How have wineries suffered 2020 and what are the expectations on recovery time post Covid-19?

Despite being such a widespread phenomenon, there is unfortunately little data available for the industry, especially on a global scale. As an online marketplace for wine tourism, we are proud to cooperate with literally thousands of wineries. One of the aims of our enterprise is to be a leading research and knowledge contributor in the wine tourism field.

To this end, we are starting to contact our own research and surveys to produce reports for the wine tourism industry. The first of these reports has now been published: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Wine Tourism Industry. The report is based on the survey responses from 1 203 wineries around the globe, it provides empirical data on how wineries have impacted wine tourism investment and revenue for wineries, and the perceived time for recovery. Take part of it here on our website:

Link to the report:

The report is the first of many. We hope our efforts will in the long run provide insight and aid to wineries, research institutes and other actors in the wine tourism industry.

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Niklas Ridoff

report about Covid-19 impact on wine tourism industry