Chile is a great destination for wine tourism. Actually, there are many wine routes, quality wines, and breathtaking landscapes. That is why it is interesting to have an example of a Chilean winery that proposes great wine experiences.

Entertaining wine tourism activities in the Estancia El Cuadro

At the Chilean winery Estancia El Cuadro, the wine experiences are more typical from the region. In fact, located in the Casablanca Valley, the winery offers the opportunity to visitors to have a taste of the Chilean National sports rodeo.

Estancia El Cuadro Chilean wine tourism experience

Wedding at Estancia El Cuadro

The visit starts with a guided tour on a horse-drawn carriage through the vineyards. The tour continues in the Grape Wine Garden where the winery experiments 26 grape varieties. Then, visitors visit the Casablanca’s first wine museum.

By following a guide, they learn more about the winemaking process in Chile from the 1900s. Their tour ends with a wine tasting paired with cheese and a presentation of the rodeo horse and rider.

Also, the Estancia El Cuadro offers an oenologist experience, the program is quite the same of the previous one. The difference is that after the wine tasting, the visitor creates his own blend to have a unique wine. This activity includes cocktail and lunch with wines and non-alcoholic beverages. Moreover, the fact that visitors can create their own blend is very exciting for them.

In addition to these amusing experiences, the winery proposes a visit followed by a food and wine tasting and many activities. The Estancia El Cuadro organizes weddings in its Church, with the possibility to take the future bride and groom by horse-drawn carriage to the Church through the vineyards. Visitors are also invited to visit the winery and to organize business meetings or other specific events in the meeting rooms provided by the Estancia El Cuadro.