Travel Guide to Mallorca Wine Region

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands and is famous for its amazing beaches. The island with more than 500 kilometers of coastline is a perfect holiday destination. Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands and is located on Mallorca, famous for its culture and its nightlife. The island offers a multitude of attractions for everyone. Amazing beaches with a host of aquatic activities are for sure the main attraction, but the mountainous terrain elsewhere on the island is perfect for hiking. This island is a holiday paradise famous among people from all walks of life. The food and wine produced here are also amazing and are a part of the experience of Mallorca.

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Discover more about this amazing island. We prepared an insider guide, where you will learn more about:

Island wines

Wineries where you can taste local wines

Charming towns and natural places to visit

Top 3 dishes to try in Mallorca

Tramuntana, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Mallorca – Spotlight On Island Wines

If you want to taste some of the best, traditional wines of Mallorca, visit the small wineries of the region. Generally, winemakers of Mallorca do not believe in exporting their wines. So, to challenge your taste buds with the premium wine tasting, you need to know the right source. The winemakers at Mallorca have chosen to stand separate. They are loyal to the traditional winemaking techniques follow it with passion and dedication, which can be seen in their wines. The main grape variety grown on the island is indigenous Callet, followed by international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Natural Conditions and Distinctive Territories of Mallorca

Mallorca received a Denominaciones de Origen (DO) status  because of its fertile soils, adequate water facilities, and an ideal microclimate. The region’s high mountain peaks, a large extension of flat areas, and proximity of vineyards to the sea are the main factors that affect the quality and originality of the wines of Mallorca. Two regions of Mallorca that have received DO recognition are Binissalem, a high altitude area and Pla I Llevant, a lower lying region.

Binissalem obtained DO status in 1990. Its vineyards are situated at altitudes ranging from 80 to 200 meters above sea level and receive 20 inches of rain annually. Two top-notch wineries to visit on the island include Bodega Finca Biniagual and Bodega Son Campaner.

Plà i Llevant acquired the Denominaciones de Origen status in 1999. Today, the region is home to 13 wineries, where traditional winemaking processes are followed for wine production. The vineyards of this region receive 18 inches of rain on average per year. Some of the wineries you can visit while touring this area include Bodegas Vi Rei and Oliver Moragues.

Besides these two regions, more than 25 wineries are spread over the other five areas of Mallorca. The wines produced in any of these areas are allowed to use the DO Mallorca designation.

Countryside landscape of Mallorca wine region, Balearic Islands, Spain

Grape Varieties

The DO regions of Mallorca grow both national and international grape varieties. Their international red grape varieties include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah, along with native, Manto Negro. From white grape varieties, some of their indigenous kinds include Moli, whose wines are beautifully enhanced with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc. Some of  their wines are aged in wooden oak barrels to add more structure. In many vineyards delicious red varieties such as Fogoneu and Gorgollasa or white variety Prensal are grown.

Red Grapes

  • Callet
  • Manto Negro
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Fogoneu

White Grapes

  • Chardonnay
  • Macabeo
  • Malvasía
  • Alexandria Moscatel

What to Expect From Mallorca Wines

Mallorca shelters some of the luscious wines that will definatelly inspire you to visit wineries and discover island culture of winemaking. Both kinds of wines, namely classic wines of Mallorca and wines with an international touch, are produced in the wineries. The very first wine in Mallorca was the sparkling wine, made in Jaume Mesquida winery, followed by Goig, a luscious sparkling-rosé wine, produced using the grape variety Manto Negro.

If you are visiting Mallorca during summer, you will be stunned by the type of white wines, the winemakers have produced. They usually served their white wines with fish and regional seafood cuisines. Take the opportunity to taste Som dels Cavaliers, made from autochthonous vines, in Santa Margalida. Be sure to try aperitif style white wines predominately produced from the Prensal Blanc grape variety in the DO Binissalem.

The region’s Gladent wine, paired with local cheeses, is renowned among various restaurants of Mallorca. It is made from top-quality Malvasia grapes. The rosé wines, such as Eco and Ses Nines, are perfectly paired with several pasta cuisines, pizzas, and other traditional meals, giving you a unique wine and food pairing in the region.

Where to Taste Local Wines

Wineries in Mallorca wine region offer a diversity of wine experiences. learn more about the local culture a visit to a local winery is an excellent way.

Check out some of our local partner wineries:

vinyes mortitx slender rows of grapevines near winery in spain


Vineyards of Vinyes Mortitx Winery lie in a unique natural setting, surrounded by mountain landscapes above 400 meters, only one kilometer from the sea.

If you are looking for an island holiday getaway with amazing scenery, activities and wines, take a trip to Mallorca and visit Vinyes Mortitx.

Oliver Moragues - Winery


The Oliver Moragues Winery is in one of the most beautiful rural settings on Mallorca and serves as a living example of Mallorcan tradition and history.

The winery uses traditional methods in the vineyards trusted for centuries, along with the immense experience in winemaking.

Discover Culture of Mallorca Through its Charming Towns

Along with visiting and enjoying wines of Bodega Ribas and Bodega Vi Rei, take some time to enjoy the charming villages and towns of Mallorca along with a few of its hidden treasures.

Alaró – The Mountain Town

Located on the steep southern slopes of  Sierra de Tramuntana Mountain, covering an area of about 46 km2 with an overall population of less than 5000. There are many untouched tourist spots around Alaró that you will fall in love with. Since public transport is not available to this beautiful place, you can hire a cab from the airport and relish the pleasures of natural beauty, along with a few adventurous activities.

There are in total about eight mountains to explore, out of which Puig de Font Fresca being the highest and Puig de Font Fresca, the lowest elevation. You can also visit Castell d’Alaro Mountain to enjoy the panoramic views of the environment.At every stop indulge your taste buds in a glass of Sangria. Discover the Mallorcan history and Roman fort of 903 AD during your stay.

Alcudia – A Charming Beach Town

Situated a short drive away from the coast, Alcudia is a charming hamlet in Mallorca, graced with mesmerizing beaches and luxury resorts. Upon your stay, there are various medieval manors and plazas to discover, medieval manors and plazas to discover in a never-ending maze of stone houses and ancient walls. Along the edge of Alcudia, you can check out the captivating remains of Pollèntia – a prime Roman settlement of the island.

Streets of Acludia Old Town, Mallorca Island, Spain

As the town is located near the northern tip of the Spanish island of Mallorca, Alcudia boasts an appealing atmosphere throughout the year. Due to its gorgeous climatic conditions, tourists are free to enjoy hiking and trekking. Various other activities can be enjoyed, including countryside sightseeing, a picnic near the beach resort, a blind food tasting, and much more. There are multiple eating spots, especially designed for visitors, where traditional food and cuisines are available at affordable rates.

Banyalbufar – Rabbit Warren Village

Located in the center of the Sierra Tramuntana Mountain range, a few kilometers northeast of Estellencs. Pay a visit and discover the history of the town dating back to the 10th century. This Arabic village has stone-walled farming terraces, namely ses marjades, carved out all around the hamlet, adding glory to the already wonderful countryside. If you want to uncover the charming symbols of Mallorca, you must travel west of the town, along the coastal road, there you will find Torre des Verger.

Charming terrace landscape of Banyalbufar, Mallorca wine region, Spain

Wine lovers should not miss a visit to Malvasia de Banyalbufar, a wine shop run by local wineries, that consists of wines made from local Malvasia grapevines. Visitors can buy a bottle of wine as well and organize a picnic in the nearby scenic spots. For those who enjoy trekking and hiking Esporles, Maristela, and Cor de Jesús must be explored, or make your journey unique and rent a scooter. Take a drive through the region to experience sight-seeing on a new level.

Distinct Island Flora and Fauna

Mallorca has so much to offer- birders, botanists, and divers alike will have an unforgettable experience during their expedition to Mallorca.There are several marines and natural reserves that can’t be missed while touring this scenic region. The island is the house of hundreds of migratory and regional species. Even the flora species have many distinctions in Mallorca. Many flower plants and aromatic shrubs, along with Mediterranean trees, including Aleppo pine, holm oak, carob, olive groves, and many more, have their home on this charming island.

Talaia de Son Jaumell – Coastside Watchtower

Untouched beauty, Port Adriano, is a 10km long route that begins and ends in Cala Agulla – a mesmerizing beach of crystalline water and fine sand. Along the way, there sits a coastal water tower, known as Talaia de Son Jaumell, dating back to 1566. In the 19th century, the tower was used to send a telegraphic signal. Now the structure has become a tourist destination with picturesque views from the top of the tower. of Es Gullo, Punta de Capdepera, and Cala Rajada. Near the tower route, you can visit Cala Mesquida – a beach with a perfect blend of serenity and scenery.

Mesmerizing Jardines de Alfabia

Alfabia is a beautiful complex estate with multiple gardens situated in Bunyola in the heart of Tramuntana Mountain. The gardens are designed according to Arabic culture dating back to 1229. Visit the various fountains and plan a picnic with your loved ones on the grounds of the estate. In Alfabia Gardens, you can discover Queen Elizabeth II’s Garden, avenues of palm trees, water Lily ponds, and zoos filled with rare species. Visitors can discover an ancient dining hall of the 19th century, embraced with paintings that reveal Roman-Andalusian history.

Alfabia gardens, or Los jardines de Alfabia, in Mallorca, Spain.

La Gola – A Bird Watching Center

La Gola is a bird observation place situated near Pollença. Pay a visit and understand various ornithological values of the Mallorcan wetlands. This magical place is a home of numerous rare flora and fauna species. While on your journey to this natural sanctuary, you will experience the peace, calm, and weightlessness of birds, beautifully united in an awe-inspiring environment. In addition to bird watching in the wetlands, discover the exhibition centre where information about migrating, breeding, and local birds is available for guests.

Top 3 Dishes to Try in Mallorca

Ensaimada – Filipino Sweet Brioche Bread

The traditional food is a sweet brioche bread stuffed with whipped cream and seasoned with salty butter. The roots of the delicious treat date back to the 16th century when Spanish colonized the Philippines. Nowadays, it comes in multiple variations and tastes best when served with hot chocolate or coffee. It is found almost everywhere in Mallorca’s bakeries and cafés.

The spiral shape, overflowing with cream, is what makes most people fall in love with this dessert. Easy to make, Ensaimada is baked using yeast, lard, and floor and topped with sugar. The dish is a morning snack, but people love eating it during brunch time, as a teatime snack. Even when you are at the airport of Mallorca, you can purchase a couple of boxes of these delectable stuffed pastries.


Sopes Mallorquines – Local Mallorcan Soup

Sopes Mallorquines is a typical first course soup served in many island restaurants made of green vegetables, broth, and bread. There is no limit to the seasonal vegetables that are used to prepare this dish – cabbage, chard, beans, spinach, to name a few. This dish is cooked with variations, depending upon the choice of the chef, one of the types is Sopes de Matances, which contains meat, typically pork pieces.

This dish is exceptionally delicious despite the simplicity of ingredients used.  Before serving, top with traditionally-made bread crumbs. Don’t miss a chance to taste this excellent starter.

Tombet – The Mediterranean Cuisine

Made in a traditional style, this cuisine is a typical vegetable dish of the Mallorca region, usually served with meat or fish. It can be eaten alone as well as it such as aubergines, red bell peppers, onions, and potatoes – deep-fried together in olive oil. It is available in every food corner of the island, served hot with tomato, garlic, and parsley toppings.

The appearance of the dish is more like crustless pie and can also be enjoyed on its own without any accompaniments. Its presentation and taste are comparable to Occitan ratatouille or Catalan samfaina. Inspired by these two similar dishes, some chefs add zucchini to enhance its taste and texture.

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