Wine Tastings and Tours in Navarra

There are lots of options for wine tastings and tours in Navarra. Relish the world-famous rosé wines in the breathtaking surroundings of mountains, vineyards, parks, and picturesque villages. We are here to help you to choose!

At, we provide a wide selection of wine tastings and tours in Navarra together with our local partner wineries. Below you will find a list of wine tastings and tours in Navarra with a direct booking option and a map of the region with the exact location of each winery.

Choose your favorite wine tasting or tour in Navarra, let us know and we will guarantee you memorable experiences.


Wine tasting at Bodega Pago De Cirsus, one of our partner wineries in Navarra.

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Check out their 24 different methods of harvesting and a lovely Wine Tasting & Tour session at Pago De Larrainzar

10 €
1 30
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Learn about the estate’s history and winemaking during a wine tasting & tour at Bodega Otazu

40 €
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Señorío de Otazu, s/n, Otazu, Navarra, 31174, Spain

Let's have a wine tasting and tour at Bodega Otazu

50 €
2 30
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Señorío de Otazu, s/n, Otazu, Navarra, 31174, Spain

Experience the Bodega Inurrieta and the Navarro Ribera Alta Region

10 €
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Ctra Falces Miranda De Arga Km 30, Falces, Navarra, 31370, Spain

Drink, eat & sleep at Bodega Pago de Cirsus for the full wine experience

0 €
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Carretera De Ablitas A Ribaforada Km 5, Ablitas, Navarra, 31523, Spain

Explanation of the winemaking process paired with tasting and food

10 €
1 30
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C/ Santa Bárbara, 29, CORELLA, 31591, NAVARRA, Spain

Know about the Kosher methods and taste their unique wines at Bodega Fernandez De Arcaya Wine Tasting & Tour

12 €
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La Serna 31, Los Arcos, Navarra, 31210, Spain

Taste the prestigious wines of Navarra along with a visit of the winery at Ochoa Wine Tasting & Tour

12 €
1 30
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Miranda De Arga 35, Olite, Navarra, 31390, Spain

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Navarra.

Thanks to the diversity, wine tasting and tour in Navarra are among a rich natural beauty at mountain valleys and fascinating historical heritage.

Almost all the wineries and cellar houses are equipped with a tasting room where you can enjoy their finest products. Many wineries offer guided tours to the cellar room. Get to know about the ecological and sustainable organic winemaking techniques. Wine tastings and tours in Navarra will let you fully experience the beauty of the region, winemaking traditions as well as local cuisine.

For each wine tasting and tour experience for Navarra presented on our website, you will see a bullet point list of what you can expect to experience.

  • The reds of Navarra are mostly brilliant in color with notes of berries, black fruits, oak and pepper. The wines are smooth with fine tannins and round acidity.
  • The rosés are usually deep pink with notes of berries, cherries and other tropical fruits. These wines go well with baked fish, pizza and salads.
  • The whites are medium yellow gold, fresh and fruity. The wines give notes of cinnamon and dried fruits.

Regarding the weather in Navarra, wine lovers can enjoy a good time in Navarra during different seasons.

Summers are extremely hot with temperatures up to 40º C, especially in August. However, summer is perfect to explore wine tasting and tours in Navarra, where you will find less crowded spaces.

The best season to explore wineries in Navarra is between March and May, during spring, in which the temperature is ideal with less amount of rain.

Autumn has also turned into a tourist season in recent years with cooler days with temperatures up to 27º C.

Winters are too cold with a lot of rainfall, so people might avoid this season time, however, good reds are a good call to warm everyone.

Apart from being home to astonishing wines, Navarra offers beautiful places to visit.

  • You can visit Museo de Navarra, Cuesta de Santa Domingo, the major museum of Pamplona from the 16th-century that includes rich collections of Roman artifacts including 2nd-century mosaics.
  • You can also visit Plaza de Toros, the bullring and endpoint of the encierro which is still used for bullfights.
  • Visit Pamplona Cathedral, a gothic cathedral constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries. The church includes a neoclassical façade completed by Ventura Rodriguez in 1783. This cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in Spain.

Experience Sanfermines, the Festival of San Fermín, which is held city-wide from July 6 to July 14. It begins with the txupinazo, a firework rocket fired from the City Hall balcony at noon on the 6th. Do not forget your camera.

If you visit wineries in Navarra, here are some language tips you might found useful:

  • Wine = vino
  • Winery = bodega
  • Vineyard = viñedo
  • Vine = parra
  • Grapes = uvas
  • Wine tasting = degustación de vino
  • Wine route = ruta de vino
  • Red wine = vino tinto
  • White wine = vino blanco
  • Sparkling wine = vino espumoso
  • Cheers! = Salud!

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