wines.
Churchview Estate
A family-owned fully organic winery from the beautiful Margaret River region
Clairault Streicker Wines
A premium wine estate in the Margaret River Wine region since 1976
Domaine Naturaliste
Australian wines on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean

Wine tastings & tours in Western Australia

Wine tasting and tour at Amelia Park Wines
Enjoy private and group Wine Tasting & Tour activities, along with a walk of the vineyards at Amelia Park Wines
Wine tasting and tour at Churchview Estate
A guided walkthrough in the vineyards, paired with exquisite Wine Tasting & Tour at Churchview Estate
Wine tasting and tour at Domaine Naturaliste
Visit the Domaine Naturaliste to experience the true taste of the Margaret Valley
Wine tasting and tour at Evoi Winery
Let's have a wine tasting clubbed with a guided tour at Evoi Winery

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List of Wineries in Western Australia wine region

Amelia Park Wines