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North Jutland (Denmark)
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South Denmark (Denmark)
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Denmark Wine Country

Best known for its production of beer, the world-famous Carlsberg is Danish, and for being one of the Scandinavian countries, it might sound incredible that Denmark also has a wine industry. The development of a wine-growing tradition started at the end of the 20th century, when the climate changed.

Denmark has two main wine-growing areas: Jutland and South Denmark, plus the islands of Zealand and Funen. The climate of these wine areas is great for the production apple and cherry-based liqueurs and fruit wines.

Danish vineyards are mostly planted with varieties that survive in cold weather, such as the hybrid white variety Orion and Madeleine Angevine, another white variety that has an early-ripening period. These varieties take advantage of the long summer days and develop a full and complex flavor.

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Wine Regions in Denmark

North Jutland
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South Denmark
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Wineries in Denmark

Domaine Nyballe
Winery with locally producing excellent quality Danish red wines
Guldbæk Vingård
Danish wine as breath taking as the Northern Lights

Wine Tasting & Tours in Denmark

Wine tasting and tour at Domaine Nyballe
Enjoy excellent quality red wines and wonderful tour at Domaine Nyballe
Wine tasting and tour at Guldbæk Vingård
Learn more about the Danish wine culture and enjoy the best of Danish wines

Wineries in Denmark

Discover the long wine tradition of Denmark and discover some of the best wineries in this country

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