Online Wine Tastings around the World presents the Global Report – “Impact of Covid-19 on Online Wine Tastings”. The report is based on a survey that was conducted in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki at Geisenheim University. The survey was held in January 2021, answers for the questionnaire were collected from 1,423 wineries.

The aim of the research is to evaluate the impact of the global pandemic on online wine tastings and how wineries changed their approach towards wine tourism since the pandemic started and if the concept of online wine tastings will continue and grow after a Covid-19 period.

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The full report will be available on the 17th of March

Key Findings

  • Covid-19, the accelerator of digitalization in all sectors, also caused the rapid proliferation of OWTs. This modern type of wine tasting was almost unknown before the pandemic.
  • Size matters – the larger the winery, the more OWTs have been organized. However, results show that larger wineries had the highest decrease in terms of winery visitors.
  • The reason for offering OWTs is very versatile and differs mainly by the size of the winery.
  • Zoom as an online platform for wine tastings rocks the wine world. This can be explained by the fact that Zoom is a user-friendly platform, which includes many useful features moderators can use during the tasting. In addition, no registration or download is necessary to start Zoom as a participant.

Sample Analysis

  • A total of 1,423 wineries from over 42 countries participated in the survey and 87 % of the wineries surveyed come from Old World countries.
  • 81% of the wineries surveyed are from one of the seven major wine countries. Out of which, Germany and Italy together represent 47% of all participating wineries.
  • More than half of the participants (57%) run small to medium-sized wineries (up to 20 hectares).

Share of wineries conducting online wine tastings

Reasons for offering online wine tastings and tours

Success and Profitability of Online Wine Tastings
  • OWT is an excellent way to counter decreasing sales, and it seems to be a profitable business. More than half of the wineries that hosted online wine tastings rated them as profitable or very profitable.
  • Higher profitability goes hand in hand with a higher number of conducted tastings and participants, but also the length of the tasting.
  • The profile of a profitable winery: 1) leverages more sales and marketing channels 2) tends to hold tastings for larger groups 3) focus on B2C 4) host longer tastings (over 60 minutes rather than under 60 minutes).

The success of online wine tastings

Profitability of online wine tastings

The Main Target Group  and Number of Online Wine Tastings
  • Germany hosted by far the most B2C OWTs, while a higher share of B2B tasting could be stated in other countries.
  • Wineries are cautious about the number of OWTs. Every second winery offered less than 6, and one-third between 6-20 OWTs.
  • German wineries offered OWTs to consumers, while other wineries used this tool also for business customers.
Willingness to Continue Offering Online Wine Tastings
  • OWT is here to stay – the majority of wineries dealt with OWTs in the last year, plan to offer OWTs in the future.  
  • Since many wineries were able to achieve their goals with online wine tastings – and 50% even make profits through them – it is not surprising that most of them want to continue offering online wine tastings.

Willingness to continue online wine tastings

The full report will be published on the 17th of March and you will be able to download it in PDF form here.

The Research Team

Calle Nilsson

Niklas Ridoff

Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki

Maximilian Tafel

Marvin Blaß


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