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The Chablis appellation is one of the AOCs in Burgundy, central East of France. They constitute approximately 3.2% of the total Chablis wine output. The AOC Chablis Grand Cru only has about 1.5 square kilometers of land, organized in 7 climates. 

The most extensive is climate, Clos. The Blanchot prolongs it on one side, and by the Valmur, the Frogs and the Vaudésir on the other side, then by the Preuses and Bougros. The hillside enjoys a more or less variable south-east exposure at an altitude of between 130 and 215 meters. The white wines, produced at the rate of 540,000 liters in a year from the only Chardonnay grape variety, express different personalities according to the climates, among others depending on the type of Kimmeridgian limestone.

Besides, the vintages are marked by frosts taking place in the spring and can disrupt the buds’ birth. These Grands Crus Blancs of Chablis have in common to adorn themselves with a gorgeous golden-green gown, which can evolve into light yellow.

Influence of Terroir on wine

They have a perfect balance between fat and acidity, with on the nose rich aromas of minerals and hints of linden, dried fruit, and honey and almond in the finish. The Blanchot gives the most complex wines, but those of Frogs are more powerful. Valmur is close to Clos (very typical wines with cinnamon aromas) while being more tender. As for the Grand Crus of Vaudésir and Preuses, they are very accomplished and of great finesse. Only the climate Bougros give wines a little less subtle and complex. They all allow good care for 10 to 15 years, and even more for the best of them.

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A part of the important features of Chablis Grand Cru appellation for dry white wines are as follows:

  • Soil: Kimmeridgian limestone.
  • Taste: Light, balanced.
  • Wine color: Dry white wine.
  • Aromas: Fruity and subtle, delicately honeyed aromas of lime, mineral flavors.
  • Aging potential: 5 – 10 years.
  • Serving temperature: 7 to 9° C

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Region Highlights

Surface: About 1.5 Square Kilometers
Classification: AOP Chablis Grand Cru
Grapes: Chardonnay
Types of Wines: White Wine

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