Since few years, wine tourism is increasing a lot. For instance, in California, wine tourism represents 2 $ billion by year in the state economy. Between 2009 and 2017, the number of wine tourists has increased by 33 % in France. So, the improvement of winery activities needs to follow some important rules.

1. Organize popular activities

As the visit of the domaine and tasting of wines are the best. Both activities allow the clients to discover domaine’ story, how to make different wines, and reasons why each winery is unique. Thanks to these activities, visitors will become aware of winery’s know-how. Moreover, these activities will raise sales of wine with the tasting of several wines.

2. Add more elaborate activities

In addition, to visit and tasting, the clients want to discover wineries and viticulture from another angle. Propose original activities will help to be more attractive. Clients enjoy discovering the different steps of winemaking and many activities have a link with that like participation in the harvest or blending. A lot of activities are interesting and allow the visitors to learn more about wine, its making and even how to combine wine and food for instance.

3. Restaurants and accommodations

These kinds of activities allow visitors to have an entire day or weekend in the domaine. Accommodation can be attractive for visitors who want to visit the domaine and the region for several days. In the catering, have products from the terroir is a good way to motivate people to spend time in the domaine. The idea is to provide activities and services in order to influence the visitor to stay in your place to discover other available activities, all being on the spot. Another service that can be proposed and appreciated is the spa area. It could be interesting to propose it to add a healthy touch.

4. Pleasure and Learning

More and more people want to combine pleasure, discovery and learning. Develop activities around games like flavours game with different wines or treasure hunt for kids. Combine sport and discovery is also a good way to learn many things about wine culture.

5. Wine events

Be part of wine events is another good way to present a winery, its wines and its activities. During these trade fairs, the visibility of wines and activities is improving thanks to the huge frequentation of these places.

6. Improve visibility

Nowadays, to have a successful wine tourism business it is necessary to be visible on the Internet, social media and work on advertising/marketing campaigns. The idea is to build an important community around the activities and to be renowned.