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Jura and Savoie, well-hidden between the rolling hills and steep slopes of Alpes, offer some of the most unique wines that you will not encounter anywhere else. Jura and Savoie wine regions produce some peculiar and original styles of wine. Situated close to Swiss and Italian borders, Jura and Savoie except for the hospitality they provide to skiers, also give a warm reception to wine lovers who seek unconventional experiences! Wineries in Jura and Savoie wine regions promise exquisite scenery just to enjoy the remarkable wines and the gastronomy of the area.

Are you searching for tips or advice on wineries and vineyards to visit during your holiday to Jura and Savoie wine region? We have provided a list of wineries in the Jura and Savoie wine region open for visitors with direct booking options through our website. At WineTourism.com, we are available to answer any questions and help guide you towards the best fit when planning your wine region experience in Jura and Savoie wine region. We hope you will discover what makes the region special and enjoy your exploration of the unforgettable Jura and Savoie wine region!

Vineyard of the Domaine BAUD - Génération 9 winery

Vineyards of Domaine Baud, one of our partner wineries in Jura and Savoie

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Jura and Savoie(France)
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Ninth-generation winery with vineyards in various AOCs and Terra Vitris certification

Jura and Savoie(France)
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Natural Wines that Suit your Palate

Jura and Savoie(France)
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11 Rue Principale, Trenal, 39570, Jura, France

Map of Jura and Savoie Wineries

Discover the location of wineries in Jura and Savoie 

How to Reach Wineries in Jura and Savoie

Wineries in Jura and Savoie are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

When you are planning a trip to Jura and Savoie, you should be prepared for a long drive through the mountains regardless of which airport you will arrive at. 

Here are some of the nearest airport to arrive at in order to visit wineries in Jura and Savoie:

  • Dole–Jura Airport – located approximately 8.1 kilometers southwest of Dole and about  42.8 kilometers north of Lons-le-Saunier.
  • Dijon-Bourgogne Airport – located 66 kilometers away from Arbois and 7 kilometers east of Chenôve.
  • Geneva and Annecy – Haut Savoie Airports are located a bit further but it gives you a possibility to start your travel in Geneva and continue exploring wineries in Jura and Savoie.

If you are planning your trip by car to Jura and Savoie wineries, you will be experiencing some of the most beautiful landscape drives in the Alps. 

It will take almost two hours drive from Geneva to Arbois where you will be able to visit some of the best wineries in Jura.

If you arrive in Dole, 50 minutes drive will take you to LonsleSaunier – the capital of Jura. Wineries near Lons-le-Saunier offer a diversity of wine experiences that include: guided tour to the cellar, wine tastings paid with local cheese and snacks, and many more.

There are no direct trains between Geneva and Lons-le-Saunier. You will need to change the train at least once during 5 hours journey.  It might sound like a long trip but you will have some of the most beautiful visual treats of natural landscapes and impressive sights during your train journey from Geneva to Lons-le-Saunier, where you will be able to experience top wineries in Jura and Savoie wine regions.

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Everything you need to know about wineries in Jura and Savoie.

Literally, it is an all-year-round destination! In Jura and Savoie wineries winter is the best season if you want to combine ski and pleasure. During summer is the best place to escape from the high temperatures, spring and autumn are the best wine seasons!

Wineries in Jura and Savoie are mostly family-owned with a history going back to the Medieval era and even more when the zone was Roman Empire. Although the tradition is ingrained, the Jura and Savoie wineries promote sustainability to the most as environmental preservation is more crucial than ever before. The Jura and Savoie wineries are middle size with a constant issue always present, the production is never enough to satisfy the needs of the wine markets.

Wineries in Jura and Savoie offer all the amenities to host the visitors. Physically challenged persons will encounter no issues visiting the Jura and Savoie wineries. Production line, wine tasting spaces, cellars, shop inside the winery are some of the facilities.

Jura and Savoie wine region cultivates some of the most unknown grape varieties. Most of the wineries in Jura cultivate Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau, and Pinot Noir whilst in Savoie, Jacquère leads the way followed by Altesse, Roussanne, and Chasselas. Do not be fooled by the tiny viticultural region, in Jura and Savoie, almost 10% of France’s varieties are ingrained and produce remarkable wines.

Wineries in Jura and Savoie produce spectacular wine Vin Jaune. Nicknamed “the gold of the Jura”, Vin Jaune is one of the greatest white wines in the world. Made exclusively from the Savagnin grape, it is kept in oak barrels for at least six years and three months, without any intervention from the winegrower. It is so special that is bottled in a special type of bottle called Clavelin.

Vin de Paille is another excellent dessert wine produced in Jura and Savoie.  Vin de Paille wines are made at varying sweetness levels, from medium sweet to lusciously sweet. The appellation requires a minimum of 14% alcohol and three years of aging (with 18 months in wood).

Some words to remember before you visit wineries in Jura and Savoie:

  • “Vignoble” – Winery
  • “Vin” – Wine
  • “Vignoble” – Vineyard
  • “Vigne” – Vine
  • “Dégustaction de vins” – Wine tasting
  • “Cave à vins” – Wine cellar
  • “Vin rouge” – Red wine
  • “Vin blanc – White wine
  • “Vin rosé” – Rosé wine

If you want to say cheers in France, you definitely need to take some language classes.

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