UOU – The Consortium of Abandoned Vineyards

The UOU winery is a consortium of abandoned vineyards, and its trademark is in memory of the ox. It resembles the animal that used to carry burden and signifies how vital oxen were for people who used to live in the historic Primorska region. The people were strong, stubborn, and hard-working, just like an ox. The vineyards owned by UOU are around 100 years old and were cleaned and revived with a lot of care and attention by the company.

Five vineyards in Solkan

The consortium has people from different places who gather in the vineyards and perform their roles. The company has five vineyards in the Solkan, namely: Ivanka, Marijo Kurinc, Gospodovo, Bisc, and Silva Kurinc. Vineyards are also there in Upper Cerovo and Potoce of the Vipavska Dolina and Goriska Brda. Merlot, Rebula, Malvazija, and Cabernet are some of the grapes grown here and used to make their natural red and white wine. The winery is even known for making its famous orange wine.

Proper Production Methods are used at the Winery

The position of vineyards is excellent as they receive proper sunlight and rainfall for growing ripe grapes. Harvesting is done manually during the latter part of the year. The wines require a lot of care and attention, which is provided by the staff. Ageing takes place in wooden barrels, and maceration for long periods round-up wine’s fullness and give them the perfect aroma and taste.

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Malvazija, Rebula, Merlot, Cabernet, Couve-red wine
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Red Wine, White Wine, Spirits
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Malvazija, Rebula, Merlot, Cabernet

Ul .Ix. Korpusa 96 F, Solkan, 5250, , Slovenia See it on map
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Our Wine Experiences

Enter the fascinating world of wine at Uou Konzorcij Zapuščenih Vinogradov through one of our activities: choose the experience that thrills you most

Uou Konzorcij Zapuščenih Vinogradov

Wine tasting and tour at Uou Konzorcij Zapuščenih Vinogradov

20 €
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Ul .Ix. Korpusa 96 F, Solkan, 5250, , Slovenia

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