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We are currently improving our offerings in Pchinja-Osogovo and you will soon discover the wineries of this region. In the meantime, you can explore Macedonia and book a great wine experience using our online services.

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Other Wine Regions in Northern Macedonia

You can experience amazing wine tasting and tour activities at the various wineries in Pelagonija-Polog . On our site you can read all about this regions to be prepared for your stay.
Vardar River Valley
Vardar River Valley has a large number of wineries that offer wine tasting and tour. Visit our website to book beautiful wine-filled experiences and learn more about the wine region.

Map of Wineries in Pchinja-Osogovo wine region

Discover the long wine tradition of Pchinja-Osogovo and discover some of the best wineries in this region

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List of Wineries in Pchinja-Osogovo wine region

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