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Pitsilia (Cyprus)
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Cyprus Wine Country

Winemaking culture has always been present on the island of Cyprus, and even though it is unknown when exactly the production started, archaeological discoveries have proved it was already ‘a thing’ in the Bronze Age (2500-2000 BC). It was during the Middle Ages that the Cypriot wine production reached its highest point, before declining with the arrival of the Ottoman Empire.

Today, Cyprus is a growing and flourishing wine country that delivers enthusiasts delicious indigenous wine varieties, together with internationally renowned varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Riesling.

The most planted grape is the indigenous variety Mavro, which actually means ‘black’ in Greek and is indeed a very dark-skinned grape. Mavro is mainly used to produce the PGI denominated sweet wine Commandaria. This naturally sweet wine is always high in alcohol levels and is more similar to a Passito or fortified wine. Commandaria can also be produced using the main white variety in Cyprus, Xynisteri.

There are no official appellations for Cyprus wine regions, but several wine routes run around the island and through wine-producing regions. The main ones are Koumandaria, Pitsilia, Diarizos Valley, and Akamas.


Wine Regions in Cyprus

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Wineries in Cyprus

Santa Irene Winery
Paying homage to the land and the ancestors of Cyprus

Wine Tasting & Tours in Cyprus

Wine tasting and tour at Santa Irene Winery
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Wineries in Cyprus

Discover the long wine tradition of Cyprus and discover some of the best wineries in this country

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