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The spiritual home of Port wine, Douro is the oldest wine region in the world. The Douro Demarcated Wine Region dates back to 1756 and was established in the reign of King José I by his minister Marquês de Pombal. Wineries in Porto & Douro are along the axis of Douro River divided into 3 sub-regions: Douro Superior, Alto Corgo and the Baixo Corgo. The denomination “Port” is explained by the fact that the wine is stored and commercialized from the port located between the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

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Quinta S Luiz – Kopke, one of our partner wineries from Porto & Douro

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Fifth-generation Douro winey that is a winner of multiple prestigious awards

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Quinta Da Gaivosa Pousada Da Cumieira 2214, Santa Marta De Penaguião, Douro, 5030-055, Portugal

The winery has origins in Germany and projects Douro and Port in the United Kingdom

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Largo Ponte Luiz I, Vila Nova De Gaia, 4400-111, , Portugal

The most famous wine village in the Duoro valley known for its Moscatel wine

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Quinta Da Avessada, Favaios, 5070-272, Douro Valley, Portugal

Family-run winery since 1899 producing super-premium wines

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Quinta Da Sequeira, Horta Do Douro, Douro Region , 5155336, Portugal

Taste the wines and extra virgin olive oils, made from more than 30 years old plants.

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Rua do Mirao, Sao Tome de Covelas,, BAIAO, PORTO, 4640-211, Portugal

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Rua Do Cume, Sabrosa, 5060-261, Provesende, Portugal

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Valença Do Douro, , 5120-496, , Portugal

The taste of the Portugese Douro Valley and its magnificent wines

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Estrada Nacional 323, Celeirós, Sabrosa, 5060-909, Portugal

Quinta do Tedo, the world's oldest viticultural appellation

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Quinta do Tedo, , Vila Seca, 5110-548 Armamar, Portugal

Quinta do Vallado, located on the banks of Corgo River in the Duoro Valley

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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Vilarinho Dos Freires, Peso Da Régua, Douro, 5050-364, Portugal

Quinta S Luiz- Kopke, the oldest port winehouse

Porto & Douro(Portugal)
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E.N. 222 - Adorigo, Tabuaço, Viseu, 5120-012, Portugal

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Porto & Douro

There’s no bad time to visit wineries in Porto & Douro as there is always something on offer that should suit your interests. Celebrations and seasons are accompanied by log fires and sunny dispositions. And there is always the pleasure of discovering an amazing wine, especially to sit back and relax with a stunning Port.

If you like to enjoy the sun and even get a little tan on the beaches, ride a bicycle downtown, travel on foot, and discover the trails, from April to September the weather and temperatures are very good for this kind of activity.

July and August are the hottest months. The microclimate in this wine region means that temperatures in July and August are often in the high 30º C or even hotter so not ideal for walking, especially in the afternoons.

If you want a hands-on experience of the Douro grape harvest, mid to late September is the time to come. You can pick grapes and even crush them by foot in some vineyards. After the harvest, a warm metallic color scheme starts to take over with gold, copper, and bronze tones decorating the slopes.

By late October and into November, the autumn colors are at their best. Winter months are not that harsh with low temperatures, but very wet.

In one of the wildest, most mountainous, and rugged wine regions of Portugal, wineries in Porto & Douro defied gravity on the steep slopes along the banks of the Douro River and its tributaries and planted the vines in poor, schistose soils.

Carrying centuries of tradition, wineries in Porto & Douro are small family enterprises producing wines with personality, character, and excellent taste. In their vineyards you will find vines that are over 100 years old, producing a low amount of high-quality grapes. Wineries in Porto & Douro practice from integrated to organic farming, taking great care of their vines, grapes, and wine production. Over the past 80 years wineries in Porto & Douro proved that they can produce excellent table wines, white, red, rosé, and not only Port fortified ones. Hard-working people with warm hearts committed to traditional values with modern winemaking methods.

The facilities you encounter in Porto & Douro wineries are wine tasting halls and outdoor spaces which captivate you, cellars, production line view, and amenities for physically challenged persons. Due to the high sense of family traditions, the majority of the wineries offer areas where the younger members of a family can amuse themselves. Also, the personnel of the wineries shows great love and affection to companion animals. The significant detail is, due to the relevant remote position that most of the wineries in Porto & Douro are, they operate as an alternative tourism farm, meaning the existence of a hotel and a restaurant in their estates offering great hospitality and the chance to taste local cuisine!

Some of the grape varieties that wineries in Porto & Douro use for the production of Port Wine are:

  • Touriga Nacional,
  • Touriga Franca,
  • Tinta Barroca,
  • Aragonez (locals call it Tinta Roriz), and,
  • Tinto Cão.

There are also other varieties extremely important in the region, such as Tinta Amarela (Trincadeira) and Souzão.

The production of white wines is essentially sustained by the plantation of varieties like Malvasia Fina, Gouveio, Rabigato e Viosinho. For the production of Moscatel, the planted variety is Moscatel Galego.

The uniqueness of the region consists in the separation between the process of Port wines and quiet normal ones. Port wine is most commonly enjoyed as a dessert wine because of its richness. There are several styles of Port, including red, white, rosé, and an aged style called Tawny and Ruby Port.

Wineries in Porto & Douro produce also quite normal wines, which in recent decades have gained great renown and have been acclaimed across borders, thanks to the quality of both the reds and whites and even the rosés.

Some words to remember before you visit wineries in Porto & Douro:

Cheers! = Saúde, Chin Chin!
Wine = Vinho
Winery = Adega, Cave
Wine tasting = Degustação de vinho
Wine route = Rota do vinho

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