Creating a specific offer in terms of wine tourism experiences allows wineries to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Consequently, the offer attracts people to the wine estate and it gives the opportunity to the winery to leave its mark on the visitor’s memory by sharing a great moment. So, follows an example of an Italian winery that has understood this challenge.

The Italian Zeni winery from 1870

The story started in 1870 with Bartolomeo Zeni, carter by profession he decided to trade wine instead of carting it. Year by year, the family developed a wine business and built its own winery in the Italian region of Verona. Nino Zeni has an important place in the development of the wine estate. In fact, thanks to him, the family has built a strong synergy between the members of the team. He transmitted his passion for the vine-growing and his enthusiasm in business to his children Fausto, Elena, and Federica.

Diversified wine tourism activities

Regarding the wine tourism experiences, the Olfactory Gallery is an unmissable place. Actually, the olfactory sense is often neglected whereas in wine tasting it is one of the most important senses.

The Zeni family built its gallery to help visitors to recognize wine’s aromas and awaken their olfactory memory. This is the first place of its kind in Italy. Moreover, the experience includes a tasting of two wines produced by the winery with some petit fours.

Continuing on the senses experiences, the Zeni family organizes sensory tastings. In detail, visitors enjoy a tasting of the most important wines from the winery in the remarkable barrel cellar where the wine is aging. This is a magical atmosphere full of myths and legends which bring visitors into the secrets of these delicious wines.

Concerning the wine museum, it attracts thousands of visitors each year, from all over the World. The visitors participate in a journey through the history of winemaking, from the vine-growing to the bottle of wine, everything is explained.

On top of that, the Zeni family created a wide range of experiences: whether it is a visit including a wine tasting or more specific needs, everything is possible at this extraordinary winery.

For visitors who want to share a good time, the winery organizes professional or private events, meetings for international visitors or guided tours and wine tastings shared between students willing to share an unforgettable sensorial experience which they’ll surely remember for a long time.