The Impact of Covid-19 for Online Wine Tasting

Covid-19 has indeed had an impact on all of us. For the wine industry, many wineries have suffered as a consequence of lock downs and other restrictions that change business environment. Together with Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki at Geisenheim University Wine Business Programme, is conducting a survey about the impact of covid-19 on how wineries conduct online wine tastings (OWT).

The aim is to understand the topic better. How have online wine tastings been used during covid-19 period and is it a concept that will continue and grow after covid-19 period? The move online may be one of few silver linings to the pandemic’s effects….

The survey focuses on online wine tastings for individual wineries. If you are a winery, feel free to contribute to the research via the link below:


The survey results will be published toward the end of Februrary 2021.

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