Are you a wine lover and planning to visit Italy soon and try some of the best wines in the world but are not sure about where to go and what to try?
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The Italian wineries offer a host of packages and activities you can carry out during the visit. The activities may range from guided tours of the cellar and the vineyards to explanation about the history and the wine making processes of the wineries. Some wineries also offer unique experiences like grape harvesting, hiking along the beautiful Italian landscapes or an extensive stay at the winery accommodation. The best about the visit is the guided wine tasting offered by the wineries where you can taste some of their best wines.
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If you are still reading this, it probably means that you need more information before you are convinced. Well then, let me shed some light on Italy and its wines.
The boot shaped country occupies a peninsula in the south-central Europe. Italy has a varied landscape in every region with the Alps in the north to the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. There are beautiful valleys and fertile plains, some majestic Alpine lakes and volcanos like Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius. There are diverse people living from one region to another and each region is rich in culture and traditions. The difference in culture and traditions bring about the diversity in Italian cuisine. Italian food is popular all over the world. The simplicity of the dishes which brings out the emphasis on the freshness of the produce used makes Italian food popular in every household. Talking about the fresh produce, Italy also has a huge agricultural sector. Italy is the world leader in olive oil production and a major exporter of rice, tomatoes and wine.
Let’s talk about the Italian wines now. Chances are, you have heard about at least one Italian wine. The wines of Italy are popular all over the world. Italy produces so many different types of wines using a lot of varieties of grapes. This diversity is due to the varied topography and climate in different regions of Italy and the strong identities of each region. There are more than 350 indigenous grape varieties that are officially recognized and grown in Italy for winemaking. The Italian wines account for 19% of global wine production. Italy has produced about 50 million hector liters of wine on average in recent years.
Each region in Italy produces wine. The types of wines in each of the regions are dependent on the climate of that region, the grapes varieties cultivated and local wine making culture. Some regions compared to others are famous for producing some of the best wines and in huge quantities. Here are some of the most important wine regions in Italy and their famous wines.


Veneto is a famous tourist destination in Italy with cities like Venice, Verona and Vicenza, rich is culture. The region located at the north-east of Italy is one of the most productive wine making region in Italy. The region is best known for producing Prosecco, a sparkling wine made primarily from Glera grapes considered to be a cheaper substitute to Champagne. Soave is another famous white wine of the region predominantly grown in an area east of Verona. The famous red wines of Veneto; Valpolicella, Amarone and Bardolino come from the area to the north of Verona.
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The famous red wines Barolo and Barbaresco comes from Piedmont region in north-western Italy. Nebbiolo grapes are used to make these wines. The main characteristic of these grapes is that they produce a tannic and bold wine that ages well and becomes rust-colored with time. Other popular grapes varieties grown in this region are Barbera and Dolcetto, which are less tannic and fruity. These wines are consumed when they are relatively young.
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Tuscany, located in the center of the country is famous for its rolling hills and beautiful vineyards. It is one of the oldest winemaking regions in Italy. The Chianti is probably the most famous wine of Italy and is produced in the region using the native Sangiovese grapes. This grape varieties are widely planted in the region and produces another delicious wine, Brunello di Montalcino. Trebbiano and Malvasia are the famous white grapes of Tuscany used to produce amazing white wines. The sweet wine, Vin Santo is also made using these grapes. The region is also home to the famous ‘Super Tuscans’, unofficial category of wines, popular and high-prized all over the world.
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Besides these, there are a lot more regions which produce amazing wines in Italy. You can visit any part of the country be in presence of amazing wines. Take the time to read about each wine region in Italy and hopefully you will have a great wine experience during your next visit to this beautiful county!