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Wine Tastings and Tours in Tejo

The Tejo river valley in central Portugal is one of the oldest wine regions in the country. Time seems to pass slowly here, and the amazing atmosphere of these places is formed by numerous vineyards, olive groves, medieval hilltop villages, Roman ruins, and ancient monasteries. There are endless possibilities for wine tastings and tours in Tejo where you can enjoy your glass of highly selected local wine. Our team is happy to help you to choose!

At, we provide a wide selection of wine tastings and tours in Tejo together with our local partner wineries. Below you will find a list of wine tastings and tours in Tejo with a direct booking option and a map of the region with the exact location of each winery. Choose your favorite wine tasting in Tejo or the Winery tour, let us know and we will guaranty your memorable experience.

monteiro de matos many bottles of wine on shelves in the estate

Quinta Monteiro de Matos offers a wide selection of wines and local snacks during wine tasting

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Know about the winemaking process and history before tasting their exquisite wines at Quinta Da Ribeirinha Wine Tasting & Tour

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Rua Bispo D. Antonio Mendonca Nº 17, Póvoa De Santarém, Santarém, 2000-531, Portugal

A thorough visit of their estate and Wine Tasting & Tour with cheese and sausages at Quinta Monteiro De Matos

20 €
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Sobral, São Vicente De Paul, Santarém, 2000-699, Portugal

Map of Wine Tastings and Tours in Tejo

Discover the locations of wine tastings and tours in Tejo

How to Get to Tejo

Tips on how to reach wine tastings and tours in Tejo by different means of transportation

Lisbon Airport is the nearest international airport to Santarem city and it is a good starting point to start to explore wine tastings and tours in the Tejo wine region.

The best way to experience wine tastings and tours in Tejo is by driving a car visiting the vineyards directly. Most of the wineries are located close to Santarem city and you can easily get there from Lisbon following A1 (82 km) motorway. It takes around 1 hour to get to Santarem city.

The train is the easiest and fastest way to start your wine tasting and tours in Tejo. You can get a train line Lisbon-Santarem. The route starts from Oriente Station, where trains and buses from the airport arrive. Trains to Santarem depart every 30-40 minutes. 

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Tejo

The wine region Tejo offers a wide variety of wine tastings and tours. Wine tastings and guided tours in Tejo often start with a visit of the vineyards, where you can see their harvesting methods and know about their grape varieties, visit the cellar and get knowledge about the history and traditions of the region.
After the tour, you can get a traditional wine tasting with food pairing while winemakers are passionate to share about the characteristics of the wine and the philosophy behind them.

Here are some suggestions on what to taste before you plan wine tasting in Tejo:

White wines of the Tejo wine region are smooth and easy to drink. Local grape varieties aromatic Fernao Pires and Arinto produce the region’s most refreshing white wines. The white wines produced in the Tejo region have a high level of acidity with both floral and tropical aromas.
The most famous wines of the Tejo wine region are the locally produced red wines. Red wines of Tejo have an incredibly beautiful deep red color. They are aromatic, pleasant wines characterized by smooth tannins.
In more recent times, the Tejo wine region has also begun producing high-quality liqueurs and sparkling wines.

It’s always great to make your wine tastings and tours in Tejo as they keep their doors opened all year round for the guests. For those who prefer pleasant warm weather in a less crowded period spring is the perfect season for it. However, if you prefer to watch the harvest season and want to get a first-hand experience of picking grapes autumn is for you.
In summer, when the days are longer there are endless possibilities to explore the cities around with their impressive architecture and enjoying a glass of wine.

Tejo has much more to offer than wine experiences. Below you will find some places you can visit before or after your wine tastings and tours in Tejo:

Check out picturesque Santarem medieval city with its panoramic view overlooking the Tejo River, make sure to visit one of its Gothic churches. Visit Convento de Cristo – UNESCO World Heritage site, and was originally the Knights Templar fortress and enjoy with wonderful nature in Reserva Natural do Estuario do Tejo where you can meet flocks of bright pink flamingos.

The Portas do Sol garden offers an absolutely majestic view of the Rio Tejo and the vast plains that stretch out from it.

Casa Museu Passos Canavarro is a unique place for art and beauty lovers, where you are guided by owner-inhabitant, Pedro Canavarro, who still sleeps in the same room in which he was born.

For more travel tips, read our travel guide to Tejo Wine Region.

Some words to remember before you experience wine tastings and tours in Tejo:

“Vinho” – Wine

“Prove de Vinho” – Wine tasting

“vinícola” or “Quinta” – Winery 

“Terreno Vinhático”, “Vinha”, “Vinhado” – Vineyard

“Adega” – Wine cellar

Saúde! –  Cheers!