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Enjoy a wonderful wine tasting experience at BODEGA HACIENDA MOLLEDA

12 €
1 30
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Ctra A220 Km29.6, Tosos, Zaragoza, 50154, Spain

Head over to Bodegas Sers for Somontano DOP wine tasting and a guided estate tour

5 €
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Plaza Mayor 7, 22417 Cofita, Huesca, España, Plaza Mayor 7, 22417, Huesca, Spain

Treat yourself with a sophisticated Wine Tasting & Tour, along with a guided trip of the winery at Bodegas Y Viñedos Del Jalón Sa

15 €
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Avd. Mudejar, 61, Maluenda, Zaragoza, 50340, Spain

Winemaking knowledge and Wine Tasting & Tour at Grande Vinos at Grandes vinos

6 €
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Grandes Vinos, Ctra. Valencia, Cariñena, Espagne

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Aragón.

You can find many wine tasting and tour experiences in Aragón. Most of the visitors begin their journey with the guided cellar room and the vineyard tour of the estate. You can complete your experience by tasting some of the best wines in the region. Some wineries also give you the opportunity to explore the historical centers of the city, the Central Market, and also relish their local delicacies. You can have a good talk with the staff or the winemakers to know more about the winemaking process.

During the 1990s, Aragón used to produce bulk wines. Recently, they have been focusing more on quality wines with more complexity.

One of the cheapest wines in Aragón is Grenache (Garnacha). Despite being simple, they are unique with spicy berry fruit and savory notes of white pepper, wild herbs, and flowers. Campo de Borja, also known as “The Empire of Garnacha” is one of the famous Grenache wines.

Cariñan is a medium-bodied red wine that has plenty of aromas but lacks a deeper body and color. It shows aromas of dark and black fruits, pepper, licorice and also imparts spicy notes. Because of its medium-bodied style, it can be used as an ingredient in hearty dishes as well as lighter ones.

DO Somontano is the most popular DO in Aragón and forms the basis for the great wines of the region. The Somontano wines have high-quality alcohols, fruity and optimal acidity.

When moving through DO’s in Aragón, the weather differences can have a great impact on the local terroirs. Thus, if you are planning on having a wine tasting and tours in Aragón, you can visit the region during the spring, summer, or autumn season. Due to the unpredictable climate here, don’t forget to carry one of your fancy umbrellas, especially during the spring season. If you are looking for outstanding activities like Skiing, you can plan your trip somewhere around January to March. The Spanish Pyrenees looks beautiful during winter, so you can also keep this as an option.

If you love to explore culture and traditions, you can visit various monasteries, castles, Mudejar architecture with the UNESCO World Heritage designation, and well-known monuments such as the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar. Also, if you love being in nature, you can visit Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park (ideal for adventure sports in the open air) and the Pyrenean area.

There are too many enticements in Aragón including Skiing in their famous ski resorts. There are various other exciting activities like rock climbing, hiking, and canyoning in Aragón.

For more travel tips, have a look at our travel guide to Aragon Wine Region.

If you visit wineries in Aragon, here are some language tips you might found useful:

  • Wine = vino
  • Winery = bodega
  • Vineyard = viñedo
  • Vine = parra
  • Grapes = uvas
  • Wine tasting = degustación de vino
  • Wine route = ruta de vino
  • Red wine = vino tinto
  • White wine = vino blanco
  • Sparkling wine = vino espumoso
  • Cheers! = Salud!

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