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Wallonia (Belgium)
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Belgium Wine Country

Belgium is best known for being a beer-producing country, and for being among the world’s largest Bordeaux’s consumer. However, Belgium also has two active wine regions: Wallonia and Flanders.

The first attempts of growing grapes in the area that we today call ‘Belgium’ happened around the 9th century in the Wallonia region, near the modern city of Liège. Viticulture started thanks to monks and the first vineyards were properties of abbeys and the wine was mainly produced to drink at celebrations.

Today, wine in Belgium is mainly produced by individual winemakers for domestic and local consumption. The most popular varieties grown by independent wineries are whites from the neighbouring countries of Germany and France: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Müller-Thurgau and Kerner. Some amateur winegrowers also produce limited quantities of Pinot Noir.

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Wine Regions in Belgium

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Wine Appellations in Belgium

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Wineries in Belgium

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Wine Tasting & Tours in Belgium

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Wineries in Belgium

Discover the long wine tradition of Belgium and discover some of the best wineries in this country

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