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Normandy region is famous for its cider and Calvados production, not the wines. And unlike many other parts of France, Normandy does have a long history of viticulture and winemaking. However, there is only one vineyard that produces excellent wines that can greatly match with Normandin gastronomy.

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The region where there is only one vineyard!

Les Arpents du Soleil

Les Arpents du Soleil is the only vineyard of Normandy. They revived wine production in 1995 and totally accounting 22 vintages on few hectares. The Domaine Arpents du Soleil produces red and white wines and they are available in four colour labels: mauve, red, orange and olive green which represent four vintages.

They use following grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Melon, Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon Gris.

Must visit places in Normandy

Normandy, where history and culture take place. Between renowned monuments, museums and concert halls this region is full of surprises. During the sunny days, beautiful parks and gardens related to artistic movements (especially impressionism) are waiting for you. When it is raining, go to explore the huge number of churches and abbeys.

Famous Normandin Beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches of France are in Normandy: in Etretat as well as in Deauville (where the American film festival takes place every year). Others are little secrets as Veules-Les-Roses.

Omaha beach is the must-see place. Also called « The Beach of blood » or « Bloody Omaha », it is one of the five landing beaches during the Second World War.

Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

Off the coast is the rocky island of Mont-Saint-Michel, at the top of which stands a Gothic abbey.
Rouen, the new capital
of the region is dominated by Notre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral, is the city in which the military leader and Catholic saint Joan of Arc were executed in 1431.

Discover Regional Specialities of Normandy

Normandy offers big diversity of gastronomic specialties

Started with luxurious seafood products, Oysters, scallops, Lobsters finished with diary products.
Camembert Cheese  

Normandy region is famous for its dairy production. Camembert de Normandie is a soft and creamy cow’s milk cheese from Normandy. It is similar to Brie, which is native to the Brie region of France. The name “Camembert de Normandie” is protected under AOC rules that were granted in 1983, which means that it has to be made according to specific guidelines.

wine pair: Pair Camembert with white wine. Chardonnay is the best companion for the creamy cheese types.

Poulet À La Normande(Chicken Normandy)

This dish represents a perfect combination of local ingredients and busts sessional flavours of autumn. It combines apples, mushrooms, apple brandy, and cream together.

Poulet À La Normande nighlights the most iconic product of the region, apples and apple brandy.

It is and easy dish to prepare, would take less than one hour and will give you delicious tender chicken with strong Normandin flavours.

Wine pair: Match Poulet À La Normande with dry mineral white wine. Chenin Blanc could be one of the best options.

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Region Highlights

Soil: mineral and calcareous

Selected wineries in Normandy

Arpents Du Soleil
Visit to discover wines in different colors

Wine tastings & tours in Normandy

Wine tasting and tour at Arpents Du Soleil
Discover the only wines from Normandy in a wine tasting and tour at Arpents du Soleil

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List of Wineries in Normandy wine region

Arpents Du Soleil