Conti Tacoli Asquini, Where Vines Grow on Gravel Stone

Located in the “Le Grave del Fruili” between the provinces of Udine and Pordenone, Conti Tacoli Asquini is a beautiful winery dedicated to producing high-quality wines from its establishment in the year 1836. The name ‘Le Grave del Fruili’ is derived from the gravelly soil containing rounded pebbles, which makes this region great for growing vines.

Winemaking in a Building Steeped in History

Conti Tascoli Asquini boasts 23 hectares of land for cultivation of their grapes located around their ancient sixteenth-century family villa, where their wine cellar resides. The major variety of grape grown on the estate is Merlot. They produce some of the finest grapes aided by the beautiful micro-climate in this region. Conti Tacoli Asquini has a diverse range of wine production methods and prides themselves on the creation of premium ‘Grave del Fruili DOC’ wines. Other wines at Conti Tacoli Asquini also carry the ‘Prosecco DOC’ and ‘Venezia Giulia IGT’ appellation.

An Illustrious Family Past at Conti Tacoli Asquini

The Tacoli Family, has owned the winery through a long line of illustrious figures, some of whom were warriors, judges, and administrators, throughout the history of this region. One of the important family ancestors was Count Fabio Asquini, who is credited as the creator of Picolit grapevine in 1758. Presently, Paolo Tacoli manages the winery along with his daughter, Paola, and his son, Federico. A family-run winery that has been around for nearly two centuries in one of the best wine-producing areas of Italy, Conti Tacoli Asquini is a wonderful winery and should defintiely be apart of a planned visit of the region.

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Prosecco DOC, IGT Venezia, DOC Friuli Grave
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Red Wine, White Wine,
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via XXV Aprile 17 fraz. Cuccana 33050 Bicinicco UD See it on map
Visiting Hours:

9:00 - 18:00
Christmas week: Closed

Spoken Languages: Deutsch English Italiano

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Conti Tacoli Asquini

Wine tasting and tour at Conti Tacoli Asquini

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via XXV Aprile 17 fraz. Cuccana 33050 Bicinicco UD

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