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We are currently improving our offerings in Central Serbia and you will soon discover the wineries of this region. In the meantime, you can explore Serbia and book a great wine experience using our online services.

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Region Highlights

Selected wineries in Central Serbia

Pik Oplenac
Winery combining tradition with the latest technology to make recognizable wines
Plavinci Winery
A small family winery making 100% vegan wines using rare grape varieties
Winery Jeremic
Family winery in Smederevo established in 2010 producing exquisite wines

Wine tastings & tours in Central Serbia

Wine tasting and tour at PIK Oplenac
Visit their winery for a unique Wine Tasting & Tour experience and delicious cuisine at PIK Oplenac
Wine tasting and tour at Plavinci Winery
A lovely Wine Tasting & Tour session with the company of the winemaker at Plavinci Winery
Wine tasting and tour at Vinarija Trisic
Have a wine tasting along with a guided tour at Vinarija Trisic
Wine tasting and tour at Winery Jeremic
Get introduced to winemaking and taste their old and young wines at Winery Jeremic Wine Tasting & Tour

Other Wine Regions in Serbia

Vojvodina wine region is a great destination with a broad offering of wineries with wine tasting and tours. On our website you can book your visits in order to be prepared for your time in the region.

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Map of Wineries in Central Serbia wine region

Discover the long wine tradition of Central Serbia and discover some of the best wineries in this region

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List of Wineries in Central Serbia wine region