Wine Tastings and Tours in Marlborough

When we talk about the wines of New Zealand, especially the Marlborough Valley, the famous Sauvignon immediately comes to mind. Indeed, it was this grape variety that made the local places famous. Its rich aromatics with hints of flowers and tropical fruits have conquered the world, that even some French wineries are already beginning to copy the Marlborough Valley style.

The cool but sunny climate, in which the grapes ripen slowly but completely – this is the magic ingredient that allowed the Marlborough winemakers to conquer the world. These and many other fascinating things are ready to be discovered during your wine tastings and tours in Marlborough.

At, we provide a wide selection of wine tastings and tours in Marlborough together with our local partner wineries. Below you will find a list of wine tastings and tours in Marlborough with a direct booking option and a map of the region with the exact location of each winery. Choose your favorite wine tasting in Marlborough or a winery tour, let us know and we will guarantee you memorable experiences.


Enjoy a wine tasting at Vicarage Lane Wines, one of our partner wineries in Pfalz.

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An exciting Gondola ride to their tasting room for a wine-tasting session at Volcanic Hills Winery Wine Tasting & Tour

27 €
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176 Fariy Springs Road, Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty, 3015, New Zealand

Enjoy a wine tasting and guided tour at Cable Bay Vineyards, New Zealand.

28.6 €
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12 Nick Johnson Drive, Auckland, 1840, New Zealand

Visit their elegant estate and enjoy a complimentary Wine Tasting & Tour experience at No.1 Family Estate

0 €
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169 Rapaura Road, Rd3, Blenheim, Marlborough, 7273, New Zealand

Experience the great pinots which are the single-vineyard wines from their very own estate-grown fruit.

5.7 €
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950 White Rock Road, Rd 2, Martinborough, Wellington, 5782, New Zealand

Enjoy a wine tasting and guided tour of Vicarage Lane Wines, Malborough, NZ.

0 €
2 30
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131 Hammerichs Road, Rd 2, Blenheim, 7272, New Zealand

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Everything you need to know before you experience wine tastings and tours in Marlborough.

Wine tasting and tourns in Marlborough can be really exciting. The owners will meet you at their estate and tell you about the history and traditions of their company.

Discover their winemaking process and the philosophy behind their award-winning Methode Traditionelle wines. You can also visit their cellar and taste some of the best wines from their collection.

Here are some tips on what you can try when tasting Marlborough wines:

  • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Color: Light golden, with a hint of lemon.
    • Aroma: Bright and fresh, with exciting notes of lemon zest, grapefruit, and tropical fruits.
    • Taste: Harmonious, with a pronounced citrus sourness, herbal, and fruit tones.
    • The aftertaste is long and fresh. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is a spectacular addition to tuna salad, light fish snacks, bruschetta with tomato and anchovy. It can also be served with more dense dishes like risotto or pasta with seafood.
  • Pinot Noir Color:
    • Bright garnet, with cherry tints. Aroma:
    • Multi-layered, with plum, strawberry, and cherry notes in the first nose.
    • With each breath, new notes appear – carnation, scorched oak, coffee, dark chocolate.
    • Taste: On the first sip, playful and fresh, characteristic of young wines. Gradually, notes of cranberries, cherries, spices are revealed. The aftertaste is persistent and dry.
    • Can be perfectly served with aged cheeses with blue mold, chorizo sausages, bruschetta with tomatoes, and other meat snacks. Of the more satisfying dishes, it goes well with stewed veal, pasta bolognese, lasagna.

The autumn season is a great time to visit wineries in Marlborough (March – May). The crisp autumn air is ideal for this region, and it coincides with harvest season. The parks and gardens are lush and bright, and the weather is good all day long. It’s also a great time to enjoy Marlborough Sound’s breathtaking nature.

Discover the impressive nature of Nydia park. If you feel more adventurous Marlborough Sounds is the perfect place to do sports activities. Authentic nature lovers are welcomed in Tui Nature Reserve with its rich forests.

Open up for yourself Maori’s originally settlement Picton town, where you can enjoy fantastic kayaking, hiking, and boat trips. Enjoy the seaside town of Havelock with its local green shell mussel. Get your exciting journey through the history of aviation in Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.

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